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COVID-19: Pandemic and Progress

The post-Covid situation has not changed much, even after the declaration by a Government Panel that this pandemic might have reached its peak in September in India and is bound to fall from now onwards, the recent Man ki Baat session in which our respected Prime Minister was seen quoting “Jab Tak dawai nahi, tab tak dhilai nahi”, English translation meaning don’t stop following precautions, till we find a vaccine or medicine, indicating that mask usage and focus on personal hygiene is the new normal, how the world will prepare itself for this new era of distant social life is something to contemplate about.

Post-Lockdown Scenario

The post-lockdown scenario will be difficult to take care of, with rising inflation in trade, unemployment rate at an all-time high, the education sector seeing a very long pause, all of these combined propose challenges that should be mitigated. On a comparison basis, let’s see how the world and India have tackled these problems.


As stated on the official WHO website that around 100 vaccines are in the making, there is still not so much hope for any one of them being available by the end of this year. Running in the top 5 races is Russia developed vaccine Sputnik V which is said to be in its final trial but so far has not proven to be that much effective, then we have an Indian biotech company, Bharat Biotech in the third trial phase of its vaccine called COVAXIN. All of these vaccine trials do give certain hope to the people.


The effect on the livelihood that this worldwide endemic has brought is similar everywhere, where the unorganized sector has

taken the biggest hit. As the unorganized sector contains most of the less skilled labor, many lost not only their jobs but also the places that they lived in. India saw a mass reverse migration.

The government of India (GOI) helped by increasing the number of guaranteed labor days under MNREGA, which released the stress of people to some level. Then countries like New Zealand, the US, and even India initiated providing direct benefit transfers to people, to support them through cash transfers.


Educational institutions have taken online classes as the new normal, as the opening of schools and colleges, in India, has been left on the state government by the central government.

India also chimed in with MHRD launching online portals like DIKSHA, which acted as a common national digital infrastructure for teachers to communicate with their students. With a graded approach, many countries like Sweden, New Zealand, South Korea, and a dozen more opened schools with full safety.

Final Thoughts

It has to be seen that after the release of the official vaccine for Covid-19, how various governments decide the distribution manner in between the most vulnerable section to the least vulnerable ones. All in all, the only thing to understand is that following a safe, secure and sanitized life is the only option we have got for now.


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