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The Rise of Robotic-Assisted Surgeries in Orthopedics: Precision and Efficiency

It has become inevitable to have a surgeon who has precision and accuracy in orthopedic surgery. Every procedure and placement carries a crucial role in a patient’s journey to have a successful and restored recovery. Orthopedic surgeries have come a long way over the past few decades, enhancing a patient’s recovery. 

One of the best innovations will be hands down robotic surgeries. It stands apart from its other contemporaries as it is the most accurate, precise, and highly efficient for the patients. Robotic surgeries are used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, full or partial knee replacement, spinal alignment, and also in cases of curvature abnormalities. If you suffer from any of the mentioned issues, you should check out the best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara.

What Are Robot-Assisted Surgeries?

Robot-assisted surgeries also robotic surgeries involve the assistance of robotic systems by the surgeons to enhance precision, and flexibility, and offer more control in performing procedures. In robotic surgery, the surgeon sits on a surgical console to guide the robotic arms and operate the hands and feet controls from it. These robotic arms are inserted into a patient’s body by creating small incisions. The whole robotic system magnifies and improves the vision for the surgeon by creating high-definition 3D images.

This symbiosis of human expertise and technological advancement showcases a transformational shift from the conventional methods of operating to a more tech-based approach. It is the epitome of using innovation for the advancement of humans. This seamless blend of human intelligence and machine precision is a boon for the patients.

The Rise of Robotics and Innovations in Orthopedic Surgeries

Each progress made in the field of healthcare is crucial, so it becomes important to know about them in detail to fully understand their origin. The history of robotic surgeries are combination of innovation and technological advancement. The history dates back to the latter half of the 20th century. Back in the year of 1954, George C. Devol and Jacques Marescaux, developed the automated endoscope. They used this device to perform gastrointestinal anastomosis on animals.

The inventor Victor Scheinman, who was an American pioneer in the field of robotics, developed the PUMA 560, which was a robotic surgical arm, in the 1980s. He used this surgical arm to perform the very first robotic-assisted surgery on humans for a neurosurgical biopsy.

The most noted work was done by Intuitive Surgical, they developed the da Vinci Surgical System which was revolutionary. It was adopted worldwide and it gained massive acceptance by all surgeons across the globe.

What Are The Benefits Of Robotic Surgeries?

Now that you know briefly the history of robotic surgeries, you would want to know the benefits of it as well. Here are some, keep reading:

Highly - Precise:

Robotic surgeries are a gateway to performing complex surgery with utmost precision and ease for all surgeons. Surgeons use robotic arms to prevent hand tremors, which enables very precise placement of the implants.

Better Vision:

Robot-assisted orthopedic surgeries not only offer great precision for the hands, but they also aid in creating a magnified 3D image of the site to be operated. This zoomed-in view helps the surgeons make a better decision and a better view. It assists in accurate dissection, and tissue prevention which reduces tissue damage in the surrounding area.

Enhanced Flexibility:

These assisted arms offer great flexibility to the surgeons hence increasing more precision. Surgeons can easily reach all the spots that are harder to reach with hands alone. These are perfect for performing surgeries in tight spaces and anatomical regions with confined spaces.

Key Takeaways

The introduction of robotic technological advancement in the field of orthopedics has been revolutionary. They have changed the way surgeries are performed. This breakthrough technology is going to stay for years, helping all patients to recover from their injuries and problems like osteoporosis. If you want to live a pain-free life and improve the quality of your life,  we suggest you book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara.

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