Caretaker with the Patient

Care Givers - Best way to Manage your Loved Ones! 

What all can a Caregiver do? 

Did you ever have to take care of a Loved one, down with bedridden, mobility issues? We have done that, 10,000 Times OVER!! We can Only pray that may God never give you that situation, its emotionally and financially draining.

We have realized how difficult it has become to manage loved ones, once they have mobility issues. At Healthy Jeena Sikho, our whole endeavor is to help create a platform for LIFE which may be disease Free!  Life, though is very unpredictable and beyond all reasonable efforts, one can end up having challenges, difficult to manage.

These challenges get compounded when you are made to sweat for simple accessories at good quality and right pricing. But before that, even the options being available in India and more specifically in your own City, is not known to you!

We have been providing solutions for difficult self-manage situations, through warm bodies - Caregivers, ranging from simple companionship models to advanced nursing grades coupled with Doctors at the back-end to support. This gels well with your intention to provide all the comfort to your loved ones. This is in action for the last 6 years in the entire Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, with over 10,000 patients having been SERVICED till date through a network of over 2000+ caregivers.


About 64 million people of India’s population are above the age of 65 and a significant number of them are bedridden due to age related problems. Apart from this, many people are forced to be bedridden because of various reasons like – paralysis, orthopedic problems, vehicle & other accidents, etc. These bedridden people need almost round the clock assistance and care from their relatives, caretakers, doctors etc. This problem is compounded as the system of joint family is almost nonexistent now and round the clock assistance is not available in the family, to take care of bedridden patients.

Even when a patient is in the best company and cared for by the most accommodating healthcare professionals, lingering pain can affect their mood and their well-being for hours. With one of our excellent electric beds for elderly, you can put an end to the needless aching and take control of your own comfort. Change your position and posture at the touch of a button, set your bed up just how you like it, and drift off to sleep knowing you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Have your remote control within easy reach, and shift into the best position for watching TV without having to rely on others. Switch to your favorite reading position as soon as you get your hands on a newspaper, and then back again when you’re ready to rest your eyes. Forget the urge to toss and turn, and feel at ease even as you spend hours in bed. With high quality electric beds for elderly with sides like ours, it’s easy to lose track of time. People are now looking not just at longevity, but also the quality of life. Apart from complex medical procedures, if these don’t significantly improve, quality of life would remain a small attitude among the elite.


















































As we progressed, we saw great demand for managing patient mobility issues - right from the completely bed-ridden patient needing to be handled with care for food, medication and given the feeble condition. This was experienced through interaction with various doctors, patients and their relatives, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to develop some kind of healthcare system by which such patients can be managed easily. Therefore, an attempt is made by us, to reduce the amount of assistance required in managing these patients by providing a Motorised Medical bed for such patients, which would allow desired comfort in serving diet, breaking monotony of lying down & watching TV in reclined position, avoidance of injury of manually supporting while giving medication, even the frequent water choking in windpipe. Many times a patient would demand freedom from clutches and demand a remote to operate bed to recline /elevate bed, according to his comfort.

It was too embarrassing asking for every small thing all the time and however trivial it looked, the glee in the eyes of having accomplished ONE TASK on OWN was such a big FREEDOM, EMPOWERMENT.


Facilities Required / Expected By Patients & Relatives

• The design should reduce the amount of work/assistance required.

• Facility of commode attachable to bed.

• Sitting position by moving backrest up.

• Design of bed should be simple and easy to operate.

• Movement of patients should be minimal.

• Design should take care of the bad smell.

• It should provide additional facilities like racks to store medicines, wash basin, folding table etc.

• New bed should be affordable – cost limited


Our objective was to design and develop a bed with above facilities at minimum initial cost and low maintenance cost in order to benefit a large section of society.

​We worked out on the MOTORISED MEDICAL BEDS specifications and now have a indigenous manufacturing unit, ISO certified to exactly create world class quality products at affordable pricing. With this arrangement we can have customised solutions and please check out the entire range in the following section. We have created a new category of "Medical Bed on RENT" besides the normal BUY only option.


Whichever you prefer, this practical and affordable accessory may be worth considering, if you value your freedom and privacy, and you don’t want people waiting on you hand and foot. Bed handrails for elderly individuals offer your carers and family members the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re safe in bed at all times.
































The second feedback we kept getting was - how can a patient move around beyond the confines of the room....? And again the BIG issue of not having to have an attendant tagging along all the time. We came back with a lot of research and sourced quality Motorised wheelchairs with seven variants, based on the need, which solves exactly what is required.


For someone with limited mobility who may not be able to walk unaided, a wheelchair can reduce the risk and fear of falling in the home or outdoors allowing you to move around with confidence. Motorised wheelchairs are easy to carry in a car and easily foldable leads to more mobility of a person and attend all his or her requirements. Electric wheelchairs allow users to experience a degree of independence that simply wasn’t possible in years gone by. By providing extreme comfort for those who cannot stand or struggle to stand for long periods, our extensive range of electric wheelchairs offers the perfect solution. 


Our wheelchair requires only the lightest touch to be operated and can be easily adjusted to ensure the user is extremely comfortable for their duration in the seat. In addition to providing mobility, an appropriate wheelchair benefits the physical health and quality of life of the users by helping in reducing common problems such as pressure sores, the progression of deformities and improves respiration and digestion.


Again we have created a new industry category of "Motorised  Wheel Chair on Rent". Please go through the dedicated section on Wheelchairs to learn more.

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