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An Overview of Dental X-rays and the Risks Associated with Them

It is pretty common during regular checkup for any dentist to suggest you for dental X-rays. X-rays are a standard dental procedure that will help the dentist see what is beneath your gums, check your bones and the root of your teeth, and go through your enamel. Do you know anything about dental X-rays? You must understand that they use radiation to get accurate results.

When you talk about radiation, you must know that there is a minimum amount of radiation that you were exposed to. Dentists are very quick to find the multiple sources of radiation exposed to, which is more harmful than a dental x-ray. However, there are some circumstances in which an X-ray is essential. To make it very clear, you must understand a dental X-ray might be necessary for you in some situations, and in some cases, you might not need it.

Dental X-ray uses techniques and tools over time to reduce radiation exposure. Every method is taken to ensure that the patient remains safe. Lead aprons help minimize exposure, and you might even get a thyroid collar to protect your thyroid. These tools are essential for patients, and it is more so for pregnant women.

Who normally goes for a dental X-ray?

Many people might require a dental X-ray, and a dentist can suggest it as per the patient's condition. The dentist will diagnose the problem that is causing pain, and then they will determine the structure of the mouth to place it to work appropriately.

A dental x-ray can help you discover several issues worse than a small amount of radiation. Listed below are specific problems that can be diagnosed with the help of a dental X-ray:

  • Tooth decay

  • Root canal changes

  • Loss of bone

  • Growth of tumors

  • Infection in gums and teeth

These dental issues cannot be discovered without X-rays, and they can silently lead to various problems on the road. When discussing dental health, it is always less expensive and less painful to diagnose these issues at the earliest.

Who should avoid dental X-rays?

Pregnant women should avoid dental X-rays to protect the fetus, which is quite substantial. They get affected by radiation problems more than an adult. The speed, which might affect the fetus' DNA level and the cellular health, makes it quite dangerous for a fetus. It would help if you went for regular dental checkups during pregnancy to ensure your dentist knows your condition.

Children should also avoid going for dental X-rays. Still, it is reasonably arguable there is nothing such as safe exposure, and radiation can become cumulative if you compare it over a lifetime. Children can experience harm since they are pretty small and the cells in the body are dividing at a speedy rate; therefore, you need to discuss it with your dentist before making any decision.

Get in touch with the reputed dentist at Dublin Dental Care and in case of an emergency, you should not ignore it because dental issues can lead to several other health problems.

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