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Buy CP Wheel chair from Healthy Jeena Sikho Store

CP  wheel chairs as the name suggests, these wheelchairs are specially customised for people who have the disease cerebral palsy.

We provide CP wheel chair / Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair for both adults and kids. Find CP wheel chair for adults, CP wheel chair for kids in our stores at Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mohali, Bathinda, Shimla, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. 

The Price of CP Wheelchair / Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair is Rs. 29,000.

What is CP - Cerebral Palsy?

According to Mayo Clinic, 

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect movement and muscle tone or posture. It's caused by damage that occurs to the immature brain as it develops, most often before birth.

Signs and symptoms appear during infancy or preschool years. In general, cerebral palsy causes impaired movement associated with abnormal reflexes, floppiness or rigidity of the limbs and trunk, abnormal posture, involuntary movements, unsteady walking, or some combination of these.

People with cerebral palsy can have problems swallowing and commonly have eye muscle imbalance, in which the eyes don't focus on the same object. They also might have reduced range of motion at various joints of their bodies due to muscle stiffness.

Cerebral palsy's effect on function varies greatly.


Some affected people can walk; others need assistance. Some people show normal or near-normal intellect, but others have intellectual disabilities. Epilepsy, blindness or deafness also might be present.

Problems in Cerebral Palsy?

  • Contracture: This is a muscle tissue shortening due to severe muscle tightening (spasticity). Contracture severeal times inhibit bone growth, cause the bones to bend, and results in joint to deform causing joint deformities, dislocation or partial dislocation.

  • Premature aging: Some type of premature aging will affect most people with cerebral palsy in their 40s because of the strain the condition puts on their bodies.

  • Malnutrition: Swallowing or feeding problems can make it difficult for someone who has cerebral palsy, particularly an infant, to get enough nutrition. This can impair growth and weaken bones. Some children need a feeding tube to get enough nutrition to their bodies.

  • Mental health conditions: People with cerebral palsy might have mental health conditions, such as depression. Social isolation and the challenges of coping with disabilities can contribute to depression.

  • Heart and lung disease: People with cerebral palsy may develop heart disease and lung disease and breathing disorders.

  • Osteoarthritis: Pressure on joints or abnormal alignment of joints from muscle spasticity may lead to the early onset of this painful degenerative bone disease.

  • Osteopenia: Fractures due to low bone density (osteopenia) can stem from several common factors such as lack of mobility, nutritional shortcomings and anti-epileptic drug use.

Empower your journey with a CP wheelchair, supported by a compassionate CP wheelchair lawyer who understands your unique needs and fights for your rights.


Cerebral Palsy - Mobility Aids

There are numerous mobility aids, also called assistive devices, to help with mobility limitations that are associated with cerebral palsy. Most mobility aids can be adjusted to fit a child’s height or can be specially made to fit their individual needs. These custom made cerebral palsy mobility aids can greatly improve a child’s quality of life, as well as increase their independence.


Orthotic Devices

These devices can be simply explained are braces worn externally that improve and strengthen mobility.


There are two types of orthotic devices: accommodative orthotics and functional orthotics.

Accommodative orthotics

These  are “over the counter” devices, which can be purchased from the market - and do not need an approval from the doctor.


They are made in various sizes to fit anyone and can be bought in most pharmacies or sporting goods stores.


Functional orthotics

These devices are specifically made for the individual.


Orthotic devices come in a great variety of forms - they can be  hard, semi-soft or soft forms. Let's look at some types of orthotic braces, including:

  • Foot orthotics

  • Ankle-foot orthotics

  • Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotics

  • Knee-ankle orthotics

  • Knee orthotics

  • Spinal orthotics

  • Trunk-hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotics

  • Prophylactic braces (mostly used for knee injuries)


Cerebral Palsy Walker

Walkers can help in assisting children with cerebral palsy with their mobility issues, including problems with balance and posture. They also allow the child to bear weight on their legs, which increases bone strength and reduces the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Cerebral Palsy Walker types:

4-wheeled posture control walkers -

This type of cerebral palsy walker has four posts with wheels on each. They can help children who have issues with balance and posture.

2-wheeled posture control walkers -

This type of cerebral palsy walker has four posts. The two posts in the front have wheels and the two posts in the back have rubber tips. The rubber tips on the rear posts allow for slower walking and more controlled movements, which is beneficial for those with severe balance impairments. These walkers also come with a built-in seat option to help with fatigue.

Chest-support walkers -

This type of cerebral palsy walker has four posts with wheels on each and a chest-support system to stabilize the trunk. They are ideal for children who do not have the ability to use their arms as needed for a traditional walker, but they can support their weight on their legs.

Gait trainers -

Gait trainers usually have four wheels and can help a child learn to walk properly, maintain momentum and build muscle skills. They have a built-in seat that allows the child to go from sitting to standing easily and often. They can come with a trunk component for those without the ability to support their own body weight while standing. They can also come with a harness to help improve posture, as well as head support attachments to improve head control.

Suspension walkers -

Suspension walkers are useful for those who have balance and posture issues and cannot support their full body weight while upright. These walkers have four posts with wheels on each and a suspension frame over head. A harness with a motorized lift attaches to the suspension frame, allowing the child to control how much weight they bear on their legs.

Cerebral Palsy Wheel chairs

Cerebral Palsy Wheelchairs are very common mobility aids for non-ambulatory cerebral palsy type of patients.


There are numerous design options in Cerebral Palsy Range of wheel chairs - two basic types:

1. Manual Wheelchairs and

2. Power Wheelchair also called Electric Wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs need be propelled by the user or can be pushed by an attendant. These wheel chairs do require upper body strength to move them.

Power wheelchairs are motor driven - they can be easily used by the patient himself using the controllers.


Types of Manual Wheelchairs for Cerebral Palsy:

Rigid frame wheelchairs -

These chairs do not fold and take up more space. However, they are often lighter than other chairs and require less maintenance.

Folding frame wheelchairs -

Folding frame wheelchairs fold to save space and for storage purposes. These models are often heavier than rigid frame wheelchairs and are not as customizable to fit the patient’s specific needs.

Reclining wheelchairs -

As the name suggests, these wheelchairs recline to allow for more comfort. These chairs are similar in frame to folding frame wheelchairs, but these chairs usually require more maintenance.

Power wheelchairs

These are more convenient for those who do not have the ability to propel a manual wheelchair. These are also well suited for those who maintain an active lifestyle. These chairs come with a variety of many different features and options. They’re also very customizable to an individual’s needs.

Electric wheelchairs come in rear wheel, front wheel or mid wheel drive and have a variety of different battery options as well. 

Important Points to consider when buying a wheelchair:

  • Type of wheelchair : Manual or power needed

  • Where the wheelchair will be used (indoor, outdoor or both)

  • Weight of the wheelchair

  • How the wheelchair will be used (daily activities, outdoor activities, sport, etc.)

  • How the wheelchair will be transported (a large vehicle and transport lift may be needed for heavier power models, whereas a folding frame chair fits easily in most cars)

  • Seat width and height

  • Seat cushioning

  • Armrest preference (some are adjustable or removable)

  • Leg and foot rest requirements

  • Type of battery (if buying an electric wheelchair)

  • Size and type of tire

Karma CP Wheelchair

Karma CP Wheelchair is a Paediatric Wheelchair that is designed with adjustable armrest and front casters, along with headrest and trunk support to provide optimal comfort for your child at every moment.


Karma Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair has a tilt recline function for the patient. The special tilt-in-space seat offers pressure relief and a shift in the center of gravity.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho - we provide quality Cerebral palsy wheelchair - delivered to your home in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Bathinda. 

Features of Karma CP Wheelchair

  • The modular design offers quick and convenient assembly, folding and disassembly. The multi-functional headrest can adjust to the most desirable angles.

  • Frame weights only 11kg once folded; nimble and easy to transport

  • Suitable for: medium to serious CP children.

  • Fixed seat and backrest system; ready for later upgrade

  • Tilt-in-space seat offers pressure relief and a shift in centre of gravity

  • Modular design offers quick and convenient assembly, folding and disassembly

  • Compact when folded, requiring minimal storage space

  • Frame weights only 11kg once folded; nimble and easy to transport

  • The model designed for cerebral palsy child only.

  • Ultra light weight aluminium alloy frame. Epoxy powder coated frame

  • Detachable arm rest & foot rest provided. Elevated and swinging foot rest

  • Elevated foot rest provided to elevate leg angle

  • Height adjustable and detachable head rest

  • Hydraulic reclining high back for a comfortable posture

  • Hydraulic adjustable seat angle. Detachable back and seat pad. 

  • Extra cushion upholstery provided to under arm, head & calg

  • Lever and paddle brakes provided

  • Safety belt provided

  • Maintenance free rear solid wheels

  • The Cloth has water proof upholstery

Measurements of Karma CP Wheelchair

  • Seat Width - 15"

  • Seat Length - 17"

  • Seat Height - 22"

  • Floor to Seat Height - 17"

  • Total Width of Wheelchair Open Position   - 22"

  • Total Height of Wheelchair Open Position  - 40"

  • Total Length of Wheelchair Open Position  - 38"

  • Total Width of Wheelchair Folding Position   - 14"

  • Total Height of Wheelchair Folding Position  - 38"

  • Total Length of Wheelchair Folding Position  - 30"

Cerebral Palsy Wheel Chair Features:

Recline System

Recline system provides kids with the most comfortable resting environment. It also allows stretching of the abdominal muscles which can reduce stress and discomfort  after sitting in a wheelchair for long periods of time.

Light and Easy to Transport

It must be convenient for transport and storage.It is recommended to purchase other supportive devices if the user travels frequently.

Detachable and Swing-away Footrest

Tool-free swing away footrests make it convenient for kids to change position.  Optional elevated footrests allow users to raise legs and relax muscles when reclined. Compact and easy to store when folded.

Flip-back Armrest

Easy and convenient lateral movements such as moving to a bed.

Various Footrest Designs

For those with shorter legs, you can choose shorter footrests or elevated footrests.

Curved Head Support

Adjustable in height, position and angle to provide stable and comfortable head support. For a better and more comfortable fit, you can order side pillows or custom-made pillows.

  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: Imported light weight aluminum frame with  unique features - such as a PU padded seat, a comfortable padded backrest, removable cloth basket and is easily foldable making it much easier to lift in and out of a vehicle or any storage situation. A sleek design and a beautiful, long lasting metallic paint.

  • DUAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT : Dual height adjustment wherein the ground to seat as well as the height of the handles can be adjusted to accommodate all its users comfortably.

  • WHEELS & BRAKES: Equipped with All-Terrain 6" wheels which are durable, great for indoor and outdoor use and make the ride smooth and stable. It is easy to engage the brake with a small grip and minimal hand strength.  Parking or locking  the brakes takes just a gentle push downward on the lever and a pull upwards to release. 

  • SEAT & STORAGE:  Comfortable and durable PU seat with removable storage bag . A concealed cloth bag is provided for storing personal day to day belongings which is also easy to detach if required.

  • SPECIFICATIONS : Seat Width : 14 inches, Seat to floor height : 18 - 22.5 inches, Max User Weight Capacity: 100 kgs, Net Weight: 8 kgs, Total height : 29.5 - 38 inches; 

Price of rollator is Rs 6500, which is good for walking and sitting.

Why do people need a manual wheel chair? 

  • Enhanced Mobility with Wheel chair

An appropriate wheel chair provides the user with the freedom to move around, allowing the user to access day to day physical activity as they push around conducting activities of daily living increasing overall physical activity levels and day to day mobility. It also provides the greatest possible opportunity for independence and does the things they want to do, allowing individuals to move within their home more easily, provides increased comfort and a more active lifestyle.

  • Feel Independence with Wheelchair

Difficulty with ambulation, needing to frequently lean on someone or hold onto their arm as they walk next to you, decreased balance, fear of falling can cause individuals to become isolated from friends and family. A wheelchair that is functional, comfortable and can be propelled efficiently can result in increased levels of activity. Independent mobility and increased physical function can reduce dependence on others. Users who are able to spend more time in their wheelchair will have more opportunities for participating in day-to-day life along with others in the household, greatly improving their quality of life. 

  • Health benefits with Wheelchair

A wheelchair that is functional, comfortable and can be propelled efficiently can result in increased levels of physical activity, thus improving both physical and mental health. A well-fitting wheelchair with cushion combined with adequate user training can reduce common problems, such as pressure sores, the progression of deformities or contractures, and other secondary conditions associated with poor postures. Other benefits, such as improved respiration and digestion, increased head, trunk and upper extremity control and overall stability, can be achieved with proper postural support. 

  • Enhanced Self Esteem & Self Confidence with Wheelchair

Wheelchairs have been shown to have a profound influence on the quality of life and participation. Wheelchair users may become more confident and have more self-esteem when they have a wheelchair, often viewed as an extension of the user's body, that fits them and which they can use well, therefore the chair’s weight and dimensions affect the person’s ability to negotiate through the home and in the community. Research has shown that wheelchair users with higher self-esteem displayed increased participation levels independent of gender, age and disability type. 

  • Improved Quality of Life with Wheelchair


With the maintenance of health, there is increased access to opportunities for education, employment and participation within the family and the community. These factors also contribute to increased quality of life of wheelchair user. 

  • Better Access to Community Life with Wheelchair

Access to community life including community participation, involving both being active in family and community life with engagement in typical roles and responsibilities in society plays a key role in the health and well-being of wheelchair users and has been shown to be a key factor in preventing health deterioration in individuals with spinal cord injury. Being able to access the community, move outside the home is important for social participation and engagement and many positive health indicators as well. Having an appropriate wheelchair improves access to the community and enables wheelchair users to be more involved in community life i.e. it enables the user to go to the work or school, visit friends, attend places of worship or other community activities. Additionally, appropriate wheelchairs influence individual autonomy because they facilitate both mobility and activities of daily living both in the home and in the community. 

Why rent a manual wheel chair?

1. Wheel chair on rent for comfort trial.

Before buying the wheel chair, testing a wheel chair on rent for comfort and usability is  a good idea. It will help you or the patient assess its worthiness before purchase.

2. Wheel chair on rent for short term use

Wheel chair on rent makes more sense if you need it for a short period of time for recovery after an accident, illness or knee surgery.

3. Wheel chair on rent for travel.

While travelling you require the support of a wheel chair to make your journey fun and simpler for you. Renting a wheelchair might be a great idea. You can easily sit down on the wheel chair propelled by an attendant freeing you from all fatigue of walking. 


How much does a simple wheel chair cost?

Ans: Cost of simple wheelchair is Rs 4500 onwards. Commode wheelchair could start from 3500 (stationary option) and go upto Rs 8000 for executive toilet wheelchair.

Which wheel chair is best?

Ans: Refer to the Healthy Jeena Sikho experts to guide you to buy the best wheel chair in India, based on your need and requirement. We have over 30 options in wheel chair.

Which wheel chair is right for me?

Ans:  It is important to recognize what your requirements are, in order to get the right wheel chair to help you in your circumstances.

There are a number of factors about yourself to consider including:

Your mobility, Your tolerance, Your body height and weight, Your balance, Your posture. All of the above can be affected by many things including age, tiredness, a medical or physical condition, and medicines.

Does  wheel chair have brakes for safety considerations ?

Ans: Yes, we typically have wheelchairs with brake locks on the wheels. We also have wheelchairs with attendant brakes on the handle.


How can I customize my wheel chair?

Ans: You wouldn't need any customisation with the huge range of wheelchair in the Healthy Jeena Sikho Store. But in case we fail to do so, we will get the needful customization.

What types of equipment and services does Healthy Jeena Sikho Provide?

Ans:  We have a wide range of medical and health equipment which includes Motorised and Manual Wheelchairs, Electrical and Manual Hospital Beds, Air Mattress, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP. We work on both outright sale and rental programs for most of our products.

How do I rent Simple manual wheel chair?

Ans:  Call us on +919876978488 and you can easily rent the wheelchair hassle free and at the best price in the market.

What are Monthly rental rates of Wheel chair?

Ans: Rent of simple wheelchair is Rs 1000 per month. 

Range of Motorised Wheel Chair from Healthy Jeena Sikho 

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