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About us

We could be defined as professionals, who had had a long run in the corporate world, Lived life fully  and have seen highs and lows of all types.
We have learnt the bitter lessons of all goals versus HEALTH.
After having run many successful businesses across industry types, we are taking plunge in the area of healthcare.
The MOST neglected thing leading to all sorts of problems, which at the very root, could be either delayed or avoided completely with simple changes in lifestyle.

Agreed, Most people have their OWN journey to earn the livelihood and thus, end up leaving this bit of Preventive healthcare and thus leading to complications later on in Life.

Our purpose is both providing preventive healthcare solutions (with an amazing Healthy Living Blog - a very educative Blog) , workspace wellness consultants - for it all seems to start with long office hours, sitting jobs, stressful work environment, solutions around right food choices and going hyperlocal to provide Pure Organic Milk to Natural vegetables at home, which are affordable but also to provide solutions for those who end up having ailments & have restricted mobility, with solutions like affordable assisted living or technically advanced solutions like Motorised Wheel chair , Beds and many other like this on even Pay-as-you-use , easy rental plans.

Meet Our Team


Saket Agarwal Co-founder Spice Money, Healthy Jeena Sikho

 Saket Agarwal

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Life Coach

Jatinder Verma Co-Founder Healthy Jeena Sikho

Jatinder Verma

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Ved Pal

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managing partners

Mrinal Gupta - Managing Partner

Mrinal Seth

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Managing Partner - Gurgaon

Gurtej Sran Singh - Managing Partner

Gurtej Singh Sran

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Managing Partner - Bathinda

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Bhupinder Singh Padam

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Managing Partner - Jalandhar

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Naseem A.Siddiqui

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Managing Partner - Lucknow

The team


Rajan Khosla

President & Strategic Alliances

Rajan has 27 years of varied experience in the field of Business Management, Technology Services and Operations.
He has led large teams in delivering IT Infrastructure, Telecom, Fintech, and Digital Transformation Projects. He has Built and operated Managed Services function, including team building and processes, providing efficient services in domestic and
international geographies.
In the past, he has worked with Progressive Infotech, Zenith Computers, Smartchip and Spice Digital.


Ekam Singh
Assistant General Manager 

Ekam did his MCA from Punjabi University, Patiala. 

He has over 6 years of experience in IT Sector followed by  2 years of experience in Sales.

He is very enthusiastic about playing Cricket. He loves Traveling and is a die hard foodie by heart.


Ishaan Vohra
Assistant General Manager

Ishaan is our young and dynamic fuelled by his passion for understanding new technologies he works in our sales and marketing team.


He considers himself as a "forever student", eager to both build on his academic foundation in computer science and stay in touch with the latest trend in the IT sector through continuous coursework and professional development. 

Ishaan is a jovial person who is adept at making great connect with people he interacts with.

nishita agarwal

Nishita Agarwal
Head - Marketing

She has a prior experience of doing freelancing for over 2 years with clients - small businesses & influencers.

She is an engineer by degree but always found her passion in helping people integrate digital marketing with their businesses. 

Kanupriya Healthy Jeena Sikho

Kanupriya Goyal
Head - Customer Experience

Kanu has done her BTech in Computer Science from IITT college of Engineering( Kala Amb H.P.). she has also done her MBA in HR from Lovely Professional University.

She has an experience of 4+ years in HR which has taught her a great deal about dealing with customers. Her strength is that she can adapt quickly to any environment.

Her hobbies are traveling and listening to music.


Lavi Kumari
Manager - Rehab Expert

Lavi has done B. Com from CGC jhanjeri. 

She is currently working as a sales executive.

She is a straight forward person who does not compromise in life as well as in her work. 

ayush saxena

Ayush Saxena 
Head - Finance & Accounts

Ayush Saxena is an accomplished individual with an MBA in Finance and HR from Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University in Lucknow. He has a passion for intellectual challenges and strategic thinking. They find joy in playing chess. Furthermore, they also have a keen interest in cricket, showcasing their ability to work collaboratively as part of a team.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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