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Best Quality Stair Climbing Wheelchair on Rent & Sale

Healthy Jeena Sikho provides stair climbing wheelchair  for rent and sale, in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh.

We provide stair climbing wheelchair, both manual mode and electric stair climbing wheelchair, for home use, banquets, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals.  

We keep  ready stock, same day delivery. We just need video of the stairs to assess the feasibility, then proceed with Paid demo and provide on Rent or outright Sale.

Monthly Rent for stair climbing wheelchair is Rs 15,000 Only with security cheque.

Buy price for Electric stair climbing wheelchair is Rs 115,000 Only.

How to Book a Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

Stair climbing Wheelchair on rent or sale : Mobility Made Easier

Get a Stair Climbing Wheelchair on rent or sale for home. Stair Climbing Wheelchair is a great solution for those who are looking for mobility  and easy naivigation.  Stair Climbing Wheelchairs are designed to make traversing staircases, both indoors and outdoors, much easier and safer for individuals with mobility issues.

Built with durable materials and cutting-edge technology, the Stair Climbing Wheelchair features a sleek and modern design that is both stylish and practical. The wheelchair is equipped with powerful motors and specialized wheels that allow it to climb up and down stairs with ease, providing users with the freedom and independence they deserve.

The Stair Climbing Wheelchair is designed to be as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. It comes equipped with a wide range of features, such as adjustable seating and footrests, padded armrests, and easy-to-use controls. This ensures that users can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter where they go.

Overall, the Stair Climbing Wheelchair is an exceptional product that has revolutionized the way individuals with mobility issues navigate the world around them. With its advanced technology, durable design, and user-friendly features, this product is truly a game-changer for anyone who wants to enjoy greater independence and freedom of movement. So if you or a loved one is looking for a reliable and high-quality mobility solution, the Stair Climbing Wheelchair is definitely worth considering.

How to use the Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

  • Unbuckle the seatbelt of standing wheelchair, then fold the seat down which locks in place automatically

  •  Fully charge the battery of stair climbing wheelchair, by attaching the plug in the wheelchair and the adapter in the socket

  •  To check the battery charging level, refer to the display that showcases an indication of charge- low to high

  •  Once battery is fully charged, insert the key at the side of the battery to switch it on

  •  The red indicator light illuminates when powered on


How to go up the staircase using Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

  • Ensure the user is safely seated on the wheelchair, strapped in with the help of the safety belt and their feet resting on the footrest

  •  Keep the stair climbing wheelchair a few inches away from the bottom staircase

  •  Push the red handle away from the chair until the rubber belt panel locks into place

  •  Power on the stair climbing wheelchair by flipping the red switch

  • The yellow button rotates the rubber belt panel to go up the staircase

  • The green button rotates the rubber belt panel to go down the staircase

  • Pull the handle bar of the wheelchair towards you and tilt the backrest to ensure the rubber belt panel is resting on the stair

  • Press the yellow button to go up the stairs, while firmly holding onto the handlebar


How to go down the staircase using Stair Climbing Wheelchair? ​

  • Make sure the user is safely seated on the wheelchair, strapped in with the help of the safety belt and their feet resting on the footrest

  • Stand at the top of the stairs, with a few inches in between the front wheels of the wheelchair and the stairs

  • Push the red handle away from the wheelchair until the rubber belt panel locks into place

  • Power on the stair climbing wheelchair by flipping on the red switch

  • Lean the backrest towards yourself, until the rubber belt panel can be placed properly on the stairs to go down

  • Press the green button to go down the staircase, while firmly holding onto the handlebar


Seedee Manual Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Features of Manual Stair Climbing Wheelchair:

  • Type of stair climbing / decending : Manual (only for decending) lifting arrangement to take up stairs.

  • Movement on flat ground : Manual push around by attandant

  • Netweight /gross weight : 15.5kg / 20 kg

  • Required turning radius on staircase : 40×40 inches / 1×1 meter

  • Max load : 125kg

  • Optimum stair angle : 35 deg

Seedee Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

  • The Stair Climbing Wheelchair is a wheelchair that helps the attendant safely transfer the user up and down the stairs. This product is easy-to-handle and easy to use.

  • The wheelchair runs on a lithium battery and is easy to charge.

  • It comes with an emergency handle that allows the attendants to lift the chair as a stretcher during an emergency.

  • The motorised stair tread system of the chair has closed teeth, which makes the wheelchair resistant to skids while climbing the stairs.

  • For easier movement of the product, 5” castor wheels are used along with strong wheel locks, which enable a stable stop whenever the user brakes the wheelchair.

  • The backrest and the seat of the wheelchair are made of aluminium. This offers more loading capacity and durability for the wheelchair.

  • The X-seat belt provides safety and protection from sliding off the chair. 

Features of Seedee Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair:

  • The maximum user capacity for the Stair Climbing Wheelchair is 125 kg.

  • Frame : Alluminum Alloy

  • Front wheel : 3.93 inch

  • Rear wheel : 4.92 inch

  • Battery : Lithium-ion

  • Weight 40Kg

  • Weight Bearing capacity : 125 kg

  • Overall dimensions: 58 x 165 x 85cm

  • Foldable - yes

  • Electromagnetic brakes - yes

  • Headrest - No

  • Recline - No

  • Manual Brakes - No

Ostrich Climber Ex- Automated Emergency Stair Climbing Chair


Ostrich Electric Stair Climbing wheelchair allows people with limited mobility move up and down the stairs. This stair climbing wheelchair can hold upto 150 kg of weight. The lifting height of the wheelchair is 0 to 5m. It is suitable to use indoor, outdoor in public buildings and in homes also.


Features of Ostrich stair climbing wheelchair: 

  • 13 cm wide footrest

  • Ostrich Stair Climbing wheelchair comes with a control panel

  • Comfortable cushioned seat and head rest

  • Handles at the back

  • Ostrich stair climbing wheelchair has a seat belt for safety

  • Front castor wheels

  • Armrests for comfortable use

  • Motor: Brushless DC24V 200W

  • Battery: 29.4V 13.2Ah

  • Charger: 29.4V 3A



  • Min. Overall Length (Chair in folded position): 770 mm (77 cm)

  • Max. Overall Length (Chair when fully expanded): 1250 mm (125 cm)

  • Max. Overall Width: 555 mm (55.5 cm)

  • Min. Overall Height from the ground: 1000 mm (100 cm)

  • Max. Overall Height from the ground: 1660 mm (166 cm)

  • Ground Clearance: 55 mm (5.5 cm)

  • Wheelbase: 420 mm (42 cm)

  • Front Wheel Track: 325 mm (32.5 cm)

  • Rear Wheel Track: 490 mm (49 cm)

  • Caster Wheel Dimensions: 5 inch x 1 inch/12.7 x 2.54 cm (Diameter x Width)

  • Rear Wheel Dimensions: 8 inch x 2 inch/20.32 x 5.08 cm (Diameter x Width)

  • Stroke Length of Attender Handle: 660 mm (66 cm)

  • Stroke Length of Lifting Rod Handle: 350 mm (35 cm)

  • Seat Base Width: 345 mm (34.5 cm)

  • Seat Base Depth: 415 mm (41.5 cm)

  • Seat Base Height from the Ground: 550 mm (55 cm)

  • Backrest Width: 410 mm (41 cm)

  • Backrest Depth: 330 mm (33 cm)

  • Headrest Width: 370 mm (37 cm)

  • Headrest Depth: 195 mm (19.5 cm)

  • Headrest Cushion Width: 260 mm (26 cm)

  • Headrest Cushion Depth: 180 mm (18 cm)

  • Armrest Height from the Ground: 820 mm (82 cm)

  • Footrest Width: 130 mm (13 cm)

  • Footrest Depth: 365 mm (36.5 cm)

  • Footrest Height from the Ground: 365 mm (36.5 cm)

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can we get stair climbing wheelchair on rent for home / office / hospitals?

Ans. Yes, Healthy Jeena Sikho company provides stair climbing wheelchair on rent for home / office / hospitals. 

Q.2 How much weight can a stair climbing wheelchair holds?


Ans. Weight capacity for a stair climbing wheelchair differs from model to model. The ostrich stair climbing wheelchair holds upto 150 kgs weight and Seedee electric stair climbing wheelchair holds 125 kg of weight.

Q.3 What is the price of stair climbing wheelchair in India in 2023??


Ans. The price of electric stair climbing wheelchair starts from 1 lakh and varies depend on the brand of the wheelchair.


The price of Stair Climbing Wheelchair depends on the specification and features of the stair climbing wheelchair. It also depends on the Brand you buy. The price range for Stair Climbing Wheelchair price in India starts from INR 1.15 lakh  Healthy Jeena Sikho deals in best Stair Climbing Wheelchairs. 

Q.4 What is the advantage of using a stair-climbing wheelchair over normal wheelchairs?


Ans.  A stair climbing wheelchair provides the stability and comfort to the user while using stairs that normal wheelchairs cannot. There is always a fear of missing out on a step or enough pressure not being used when using a normal wheelchair to ascend/ descend stairs. While using a stair climbing wheelchair is a much safer and convenient choice. 

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