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The Karma Ryder 12 Manual Wheelchair is a robust and lightweight mobility solution designed for convenience and comfort. Constructed from durable aluminium, it is easily foldable, making it ideal for storage and transport. Weighing only 12 kg, it is highly manageable while still supporting a maximum user weight of 100 kg. The wheelchair is designed with both user comfort and caregiver convenience in mind, featuring a width of 25 inches when open and a compact 14 inches when closed.


Benefits of Karma Ryder 12 Manual Wheelchair for Users:


1. Portability and Storage: The foldable frame and lightweight design (12 kg) make the Karma Ryder 12 highly portable, convenient for travel, and easy to store in tight spaces.
2. Comfort: The cloth upholstery, along with the spacious 18-inch seat width and ergonomic seat dimensions, offers a comfortable and supportive seating experience for users.
3. Manoeuvrability: Large 21-inch rear wheels and 6-inch front wheels provide smooth and easy movement, enhancing the user’s ability to navigate various environments.
4. Ease of Transfers: Flip-back armrests and flip-up footrests make it easier for users to transfer in and out of the wheelchair, promoting independence and reducing the need for assistance.
5. Safety: The rear wheel lock and hand brakes offer enhanced control and safety, ensuring stability when stationary and ease of use during movement.
6. Caregiver Convenience: The drop-back handle allows caregivers to handle the wheelchair efficiently, making it easier to manage and manoeuvre.


The Karma Ryder 12 Wheelchair combines practicality with comfort, making it an excellent choice for users seeking a reliable and user-friendly mobility solution.


Moreover, we have a wide range of manual & electric wheelchairs on rent and sale, ensuring you get the best according to your medical requirements.


1. Electric Wheelchair on rent
2. Electric Wheelchair for sale
3. Manual Wheelchair on rent
4. Manual Wheelchair on sale


Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to facilitate seamless delivery and installation directly to your home, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Contact our team today to discover how you can purchase or rent a Manual Wheelchair on sale for your healthcare facility.

Karma Ryder 12 Manual Wheelchair On Sale

₹15,000.00 Regular Price
₹13,000.00Sale Price
  • Frame Foldable
    Material Aluminium
    Max user Weight capacity 100 Kg
    Net Weight 12 Kgs


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