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Best Wheelchair on Rent and Sale - Check Range !

Healthy Jeena Sikho provides best wheelchair Store for both manual and Electric wheelchairs, in cities of Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar with COCO stores.

In last 8+ years we have served over 50,000 Happy customers, who have rated us 5 STAR on Google.

We keep ready stock at all our stores in 15 Cities in North India, With same day delivery, we have become largest supplier of wheelchair  in the cities we operate in.  


We provide foldable, commode, lightweight, indoor and outdoor wheelchairs in manual and electric mode.

We have largest wheelchair collection and work with best brands. 

13+ Stores In India

Over 7+ Years of Experience

ISO Certified & MSME Recognised

Payment - UPI, Bank Transfer, Cash, Cards

5 Star Customer Rating on Google

50,000+ Customers Served

24*7 Support over Chat, Whatsapp, Call & Videocall

Stock 10,000 Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, bipap 

Manual Wheelchair on Rent

  • Foldable Wheelchair on rent is Rs 1,200 per month in Delhi

  • Heavy Duty Wheelchair on Rent is Rs 3,500 per month in Delhi

  • Toilet chair on rent is Rs 1200 per month in Delhi

  • Commode wheelchair on rent is Rs 2,000 per month in Delhi

  • Reclining wheelchair on rent is Rs 3,500 per month in Delhi

Electric Wheelchair Price

  • Electric wheelchair price starts from  Rs 46000 to 6 Lac in delhi

  • Electric wheelchair price starts from Rs 45000 for the basic model in Delhi 

  • Reclining Electric wheelchair price is Rs 88,000 in delhi

  • Heavy Duty Electric wheelchair price is Rs 55,000 in delhi

  • Battery operated wheelchair cost is Rs 45000 for base model in delhi

  • Lightweight electric wheelchair price is 95,000 in delhi

  • Automatic wheelchair price is Rs 45,000 in delhi

Electric Wheelchair on Rent

  • Electric wheelchair on rent is Rs 7,500 per month in Delhi

  • Reclining Electric wheelchair on rent  is Rs 14000 per month in Delhi

  • Electric Stair Climbing wheelchair on rent is Rs 14000 per month in Delhi

Special Wheelchair Price

  • Heavy duty wheelchair price is Rs 17,000 in Delhi

  • Stair climbing wheelchair price is Rs 1 Lac in Delhi

  • Cerebral Palsy wheelchair price is Rs 30,000 in Delhi

  • Transfer wheelchair price is Rs 30,000 in Delhi

Manual Wheelchair Price

  • Foldable Wheelchair price is Rs 6500 in Delhi

  • Commode chair price is Rs 4500 in Delhi

  • Commode Wheelchair price is Rs 8,500 in Delhi

  • Reclining Wheelchair price is Rs 15,000 in Delhi

Wheelchair Rental and Sales: Your One-Stop Shop for Mobility Solutions

Introducing Healthy Jeena Sikho, your one-stop-shop for all your wheelchair needs. Whether you're looking to rent or purchase, we have a wide range of manual, electric, bariatric, commode, and special wheelchairs available in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bathinda, and Shimla. Our wheelchair rental services are perfect for those who need a wheelchair for a short or long period of time. We also offer different brands like Evox, Karma, Hero Mediva, Med-E-Move, Ostrich, Seedee, Arcatron, Anrace, Freedom Forza. Trust us to provide you with the right wheelchair to suit your needs and budget. Browse our website to learn more about our products and services, or contact us to speak with one of our experts.

Things you must know about Wheel Chair on rent process!

It may sound simple, but buying the right wheelchair is a tricky affair. Learn about getting a wheelchair on rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, NCR, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ambala, Jalandhar, Patiala.

Wheelchair brings in huge comfort and sense of empowerment to the person using it.

  • Simple indoor wheelchair would cost Rs 4,500

  • Simple outdoor wheelchair would cost Rs 5,500

  • Karma Champion 200 Wheelchair Price is Rs 8,500 

  • Karma Ryder 3 Wheelchair Price is Rs 9,500 

  • Karma Ryder 1 Wheelchair Price is Rs 9,500

  • Karma Rainbow 8 reclining Wheelchair Price is Rs 16,000 in Delhi

  • Karma Rainbow 13 Wheelchair Price is Rs 8,500 in Delhi

  • Evox 101 Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 46,000 in Delhi

  • Evox 102M Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 52,000 in Delhi

  • Evox 103 Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 55,000 in Delhi

  • Evox 104R Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 88,000 in Delhi

  • Evox 107 Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 95,000 in Delhi

  • Evox 108 Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 1,05,000 in Delhi

  • Med-E-Move Electric Wheelchair Price is Rs 52,200 in Delhi

  • Med-E-Move Electric Reclining Wheelchair Price is Rs 66,000 in Delhi

  • Med-E-Move Power Wheelchair Price is Rs 1,02,000 in Delhi

  • Karma Cerebral Palsy CP-200 Wheelchair price is Rs 30,000  in Delhi

  • Seede Stair Climbing electric wheelchair price is Rs 120,000 in Delhi

  • Arcatron Heavy duty wheelchair price is Rs 12900  in Delhi

  • Arcatron FS100 Foldable Wheelchair price is Rs 6600 in Delhi

  • Arctaron FS 101 Foldable wheelchair price is Rs 6300 in Delhi

  • Freedom Forza 6000 Wheelchair Price is Rs 22,000 in Delhi

  • Freedom Forza 5000 Wheelchair Price is Rs 10,500 in Delhi

  • Vissco Classic Wheelchair Price is Rs 14800 in Delhi

  • Vissco Imperio Wheelchair price is Rs 18500 in Delhi

Our single passion is to be able to bridge the gap of making mobility solutions to customer right at their doorstep at affordable BUY price or Easy Rent plan. We have created a NICHE with solution providing wheelchair on rent, thus we provide manual wheelchair on rent, and now even the motorised wheelchair on rent. We go the extra mile to even deliver the wheelchair at home, if the customer so desire. Wheelchairs for hire in Delhi, New Delhi - get it delivered to home. 

We have created a huge collection of wheelchairs, which are meaningful, useful for exact need - we today have over 30 types of wheelchairs to choose from

Types Of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs come in various types to meet the needs of individuals with different mobility challenges. Here are some of the most common types of wheelchairs and their features:

  • Power/Electric Wheelchairs: These are powered by batteries and can be controlled by a joystick. They are ideal for people who cannot propel a manual wheelchair and need extra assistance with mobility. We provide electric wheelchairs on rent and sale also. The price of an electric wheelchair on rent starts from Rs.7500/-per month and the price of an electric wheelchair on sale starts from Rs.45000/-.

  • Manual Wheelchairs: These are propelled by the person sitting in it using their upper body strength. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor wheelchairs on rent and sale available in affordable prices. The price of a manual wheelchair on rent starts from Rs.1500/-per month and the cost of wheelchair starts from Rs.4500/-.

  • Commode Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs have a removable commode seat for individuals who have difficulty getting to the toilet. We provide shower commode wheelchairs, reclining commode wheelchairs, and bariatric commode wheelchairs on rent and sale. Cost of commode wheelchair on rent is Rs1500/- per month and the price of an commode wheelchair cost starts from Rs 6500/-.

  • Bariatric Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs are designed to support individuals who are overweight or obese. They have a higher weight capacity and wider seating. We have foldable and non-foldable heavy-duty wheelchairs on rent and sale. The price of an bariatric wheelchair on rent is Rs 3000/- per month and the price of bariatric  wheelchair is  Rs15,000/-.

  • Special Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs are designed for individuals with specific needs. Some examples include:

    • Stair Climbing Wheelchair: Designed for individuals who need to navigate stairs. We provide a Stair Climbing wheelchair on rent for Rs. 13000/- per month. Sale price of electric stair climbing wheelchair is Rs 125,000 only.

    • Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair: Designed for individuals with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. CP wheelchair cost is Rs 30,000.

    • Patient Transfer Wheelchair: Designed for the safe transfer of patients between beds, chairs, and other surfaces. Transfer wheelchair cost is Rs 30,000.

Whether you're looking for a wheelchair rental or to purchase a wheelchair, Healthy Jeena Sikho has a wide range of options available, including electric wheelchairs for sale, bariatric wheelchairs, and more. We're committed to helping you find a suitable wheelchair to suit your needs and budget.

How to determine the right wheelchair for your needs?

When it comes to determining the right wheelchair for your needs, it's important to consider a few key factors. Firstly, consider the level of mobility assistance you require. If you have difficulty propelling a manual wheelchair, an electric wheelchair may be a better option.


Secondly, consider your weight and size. Bariatric wheelchairs are designed to support individuals who are overweight or obese, while a standard wheelchair may not be suitable.


Thirdly, consider your mobility environment. If you will be navigating stairs, a stair-climbing wheelchair may be the best option. It's also important to consider the duration of use, whether you need a wheelchair on rent or sale. It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional or a specialist in wheelchairs to help you make the best decision for your needs. Contact Healthy Jeena Sikho for wheelchair rental or purchase options that will cater to your specific needs.

The process of taking WheelChair on rent!

Looking for wheelchair  on rent ? Healthy Jeena Sikho provide wheelchair on rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Dwarka,  Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Pitampura and pretty much entire NCR and North India.


Once confirmed, receive the wheelchair at your convenience at home for nominal delivery charges. We have made sure you get the best wheelchair of the Brand you would like from Karma, Ostrich, Evox, Freedom Forza, Anrace, Arcatron,  Hero Mediva, Seedee. 

For people with willingness and need to check out wheelchair options in person, we have created experience zones with ready stock for exactly this. Just walk-in to our stores (wheelchairs, hospital bed, medical equipment and all mobility aids) and choose the best fit for renting or buying purpose.

To see our Entire Collection of wheelchairs, click here.

We have created a NICHE with solution providing wheelchair on rent, thus we provide manual wheelchair on rent, and now even the electric  wheelchair on rent. We go the extra mile to even deliver the wheelchair at home, if the customer so desire.

We have created a huge collection of wheelchairs, which are meaningful, useful for exact need - we today have over 30 types of wheelchairs to choose from

1.Wheelchair for home - wheelchair with small wheels, wheelchair with large wheels for self propel functionality, compact wheelchair, wheelchair with commode, toilet wheelchair, just toilet chair for outdoors rugged wheelchair,

2.Wheelchair for Office - motorized wheelchair, folding, lightweight wheelchair or our premium range of executive wheelchair,

3.Wheelchair for Park / Outdoors / Travel - Folding, rugged wheels manual wheelchair Or motorized power wheelchair

4.Wheelchair for all times! - Ultimate luxury and comfort with all functions in one single wheelchair. Choose out of options like Reclining motorized wheelchair OR  manual reclining wheelchair with commode.

Our wheelchair range is of utmost quality, affordable, utility based, suited for Indian homes - space constraints, washroom size considered, carrying in car solutions. We source from multiple International & domestic wheelchair Brands, we also customize & make custom build wheelchair in our manufacturing units and literally provide what ever customer may demand.

We can literally say, we provide wheelchair on demand, wheelchair on rent, we solve problems like  "wheelchairs near me" , "customized wheel chair", "wheelchair store", "power wheelchair", "wheelchair with commode", "toilet wheelchair", "best priced wheelchair", "wheel chair on rent", wheel chair on rent near me" "wheel chair price".

A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. The device is propelled either manually (by turning the wheels by the hand) or via various automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.

A wheel Chair is a chair fitted with wheels.

The wheelchair comes in variations allowing either manual propulsion by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand or electric propulsion by motors.

There are often handles behind the seat to allow for different individuals to push. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability. People who have difficulty sitting and walking often make use of a wheel bench.

A basic manual wheelchair incorporates a seat, footrests, and four wheels: two, caster wheels at the front, and two large wheels at the back. The two larger wheels in the back usually have hand-rims; two metal or plastic circles approximately 3/4" thick.

A wheel chair assists people to become more mobile and independent. There are many different types of wheelchairs that are used for various reasons. It is important to understand the limitations and safe operation of whatever wheelchair you choose.

The chair seat size (width and depth), seat-to-floor height, footrests/leg rests, front caster outriggers, adjustable backrests, controls, and many other features can be customized on, or added to, many basic models, while some users, often those with specialized needs, may have wheelchairs custom-built.

Looking for an affordable wheelchair shop near me - then Healthy Jeena SIkho is the answer to your queries.

Electric Wheelchair / Motorized Wheelchair / Battery Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is propelled by a motor and battery. They are also known as motorised wheelchair. They are very sophisticated. They are operated with a joystick or push buttons. Some electric wheelchairs use advanced technology and can climb upstairs, move across gravel and even rise up to give access to high shelves. Electric wheelchairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery so they are very heavy and also quite expensive. Learn about the wheel chair price for electric whee The cost of motorised Wheel Chair is Rs 50,000 but can go up to Rs 125,000 for the high-end models. Also, Wheelchair on Rent is an alternative for those who can’t afford to buy a new one due to the high cost of the wheelchair. The rent of motorized wheelchair is Rs 6000 per month for the basic variant with deposit.

Types of Electric Motorized Wheelchairs we have

Electric Wheelchair / Battery Wheelchair

We are proud to tell you - that we are the first in  market to bring out rental programs for electric wheelchair. Battery Operated wheelchair on rent and sale. 

So, if you're in search for "electric wheelchair rental near me" , "electric wheelchair rental", "electric wheelchair on rent",  "lightweight electric wheelchair rental",  "electric wheelchair with toilet functions", " electric wheelchair price" , "Battery Operated wheelchair" - you've come to the right place. 

The best type of electric wheel chair depends from person to person. When choosing an electric wheelchair these are the things you must keep in mind:

  1. Controller:  The type of controller for your electric wheelchair you need depends on the physical condition of the user, the amount of movement, and the strength you have. The most common power wheelchair control types include joysticks, switches, keypads, finger control systems and more.

  2. Size: Standard electric wheel chairs can accommodate patients up to 300 pounds, while bariatric models can accommodate up to 650 pounds. If the user is a child, you will need to purchase a child wheel chair.

  3. Battery range: The battery range will vary significantly between models. You’ll want to choose a model with a long battery life, especially if you’re going to be using your electric wheelchair to get around town a lot.

  4. Wheels: Check whether the driving wheels are located in the front, middle or back and then choose one that is compatible to your needs. Front-wheel drive chairs are great for rough terrain, while mid-wheel drive chairs are considered the most maneuverable. Back-wheel drive chairs allow for higher speed.

We provide commode wheel chair for rent , manual wheel chair for rent, motorised wheel chair for rent, compact wheel chair fore rent, cerebral palsy wheel chair for rent. 

Standing Wheelchairs

A standing wheelchair is one that supports the user in a standing position. They can be used as both a wheelchair and a standing frame, allowing the user to sit or stand in the wheelchair. They will move from sitting to standing with a hydraulic pump or electric-powered assist.

Foldable Wheelchairs

Foldable wheelchairs are specifically designed to be stored in small places and are ideal for travel enthusiasts. The lightweight design and foldable feature provide real-time mobility for the user. It is easy to store foldable wheelchairs in the trunk of a car or even a cupboard. Foldable wheelchairs are generally less sturdy and are mostly preferred by part-time users or by those who travel in vehicles.

Seat of foldable wheelchair is made of flexible/folding material like cloth, leather or synthetic material like artificial leather cloth. Such flexible seat allows the chair’s side to collapse and come together.

Pediatric Wheelchair

There are a wide variety of pediatric wheelchairs available exclusively for children. As these types of wheelchairs are for kids, they are often quite small and novel in appearance. These wheelchairs come in both manual and electric models with ultra-light designs.

Most pediatric wheelchairs are adjustable, for example, the seat height can be raised as a child grows older. These chairs are available on customer demand at best price at Healthy Jeena Sikho.

Commode Wheelchair

Commode wheel chair- a portable toilet that can be placed at the bedside of a patient whose activity is limited; these are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated to reach the bathroom. 

The various needs of patients have multiple solutions for toilet wheelchair. One is just a chair with pot, to be used in the room. Another variant is having toilet seat wheelchair. Third variant is a wheelchair with pot but which could also be wheeled into the washroom on western toilet.

Big problem with Indian toilets is the SIZE of the washroom door! Most wheelchair can't be taken into the Toilet due to this problem and you must consult our experts before buying to get the right advice.

The receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied. A commode wheelchair helps in reducing the caregiver efforts while giving extra comfort to the user. The wheelchair can ideally be used indoors.

We, at Healthy Jeena Sikho bring to you best price for sale and renting this wheelchair. Cost of rent of wheelchair is Rs 1000 onwards for manual models.

Wheelchair price (on rent) is Rs 1000 onwards for manual models. 

Reclining Wheelchair with Commode (Toilet seat)

Reclining commode wheelchair is made to allow the user to recline the backrest at an  angle of comfort. Recliner commode wheelchairs are made to have a taller backrest which when reclined allows the user to sit in a more comfortable position making it much easier for their spine. Ideal for individuals suffering from medical conditions like severe hip extension and orthostatic hypotension and even for people who find it difficult to sit in a fully upright position.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we realise there is a huge gap in the required wheelchairs (demand) and the supply of affordable, "Wheelchair on Rent".

The current gap in the existing Wheelchair ecosystem for the customer

a. Availability of wheelchair - Motorized wheelchair, Reclining Wheel chair  - In your city!

b. Range of wheelchairs - from manual, standing, outdoor, electric wheelchair models

c. Wheel Chair Store - For easy selection and demonstration unit to try out best fit - Its hard to make a decision without trying out.

d. Affordable price of wheelchair for outright buy

e. Wheelchair on Rent - Does not exist

After analyzing data of users on search Engines and speaking to buyers, we realized people were indeed searching for variety of needs, from lightweight wheelchairs, commode wheelchair, cost of wheel chair, wheelchair near me, electric wheelchair, wheelchair on rent, folding wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, compact wheelchair for washroom, toilet wheelchair, shower wheelchair, standing wheelchair, reclining wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- How to choose wheelchair for yourself? What are the various types of wheelchair?

Ans- Wheelchair are divided into two key type, manual wheelchair and motorised wheelchair.

Manual wheelchair would have two key variants, self propelled wheelchair and attendant propelled wheelchair.

Self propelled manual wheelchair have Large rear wheels. These allow the person in wheelchair to navigate around. These could also be managed by attendant. Small wheel based manual wheelchair can ONLY be navigated with the help of an Attendant. 

Other considerations for manual wheelchair would be around utility like commode wheelchair, reclining wheelchair, compact wheelchair, folding wheelchair, lightweight wheelchair and shower wheelchair. Pls refer to detailed page for manual wheelchair range.

Learn all about our range of motorised wheelchair.

Q- Which wheelchair is right for me?

Ans-  It is important to recognize what your requirements are, in order to get the right wheel chair to help you in your circumstances.

There are a number of factors about yourself to consider including:

Your mobility, Your tolerance, Your body height and weight, Your balance, Your posture. All of the above can be affected by many things including age, tiredness, a medical or physical condition, and medicines.

Q- Which wheelchair to buy?

Ans- Healthy Jeena Sikho guide can help you determine the right type of wheelchair based on your condition and need.

Q- How can I customize my wheel chair?

Ans- You can contact Healthy jeena sikho and we will do the needful customization.

Q- What are Monthly rental rates of Wheelchair?

Ans: Rent of motorised wheelchair is Rs 7500 per month. Rent of manual wheelchair is Rs 1000 per month.

Q- How do I pay for the equipment rental?

Ans- We accept both cash and direct bank transfer.

Q- Do you provide manual wheel chair on rent in Panchkula, Zirakpur?

Ans- Yes we provide manual wheel chair on rent. 

Q- What are Monthly rental rates for Manual Wheel chair?

A- Rent of manual wheelchair is Rs 1000 per month.

Q- Where can I get wheelchair with commode on rent?

Ans- We provide wheelchair with commode on rent - starting from Rs 1500. Commode wheelchair is available on both sale and rent at healthy jeena sikho. 

Q- Do you provide motorised wheel chair on rent in Mohali , Zirakpur, Chandigarh?

Ans- Yes we provide motorised wheel chair on rent. 

Q- What are Monthly rental rates for Motorised Wheel chair?

Ans-  Rent of motorised wheelchair is Rs 7500 per month.

Q- How much does a Motorised wheelchair cost?

Ans- Contrary to belief of most people, its quite inexpensive. Cost of motorised wheelchair is Rs 45000 onwards.

Q- Do you provide lightweight electric wheelchair for sale or rent?

Ans- At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we provide lightweight electric wheelchair for sale and rent both. 

Q- Where to buy power wheelchair rental near me?

Ans- At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we provide power wheelchair for both rent and sale. 


Q- Are wheelchair joystick interchangeable?

Ans- Yes you can, Healthy Jeena Sikho guide can help you to determine when to change your joystick.

Q- How do I rent Electric wheelchair?

Ans- Call us on +919876978488 and you can easily rent the chair hustle free and at the best price in the market.

Q- What types of equipment and services does Healthy Jeena Sikho Provide?

Ans- We have a wide range of medical and health equipment which includes Motorised and Manual Wheelchairs, Electrical and Manual Hospital Beds, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP.

Get on Rent Now - Wide Choice
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