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Wheelchair - How to Choose?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. The device is propelled either manually (by turning the wheels by the hand) or via various automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.

A wheel Chair is a chair fitted with wheels. The device comes in variations allowing either manual propulsion by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand or electric propulsion by motors. There are often handles behind the seat to allow for different individuals to push. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability. People who have difficulty sitting and walking often make use of a wheel bench. A basic manual wheelchair incorporates a seat, footrests, and four wheels: two, caster wheels at the front, and two large wheels at the back. The two larger wheels in the back usually have hand-rims; two metal or plastic circles approximately 3/4" thick.

A wheel Chair assists people to become more mobile and independent. There are many different types of wheelchairs that are used for various reasons. It is important to understand the limitations and safe operation of whatever wheelchair you choose.

The chair seat size (width and depth), seat-to-floor height, footrests/leg rests, front caster outriggers, adjustable backrests, controls, and many other features can be customized on, or added to, many basic models, while some users, often those with specialized needs, may have wheelchairs custom-built.

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is one that is propelled by the user. It is usually done by pushing on round bars that surround the wheels. This wheelchair also has handles on the back so it can be pushed by another person. A manual wheelchair is easy to maintain, is lightweight, and is the least expensive to buy. At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we have complete range of affordable manual wheelchair range.

Electric Wheelchairs

The electric wheel chair is propelled by a motor and battery. They are also known as folding wheelchair. They are very sophisticated. They are operated with a joystick or push buttons. Some electric wheelchairs use advanced technology and can climb upstairs, move across gravel and even rise up to give access to high shelves. Electric wheelchairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery so they are very heavy and also quite expensive. The average Wheel Chair price is Rs 50,000 but can go up to Rs 125,000 for the high-end models. Also, Wheelchair on Rent is an alternative for those who can’t afford to buy a new one due to the high cost of wheelchair.

Sports Wheelchairs

As the name suggests, sports wheelchairs are designed for playing sports. They are ultra-lightweight yet very stable. They are often used for tennis, wheelchair basketball, and marathons.

Standing Wheelchairs

A standing wheelchair is one that supports the user in a standing position. They can be used as both a wheelchair and a standing frame, allowing the user to sit or stand in the wheelchair. They will move from sitting to standing with a hydraulic pump or electric-powered assist.

Three-wheeled wheelchairs

3 wheeled wheelchairs are not a new concept and have frequently been used in the design of racing wheelchairs, tennis wheelchairs, and other sports as well as everyday all-purpose wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are more stable and maneuverable over rough terrain than a four-wheel wheelchair.

Recent technological advances are slowly improving wheelchair and EPW technology. Some wheelchairs, such as the iBOT, incorporate gyroscopic technology and other advances, enabling the chair to balance and run on only two of its four wheels on some surfaces, thus raising the user to a height comparable to a standing person. They can also incorporate stair-climbing and four-wheel-drive feature motorized assists for hand-powered chairs are becoming more available and advanced.

Anytime you are in the market for a wheelchair, no matter what type you are looking for, it is a good idea to do some comparison shopping.

Different wheelchairs come with different capabilities and different prices as well. You will want to make sure you get a good deal for your money and end up with the best wheelchair for the person who will be using it.

You can buy wheelchairs today in festive colors and seat prints. Plus you can further customize them after purchase to make the wheelchair uniquely the user's own.

The Indian census predicts, (much like the rest of the world), age related and disease related need of 1% of the population for a wheelchair. Due to various reasons, including affordability, high prices, less awareness, not even 50% of those needing wheelchair are provided with wheelchair. The fact that its now available in most big to small towns, wheelchair prices have come down dramatically, its now even available Online, lots of charity work allows for easy access to wheelchairs, is helping the cause of those needing wheelchairs.

Even US has a total of over 2.8 million wheelchair users, for a population of 300 million, this is just under 1%.

Health and quality of life

In addition to providing mobility, an appropriate wheelchair is of benefit to the physical health and quality of life of the user. Combined with adequate user training, an appropriate wheelchair can serve to reduce common problems such as pressure sores, the progression of deformities or contractures, and other secondary conditions.

A wheelchair with a proper cushion often prevents premature death in people with spinal cord injuries and similar conditions and, in one sense, is a life-saving device for these people. A wheelchair that is functional, comfortable, and can be propelled efficiently can result in increased levels of activity.

Independent mobility and increased physical function can reduce dependence on others. Other benefits, such as improved respiration and digestion, increased head, trunk, and upper extremity control, and overall stability, can be achieved with proper postural support.

Maintenance of health is an important factor in measuring the quality of life. These factors combined serve to increase access to opportunities for education, employment, and participation within the family and the community


A wheelchair often makes all the difference between being a passive receiver and an active contributor. Economic benefits are realized when users can access opportunities for education and employment. With a wheelchair, an individual can earn a living and contribute to the family’s income and national revenue, whereas without a wheelchair that person may remain isolated and be a burden to the family and the nation at large. Similarly, a wheelchair that is not durable will be more expensive owing to the need for frequent repairs, absence from work, and eventual replacement of the wheelchair.

For society, the financial benefits associated with the provision of wheelchairs include reduced health care expenses, such as those for treating pressure sores and correcting deformities. A study from a developing country reported that in 1997, 75% of those with spinal cord injuries admitted to the hospital died within 18–24 months from secondary complications arising from their injuries. In the same place, the incidence of pressure sores decreased by 71% and repetitive urinary tract infections fell by 61% within two years as a result of improvements in health care training and appropriate equipment, including good wheelchairs with cushions.

Evaluating functional performance

It is recommended that a wheelchair be evaluated based on the functional performance measures and that the results be available to the users and purchasers. The functional performance areas in which a wheelchair should be evaluated or reported on are:

• static stability

• dynamic stability

• rolling resistance

• ability to repair/availability of components

• overall wheelchair dimensions, mass, and turning space.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we realize there is a huge gap in the required wheelchairs (demand) and the supply of affordable, "Wheelchair on Rent". The gap is also around

a. Availability - In your city!

b. Range of wheelchairs - twenty different models

c. Demonstration unit to try out best fit - Its hard to make a decision without trying out

d. Affordable price for outright buy

e. Easy rental plan for wheelchairs

After analyzing data of users on search Engines and speaking to buyers, we realized people were indeed searching for variety of needs, from lightweight wheelchairs, cost of wheelchair, wheelchair near me, electronic wheelchair, wheelchair on rent, fold-able wheelchair, motorized wheelchair.

To help consumers for their exact needs, now we have a outlet at Mohali with actual wheelchairs and experts to help choose the right model, as per the need. This also brought in the new business model of "wheelchair on rent" and "buyback wheelchair plan". Of course we do allow online search and buy, for which consumer can click here

You could find us on Google maps here


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For a deeper understanding of wheelchairs and their benefits, explore our related articles.

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