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Motorised 3 Function Hospital Bed on Rent

3 Function Medical Bed

We have created interesting solution to home health care for loved ones. These include the provision of accessories for taking care of those needing assisted living.  We provide Hospital bed on rent at Rs 6500 for a month for fully electric hospital bed. While monthly rent for simple hospital bed may start at as low as Rs 2000 only.

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Hospital beds are one of the most effective types of beds for anyone with mobility issues. And, they are not just for hospitals. You can use them at home as well. They are a great option to provide you or your loved ones with maximum comfort, functionality and safety at home.

Healthy Jeena Sikho offers the best senior living in CITY. To live and thrive in a healthy environment, we provide customizable options that are not one-size-fits-all! With an emphasis on joyful activities that work to contribute to the all over health of mind and body, we offer a full range of customized services that cater to the needs of all of our community members.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho we rent and sell a wide range of motorized bed from ICU grade Hospital bed to motorized 3 function hospital bed or very simple mechanically operated hospital beds.

Why do you need a Motorized Hospital Bed from Healthy Jeena Sikho?

You realize your loved one is moving a little slower lately. Getting out of bed feels more and more difficult and the current mattress isn’t easy to get in and out of. Your doctor mentions it might be time to consider a hospital bed at home.

The term hospital bed sounds sterile and uncomfortable. But, hospital beds have changed a lot over the years. Now, they are valuable tools that make giving and receiving care more pleasurable for both parties.

Hospital beds move via mechanical or electrical means. The new models are easy to use and have controls handy for bed dwelling patients.

Technical Specifications - 3 Function Hospital Bed

•Advance Linear Actuator Systems.

•Detachable head and foot panels with corner buffers, ABS materials.

•Four-section bedplate with ventilated holes for adequate airflow (Perforated CRCA 1.2mm M.S Sheet with 36 Embosses Holes).

•Collapsible Safety Side Railings, one touch to laydown.

•Covered 125mm Castors with breaks

•Frame made of 25mm dia M.S tubes.

•Provision of Urine bag holder and IV rod.

•Finish pre treated & epoxy powder coated.

•Dimension – 2185 mm x 980 mm


1.Backrest elevation - 0-70 degree

2.Knee rest elevation – 0-45 degree

3.Height adjustment – Hi Low 420-700mm ( +/- 10mm)

Our Range of Motorized and Fowler Hospital Beds