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Covid-19: A Rise in the Demand of Oxygen Concentrators

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Need of Oxygen Concentrator in COVID-19
Need of Oxygen Concentrator in COVID-19

2020, a year that has been declared pandemic is one perfect time when the governments around the globe have started concentrating on their Health Sectors as a part being termed as a necessity. Similarly, with the rise in Covid-19 cases to approximately a million per week around the globe, as per the studies conducted by WHO in June 2020, it was a warning for the health sectors that there will be a sure shortage of Oxygen Concentrators in no time. This is because of the fact that the Covid-19 patient is unable to get enough oxygen in

the blood by breathing normally and hence, there comes the need for oxygen support machines.

Improving technology in the health sectors, companies have come up with a lightweight, easy to carry a portable device called the Oxygen Concentrator. But how does it work? Is it really effective? Find out when you read through.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

In general Oxygen Concentrators is a type of Medical Device that helps in delivering oxygen to patients with respiratory disorders, for example, Asthma, breathing problems coming with climate change, COPD, Pneumonia, etc. On the other hand, people with low oxygen concentration in their bloodstream require therapy through Oxygen Concentrators.

There was a time when the only available source for patients having breathing problems was through the bulky oxygen tanks. However, these too being very effective, the only problem was the regular visit of the suppliers to replenish the oxygen tanks regularly.

Also, certain advantages include being cost-effective, can be taken anywhere because of its portability, it is easy to operate, does not require refilling, and is very helpful during respiratory emergencies.

How does Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Just like a window AC, an oxygen concentrator takes in the surrounding air, compresses it, eliminates Nitrogen from the air in the process of purification with the help of sieve beds and special filters, and delivers the purified oxygen to the patient through an oxygen mask or nasal cannula.

The delivery of purified oxygen is done through the process of a continuous stream system or pulse-dose delivery system.

Working of Oxygen Concentrator
Working of Oxygen Concentrator

Usage of Oxygen Concentrators in Covid-19 Treatment

One surely feels disheartened when talking about the effect Covid-19 Pandemic has done to the world. Spreading like a spider web, the virus comes with certain symptoms of loss of taste and smell, fever, sore throat, weakened body, runny nose, nausea, and most importantly shortness of breath.

Oxygen Concentrators come into action when the patient is suffering from breathlessness, a problem where he/she cannot get enough oxygen when breathing normally. This symptom is usually seen within 7-10 days of infection. There are several treatments under trial for the same; however, treating Covid-19 best depends on artificial oxygen support.

Advantages in Covid-19

Corona Virus is something that may infect an individual very severely or just show some mild, treatable symptoms. For the individuals who do not require ventilator support, Oxygen Concentrators can help in providing breathing therapy at home and thus stabilizing the patient's help. This is also beneficial because of the fact that due increasing number of Covid patients, hospitals are overcrowded and so, home treatment is the best when the patient is showing mild symptoms of the same.

Concluding the same, the approach of designing cost-effective Oxygen Concentrators can be a great help around the globe to overcome the present needs. However, one should remember that Oxygen Concentrators are not available for over the counter purchases. It can only be brought with a doctor's prescription and further, the doctor gives all the direction for its usage.

In case you or any of your known have difficulty in breathing, contact the nearest medical service. Slow and steady is not a solution always.


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