• Supreet Nagi

Keep Healthy Eyes with Vitamins

Eating a Nutrition-Rich Diet is something that keeps a body healthy. The diet including nutrients, for example, vitamins and minerals, is important. In today's times, everyone has a different working schedule. This is one reason that despite knowing what is healthy for oneself, we end up eating unhealthy stuff. Captioned by us as a normal life routine, this may end up into severe health problems. These may include possible heart diseases, cancers, weak bones, and mental problems, etc.

Like the body enhances its health with proper nutrition, same is the case with your eyes. Let us talk about the essential Eye Vitamins. These would help your eyes from keeping away the diseases to maintaining a healthy vision.

The Vitamins your Eyes Desire

Treat Chronic Eye Disease with Vitamin-A

Eye of a person suffering from Glaucoma

In general, the vitamin helps in keeping a healthy, glowing skin and boosts the immune system. Also known as eye vitamin, vitamin-A is essential for the Retina of your eyes. A healthy retina is essential in differentiating between the changing levels of light. This thus, keeps away night blindness, which is a cause of permanent blindness in the long run.

Another role of Vitamin-A is to keep the eyes moist by producing good tears. Moist eyes help in preventing and fighting the problem of Dry Eye Syndrome. Next on the list, Chronic eye disease, I am sure, is something many would have not listened about at all. This is a condition where nutrition plays an important role. Some of these diseases include:

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye Syndrome)

  • Dry Eye Syndrome, etc.

All this makes Vitamin-A is the most essential eye vitamin.

Pregnant women should consult their physicians before adding these to their regular diets.

Some foods rich in Vitamin-A include:

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Fish (tuna)

  • Dark leafy greens

  • Cantaloupe

  • Lettuce

  • Bell peppers

  • Pink grapefruit

  • Broccoli

The Ever Essential B-Vitamins

a. Vitamin-B1

Studies have shown that individuals suffering from Glaucoma have lower levels of Vitamin-B1. Foods rich in these are:

  • Pork

  • Fish

  • Seeds

  • Nuts

  • Beans

  • Green peas

  • Tofu

  • Brown rice

  • Squash

  • Asparagus

b. Vitamin-B3