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A complete guide to the ketogenic diet

Guide to ketogenic diet
A complete guide to ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet aka keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that encourages the body to burn

fats rather than burning carbohydrates. The body produces ketones to be used as energy. 

Why Keto???

The keto diet is a conventional dietary method which was developed by the physicians in the 1920s to overcome the obstructions of the basic fasting methods to cure ‘epilepsy’. However, it is proved to be much more beneficial than the only removal of epilepsy. 

Benefits of a keto diet :

The keto diet has been useful for people with many medical problems for a long time. 

Here is the list of the various benefits of the keto diet:-

1. Weight loss and obesity

Since we know in a keto diet, our body burns the excess fat to produce energy which in

turn results in evident weight loss benefits and eliminating obesity. The ketones of the

body increase whereas the blood sugar levels decline to result in improved insulin

responsiveness of the body. Studies have found that a keto diet is more effective in

weight loss than any other low-fat diets.  

2. Cure for diabetes

Keto generally lowers blood sugar levels (approximately up to 75% as per studies), it helps in

preventing diabetes more effectively than low-calorie diets. Keto has been found very helpful for curing type 2 diabetes as per the type of food intakes involving low carb; it eliminates the risk of increased blood sugar by limiting the consumption of processed food like cookies, cakes, candies and other high starch foods like rice and potatoes. Eating a keto diet helps you maintain your health. 

3. Preventing deadly diseases 

Originally invented with the purpose of controlling epilepsy in children, keto found its use in curing other serious diseases as well.  It has been found helpful in various fields:

Heart disease - keto prevents risks of increased body fat, high-density cholesterol,

blood pressure and blood sugar. 

Cancer - Cancer has been a life-threatening disease for a long time now, recent studies

have seen a drastic potential in keto diet for curbing cancer. Apart from conventional

methods of chemotherapy and radiation surgery, researchers are focussing on adopting

ketogenic diets that interfere with the tumour growth cells and hindering their ability to survive inside the body. 

Epilepsy - the main reason for the introduction of keto was the prevention of epilepsy,

during the 1920s this method was widely used for children to control epilepsy.

4. Ideal for skin 

It is a well-known fact that the kind of food you eat has an effect on your skin, 

one of the vital experiences you will have is a reduction in skin inflammation, pimples,

blackheads. By increasing the intake of low carb foods you can drastically lower your

insulin levels, start with consuming leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, drink lots of green

tea, avoid dark chocolate and exercise daily for best results.

Ketogenic Diet
Ketogenic Diet

Superfoods to eat in the keto diet 

Your health benefits majorly depend upon the type of food you eat, some of the foods that

should be considered while on the keto diet:

1. Meat - chicken,red meat,bacon,steak,turkey.

2. Fatty fish - trout,salmon,tuna,mackerel.

3. Eggs- go for omega-3 whole eggs.

4. Cheese - lookout for unprocessed cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, goat milk


5. Nuts and seeds- walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.

6. Healthy oils - such as virgin olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil.

7. Low carb vegetables like green leafy veggies, tomatoes, onions.

Foods to avoid while on the keto diet

High carb foods are strictly prohibited to maximise the health benefits of keto, here is a list of

foods to avoid:

1. All types of sugary foods such as sodas, cake, ice creams juices etc

2. Starchy products such as rice, pasta, potatoes and wheat-based items.

3. Unhealthy fats like mayonnaise and processed oils.

4. Alcohol must be avoided due to their carb content.

5. All fruits except strawberries.

6. Condensed milk and low-fat yoghurts.


Healthy Jeena Sikho is providing information under Healthy Living Blog to help people learn about widely available alternate means to achieve Uber health and fitness of mind, body and soul. Its contents on an “AS IS” basis and makes no representations of any kind with respect to blog contents.The information on this site is not intended as medical advice, medical nutrition therapy or individualized nutrition counseling/coaching.This Site and its authors do not claim to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any nutrition-related disease or health condition. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional before changing your diet or medications or beginning any exercise routine.The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only This article is published for educating masses at large under Healthy Living Blog initiative. These are small baby steps to aware people more about healthy and holistic lifestyle, affordable assisted living and organic products around. We call that Celebration of Being ALIVE.

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