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Let’s Go Soundless This Diwali!!

Everyone's favorite festival, “the festival of lights” is approaching soon. The festivities have already been set in motion. Diwali is one of India's most magnificent festivals. The festival carries with it an unparalleled spirit of joy and celebration.

The festival of Diwali reflects the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. But, the lavish celebrations have placed a great burden on the climate in recent years. The same has visa vis put the well-being of people at risk.

Although these festivities might look enjoyable, their comprehensive repercussions are not. Air pollution levels are rising to very serious levels. Also, food wastes, plastic packets, and cracker scraps are littering the roads. According to a study, panic attacks due to Loud Crakers are affecting many elderly people, and the animals around us.

How to Celebrate A Greener Diwali This Year

Covid-19 has taken many lives and made several sick. The recovered still have a weak body. What worse can happen? The Smog! The only problem India suffers from each year, making it's air quality 'Not Suitable to Breathe'.

It is a well-known fact that Crackers contain harmful substances such as copper. These fragments combine with fog due to changes in the weather and become smog. Hence, the side effects include asthma attacks and inducing headaches.

By the suspension of the harmful fragments in the air for a long time, smog aggravates the situation. It's time for us to acknowledge the issue. Let us try to build a roadway, through which we can create a safe and sustainable environment.

Below are five hacks to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year:

Celebrate a Cracker-free Diwali

Crackers are the major contributors of noise pollution during the festival of diwali. The harmful chemicals causes much more damage to our bodies and the environment. It causes air related diseases such as asthma attacks and bronchitis. It proves to be a havoc for elderly people as well as children.

If the smog prevails for a longer time in the atmosphere, it may create visibility issues for up to weeks. Firecrackers leave the cities polluted and littered for the next few weeks.

Use Earthen Diyas Instead of Electric Lights

When you go shopping this Diwali, try not to buy the Chinese electrical lights. Instead, opt for natural earthen diyas made traditionally throughout our country. These are eco-friendly and do not contribute to pollution. These Diyas make your house look more graceful.

Prefer Homemade Colors for Rangoli

People might find artificial colors attractive for making a rangoli. Truth is, nothing looks more elegant than using colors made of natural ingredients. You can use turmeric powder, rice powder, flowers, kumkum, etc, to make a perfect rangoli.

Make Your Own Gift Cards

Festivals are all about giving gifts to your loved ones. This Diwali try and make some unique cards and gifts for your friends. Try not to buy from the market. This will lead to a reduction in plastic consumption and hence, a contribution to a Green Diwali.

Promote The Use of Plants for Decoration

You may want to use indoor plants for decorating your homes this festive season. Plants carry many benefits for us, they not only serve their purpose of fresh air but also add beauty to our homes.

Try to follow these steps and encourage everyone around you to go green this Diwali!


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