Motorised Wheel Chair

Motorised Wheel Chair

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At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we have a complete range of wheelchairs, from manual wheelchair to Motorised wheelchair,  from lightweight wheelchair to reclining wheelchair, one for every posisble need of those challenged., giving complete freedom of mobility with extremely easy to operate joystick.


Wheelchairs are also available on Rent


Hospital Beds for home are available on RENT also.


We have entire range of Wheelchairs: 

1. Lightweight Electric Wheelchair 

2. Reclining Electric Wheelchair

3. Small Electric Wheelchair 

4. Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

5. Folding Electric Wheelchair

6. Manual Wheelchair


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Key Features


  • Extremely easy navigation with joystick
  • Battery Operated
  • Foldable, can easily be put in car boot / backseat
  • Both auto and manual mode available
  • Three speed settings 
  • All direction navigation available, including back
  • Emergency ALARM on panel also available
  • Easy, flip up arm rest and foldable foot rest 
  • For safety, seat belt is available, as also leg cover
  • Handle height adjustment (optional)
  • Seat width 18/20 (optional)
  • Attendant controller (optional)
  • Joystick could be moved to either side 
  • Washable seat cover.
  • Single Charge 20km
  • 30 day stand-by
  • Rugged with payload to manage upto 120 kg
  • One year Warranty


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  • Return Policy

    The product once sold, comes with a warranty. In first 48-hours, if a product malfunction is brought to our notice and indeed verified by our Engineer, we shall have the product returned and new replacement provided.

    The warranty of each product varies from 6 months to 1 year.

    Most of the times, parts are replaced if found damaged as part of manufacturing fault, but if mis-handling or deliberate damage is found, its a chargeable service.

  • Technical Specs

    Item Weight : 40 Kilograms

    Payload : 115 Kg

    Motor : DC 250W*2Pcs

    Battery : 24V 12Ah (Double Battery)

    Parking Brake : Mannual Brake

    Frame Material : Steel with liquid painting

    Frame Color : Silver

    Cushion : Black and Red 

    Max Speed : 6KM/hr   

    Single Charge Drive : 20 km

    Standby Time : 30 days

    Controller Shift : Yes, Left to Right

    Foldable : Yes

    Date First Available : 24 June 2019

    Manufacturer : ESS PEE ENTERPRISES

    ASIN : B07TK33FY6

    Item part number : WC-101

    Manufacturer : ESS PEE ENTERPRISES

₹69,000.00 Regular Price
₹45,000.00Sale Price