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ICU Bed on Rent & Sale

Healthy Jeena Sikho provides hospital ICU beds on rent and Sale, at the best price. Medically cleaned and Safe to use.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we provide hospital bed on rent and sale, for last 8 years.

We have served over 50,000 customers.

We are proud of ratings of 5 STAR on Google.

We keep ready stock at all our stores in 15 Cities in North India.

We have own manufacturing and have entire range of manual hospital beds to high end ICU Bed for patients.

With same day delivery, we are the largest supplier of hospital beds in the cities we operate in. 

We pride in giving quality product at best price, and challenge price match.

Best Quality Products On Rent & Sale

Our City Presence

We are present in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pitampura, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Bathinda, and Shimla

Established In 2015

We have evolved as organisation, innovated new products, to be able to cater to all needs for patient management at home.

Own Manufacturing

We have our own ISO grade manufacturing unit for hospital beds and wheelchairs

24*7 Services

Our experts are available 24*7 to help our customers. We have 5 star customer ratings on Google

We Deal In All Brands

We have made sure you get the best wheelchair of the Brand you would like from Nisscomed, BMC, Philips, Resmed, Resplus, Karma, Ostrich, Evox, Freedom Forza, Anrace, Arcatron, Hero Mediva and Seedee.

Get The Best Price!

Simple Hospital Bed on rent could cost as low as Rs 2200 per month.​

Motorised Recliner Rental starts from Rs. 3,000 per month. 

Motorised Hospital Bed Rental starts from Rs. 6500 per month. 

Semi Fowler Hospital Bed Price starts from Rs. 19,000

Motorised Hospital Bed Price / ICU Bed Price  starts from Rs. 58,000  to Rs. 70,000.

Motorised Recliner hospital bed Price  is Rs 23,000. 


Nikhil Gaurav, Noida

Very good product and very good service by the dealers..I am very satisfied with the product and I will also recommend my family and friends to visit as per their requirement

Krishnan Jain

Krishnan Jain, Jaipur

Quick Services, Good Products, Competitive Charges and Cooperative Staff.


Rupa Sahu, Delhi

They provided good quality service, also very humble. Easy to connect and simple process to rent medical equipment for your dear ones at reasonalble price. Great service!!

Siya Gandhi

Siya Gandhi, Chandigarh

Excellent hospital bed on rent, reasonable prices,great comfort for bedridden patients as they can adjust their position on their own using the remote control. Great value for money.

ICU Hospital Bed 

Motorised 5-Function ICU Bed

  • Five Function Bed operated by Electrical Remote

  • Function- Backrest (Head-end) Elevation, Knee rest (Foot-End) Elevation, Height Adjustment, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg

  • Accessories- ABS Head Foot, ABS Side Railing, Wheels, Hand-Remote

  • Dimensions: 2185 mm x 980 mm

  • Finish: pre-treated & epoxy powder coated

 Product Features

  • Detachable head and foot panels with corner buffers, ABS materials

  • Four-section bedplate with ventilated holes for adequate airflow (Perforated CRCA 1.2mm M.S Sheet with 36 Embosses Holes).

  • Collapsible Safety Side Railings, one touch to lay down.

  • Covered 125mm Castors with breaks.

  • Frame made of 25mm dia M.S tubes.

  • Provision of Urine bag holder and IV rod.

  • Finish: pre-treated & epoxy powder coated

5 function bed vs 3 function bed

Motorised ICU Bed

Hospital beds move via mechanical or electrical means. The new models are easy to use and have controls handy for bed dwelling patients.

ICU Bed Specifications

So, these guidelines specify three requirements for ICU beds:

  • Must be electric – can be operated using a handset or control panel rather requiring medical staff to reposition the bed manually.

  • Must offer cardiac chair and Trendelenberg positioning functions – these positions facilitate respiration and circulation to aid bodily function. Read more about the Trendenlenberg position and why it’s used.

  • Can accommodate a pressure-relieving mattress – foam or replacement air mattresses are used for pressure relief. ICU beds must have appropriate dimensions to fit these mattresses.

Motorised ICU Bed

Looking for a motorised ICU bed on rent or ICU bed for sale - we provide both at Healthy Jeena Sikho. 

What are Motorised ICU Beds?

Motorised ICU Beds are special hospital beds designed for at home or in hospital special care patients - to take care of their critical needs and to monitor their parameters  creating a safe ecosystem for them at home. 


Our Motorised ICU Beds combine smart ergonomics with advanced technology and intuitive operation. Motorised ICU beds are able to provide both safety and comfort to the patients and caregivers alike. We offer ICU Motorised Beds and Mechanical ICU Beds. The caregivers can tilt the ICU bed and can also adjust the height. 

To know more about motorised ICU beds on rent - you can also reach out to our experts at : 9876978488 or 7087971180

How to choose the right hospital bed for home?

Once you get in touch with Healthy Jeena Sikho experts, we explain the characteristics and features of each of the hospital bed. Each added functionality results in an increase in the price for the bed. We ensure that you get the bed at affordable and best prices.

The price for a patient hospital bed starts from 15,000 for a manual hospital bed to 100,000 for top-end fully functional motorised electric ICU bed.

How to get a hospital bed at home?

First you need to select the model of the hospital bed after detailed research or just pickup the phone and speak to one of our experts to choose the right fit hospital bed for home. We will arrange for the delivery and installation of the chosen hospital bed at your home. We ensure that you get the bed at affordable and best prices.

If your need for the medical bed is for a short duration, you can opt for a hospital bed on rent. We offer hospital beds on rent in the Tricity. We make sure that the patient bed is in good working condition and necessary hygiene is ensured by us.  The hospital bed would be delivered, installed at your home with explanation of all the functionalities that the hospital bed supports besides all the precautions  you need to take, so as not to hurt patient or damage the patient bed.

ICU Bed On Rent

We provide Hospital bed on rent in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula (Tricity) to people who need them for a short period of time. We have made getting a Hospital Bed for home very convenient and affordable. Hospital Bed rent starts from 1500 per month for a basic manual hospital bed and can go up to 10000 per month for a more advanced Fully Electric ICU bed. The delivery, installation and maintenance of the hospital bed is taken care of by us.

Process of getting a ICU Bed on rent?

We provide Hospital bed on rent all across Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar, Zirakur, Pinjore, Dhakoli, Baltana and Panchkula. It is generally a three-step process –

1. Select the right Hospital Bed for home 

Consult with our experts who will help you select the right hospital bed based on your needs and budget. We have a wide variety of hospital beds- Five Function electric ICU bed, Three function electric bed, Two functions electric bed, One function electric bed, Fowler and Semi-Fowler bed. Choose the correct rental plan. We typically provide deliveries within the same day. We make sure that you get the hospital bed at economical and best prices.

Typically, renting process includes monthly Rent advance, the deposit amount based on the value of the goods and two-way freight cost.

2. Get the ICU Bed at Home

The hospital bed is delivered to your home by an expert who explains the functionality of the ordered hospital bed. Check the condition of the hospital bed and let the patient who is going to use it try it.

3. Return Or Extend Rent duration of the ICU Bed

You can either renew the rental plan next month or if you no longer need the hospital bed you can return it.


Why Healthy Jeena Sikho for your hospital bed needs?

1. We have our own factory for hospital beds, patient beds, Electric hospital bed, ICU beds and are equipped to customise as per specific needs also. This also allows us to have absolute control on the Quality of the final product of Medical bed. This process also allows you to get most competitive and best price for hospital bed, as multiple layers of distribution are cut out from the middle.

2. The hospital beds are properly serviced and the mattresses properly cleaned to maintain proper hygiene.

3. We are based in Mohali, Chandigarh, so easily accessible and thus you don't have to worry about any service related issues. Plus since we are the manufacturers, we can provide you timely service and replacement in case of any malfunctioning in the hospital beds. (which, by the way, is rare, but none-the-less can happen)

4. Our monthly rent for hospital beds for home are affordable and we provide home deliveries making it convenient for you to easily try it at home before taking it. we provide the hospital beds on rent on the most economical and best price.

Our Range of Motorized Hospital Beds at the best price

4 Important Features for ICU Beds


Following is a quick and short checklist for you to see if a motorised ICU bed - will comfort your patient. Most ICU beds will also include the following four features:


In an emergency being able to create flat, hard surface needed to perform CPR.  Most intensive care doctors and nurses would consider CPR release as an essential for ICU beds. This function allows medical teams to flatten the bed platform at the push of a button or lever.


IV poles are used to securely hang fluids or medications that a patient needs to have administered via a drip. They typically have 2 or 4 hooks which can each support a fluid container. Having an IV pole with multiple hooks is beneficial in ICUs where patients will often require multiple medications at once.

Choosing an ICU bed with an IV pole included makes it easier to move a patient in an emergency. Rather than having to wheel both the bed and the IV pole, medical staff only have to focus on moving one piece of equipment. This reduces the risk of injury or damage to the IV supply.


Beds with removable head and footboards, which lock safely into place when in use, are often preferred in ICUs.

There are two key benefits to this design:

  • In an emergency scenario, removing the headboard allows medical staff to stand behind the patient. This frees up more space to work around the patient and provides easier access to the head to support breathing.

  • It’s easier to perform prone positioning. This procedure involves rotating a patient from lying face up to face down.

Intermittent prone positioning has been shown to improve external respiration and improve/prevent acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in critical care patients.


Electric ICU beds can have several different options for controls. Some have a patient handset or patient controls built into the siderail. Others have a nurse control handset or nursing controls built into the base of the footboard. Often, there will be a combination of controls available on a single bed.

For ICU beds, having built-in nurse controls offers several benefits:

  • Nursing controls can lock functions on any patient handsets. This will protect a vulnerable patient who cannot operate the bed themselves from accidents.

  • There are no trailing wires which can cause a trip hazard when staff are rushing to assist during an emergency.

  • There’s no risk of controls getting lost. ICUs are busy places. If staff need the bed to perform a function, they can activate it immediately without having to locate a handset.

  • Bed accessories, such as weighing scales, can be incorporated. This helps to monitor the weight of patients who are too unwell to sit or stand to be weighed.

Our Range of Motorized Hospital Beds at the best price

Get on Rent Now - Wide Choice

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