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Medical Equipment Store for Rent & Sale 

Healthy Jeena Sikho is your ultimate destination for medical equipments since 2015.

We are proud to be an ISO & MSME certified private limited company, committed to delivering exceptional service. 

As India's premier medical equipment provider, Healthy Jeena Sikho has earned the trust of over 50,000+ satisfied customers with 5 STAR Rating on Google.

Our extensive network spans 15 cities in North India, supported by our dedicated offices, ensuring reliable access to high-quality, branded medical equipment for both rental and sale. 

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to ensure you receive prompt assistance whenever you need it. 

Our Services - Home Delivered


Hospital Bed On Rent

Entire Range of electric hospital bed, Recliner, ICU Grade for Patient Care at Home


BiPAP/CPAP Machine

Bipap from top Brands on Rent and sale for sleep Apnea, Copd, breathing issue management


Oxygen Machine

Oxygen Machine from Philips, Medoxy on rent starting at Rs 3000 only 



Entire Range of electric and manual wheelchairs. Brand includes Karma, Esleh, Evox


Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen cylinders are great way to assist those needing oxygen support at home, 10L-47L


Medical Equipment

From Cardiac Monitors, DVT pump, Air Mattress, Infusion Pump


We fulfil your expectations, deliver excellence, empower your healthcare journey, set new standards, and inspire confidence—just for you.

One-stop Shop

24/7 Support


9+ Experience

Same Day Delivery

Multiple Brands

Trained Professionals

50,000+ Satisfied Customer

Our Visionaries

Our Customers..

Patient Management Made Easy

Patients at Home




Hospitals & Clinics, Rehab Centres

hospitality sector

Hospitality Industry

Patient Management

Airport, Railways, Bus Stand

home care companies

Home Care Companies

corporate company



Educational Institutes


Film Studios

Our Featured Brands

Explore our Trusted Partners in Quality, Innovation, and Excellence for your comfort.

Best Bipap Company Resmed
Best wheelchair Brand Karma
Best Hospital Bed Brand Paramount from Japan
Wheelchair brand Hero
Best Electric Wheelchair from Esleh
Evox for Electric Wheelchair

Best Speciality Store For Patient Care at home  

Reduced Burden in Patient Management at Home 

Mission Statement :

At Healthy Jeena Sikho we are committed to provide all home health products and services at affordable prices for patient care at home. We have mapped all user requirement for patient management at home and have a single stop shop concept for all all needs for home care. Key product category includes variety of:

  1. Hospital Bed Manual & motorised Hospital Beds

  2. Oxygen Machine / Concentrator  - Get oxygen at home, top brands Philips, Niscomed, Evox, Nidek

  3. Bipap MachineGet bipap on rent, top brands Resmed, Topson, BMC, Nidek, Oxymed, Niscomed. 

  4. Cpap Machine Get cpap machine on rent, top brands Resmed, BMC, Topson, Niscomed, Nidek 

  5. Wheelchairs -  Manual and Electric Wheelchair - Esleh, Evox, Hero, Karma

  6. Medical Equipment - Cardiac Monitor, DVT Pump, Suction Machine, Air Mattress, Bipap Masks

  7. Patient Care at Home - Attendants, Nurses, ICU Setup at Home

Wheelchair on Rent and Sale​

We have vast range of wheelchairs. We provide these on easy rentals and do outright sale too.

a. Manual wheelchair 
b. Compact wheelchair for indoor use
c. Reclining wheelchair

d. Heavy duty wheelchair for 150kg weight
e. Electric wheelchair
f. Commode Wheelchair

g. CP Chair - Cerebrum palsy wheelchair cum CP walkers
g. Shower Wheelchair
h. Stair climbing wheelchair


We have arrangements from top brands like Karma International, Hero, Evox, Esleh, Arcatron, Seedee, Medi-e-move, Royal, Anrace besides our own manufacturing.

Click to go to ur shop to check our entire range of wheelchairs

Hospital Bed on Rent and Sale

With our own manufacturing, we do off the shelf products and also customised hospital bed and furniture. Our range includes following 
a. Manual Hospital Bed
1. Semi Fowler Hospital Beds
2. Full Fowler hospital beds
3. Deluxe Semi fowler hospital beds
4. Commode hospital bed
5. Three function manual hospital bed

b. Motorised Hospital Bed / Electric Hospital Beds
1. One Function electric hospital bed - Semi fowler Electric bed

2. Two Function electric hospital bed - Full fowler Electric Bed

3. Three Function electric hospital bed - Normal and Deluxe

4. Five Function electric hospital bed - ICU Hospital Bed
5. Motorised Recliner

See our Entire Collection of hospital beds

Bipap / Cpap Machine on Rent and Sale ​


We have a complete range of pap machines on rent and sale basis for patient care at home.

We help with sleep study test at home. This allows for easy detection of serious ailments like sleep apnea (OSA, CSA) or rare COPD, cases in time for better treatment.



We have best quality Bipap, Auto Bipap, AVAPS providing all modes and pressure like

S Mode

ST Mode

Auto Mode

Pressure upto 30

with normal and heated humidifier

High end bipap with pressure of 40 also available



Cpap, auto cpap, with humidifier, with ramp function

Brands we deal in - Philips, Resmed, BMC, Evox, Resplus, Topson

Oxygen Concentrator on Rent and Sale ​


We have a complete range of oxygen support medical equipment both on rent and sale basis for patient care at home. These are in following range: 

Oxygen concentrator 5Lpm with 93% medical grade oxygen output 

Oxygen concentrator 10Lpm with 93% medical grade oxygen output 

Brands we deal in are top ones from Philips, Evox, Niscomed, Contec, Longfin


We make sure that uninterrupted Oxygen supply is managed through Oxygen Cylinder, which come with capacity of  10L and  47L Oxygen cylinder

Medical Equipment on Rent and Sale 

We have a complete range of medical equipment both on rent and sale basis for patient care at home. These are in following range: 

  1. Cardiac Monitor - 3 para, 5 para

  2. Suction Machine - portable suction machine, Double jar suction machine

  3. DVT Pump along with the calf

  4. Infusion Pump

  5. Over The Bed Table

  6. Air Mattress

  7. Side Safety Rails 

  8. Foot Side Safety Support

See our Entire Collection of respiratory products

Medical Furniture

With our own manufacturing, we cater to all hospital infrastructure requirements. We provide Examination Table, Bed Side Locker, IV Stand, Footsteps, Attendant bed, Revolving Attendant Stool, Cylinder Trolley, Gynaecologist Bed, Over the Bed Table, SS Mayo Table, SS Dressing Table, Bed-Side Screen, Foldable Stretcher and Crash Cart.

Patient Care at Home

We provide patient care at home service like nursing staff, attendants, caregivers and ICU Setup at home service. We provide at home care for elderly, home care after knee surgery, home care after hip surgery, home care after rib surgery, patient care after spine surgery, home care for paralytic patients, patient care for parkinson's patient, home care for brain haemorrhage, home care after cancer, patient care after stroke / heart surgery, patient care for arthritis patient, patient care after brain stroke. 

Check Out our Entire Product Collection Here 

How well do we handle our customers? Well, don't ask us !!
Check out why we have FIVE STAR ***** ratings on each of our locations on Google by our esteemed customers.


We are ever so thankful for such amazing feedback and appreciation keeps driving us to continue to work harder to keep the TRUST. Want to know - what our customers say about us?


At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Healthy Jeena Sikho has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our website and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed. 

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