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Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Get a Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair on rent & sale

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bathinda. Electric wheelchairs are often the go -to option for a patient wanting  to enhance both mobility and independence. When it comes to Bariatric patients / patients with heavy weight, it becomes an issue for them to find a great fit for electric wheelchair.


Fortunately, many electric wheelchair suppliers offer bariatric power wheelchairs  / Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs designed uniquely for those with larger bodies.

What is a heavy duty Electric Wheelchair?


A bariatric patient is a person diagnosed as clinically obese, generally with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. A bariatric diagnosis generally includes individuals who weigh more than 136 Kg. This additional weight can directly affect the mobility of patient in the following ways: 

  • Walking difficulty

  • Respiratory distress

  • Poor circulation of blood

  • Pain and/or weakness in extremities and weight-bearing joints

As a result of these and other potentially severe mobility and health issues, bariatric patients / heavy patients  may sometimes endure chronic discomfort, social isolation and confinement to a bed.

Thankfully, bariatric electric / heavy duty electric wheelchairs can offer alternate, more life-enriching options for larger individuals with limited mobility. Allowing them to regain a certain level of independence and increased comfort with their day-to-day activities.

Who uses a Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair?

A Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair provides heavy-duty suspension and more roomy seats for better pick up and comfort. Regardless of being powerful this product is compact and provides ease when it comes to travelling, hence for frequent use this product is highly recommended and preferred by customers.

Verve LX Power Wheelchair - Ostrich Mobility

The Ostrich Electric Wheelchair comes with superior stability and added safety features like keypad locking, mobility cut off during charge and 3 minute interval auto shut off, it makes safety a priority. The 5 speed selection allows the power wheelchair user to use 5 different speeds in the range of 1-6km/hr.


The wheelchair can climb a 12 degree incline slope and has a range of 12- 15 km on full charge. The tires are non-marking foam filled puncture resistant for hassle free maintenance.

Features of Verve LX Power Wheelchair - Ostrich Mobility:

  • Armrest - Yes

  • Power : 220W

  • Battery : VRLA

  • Speed : 4200 rpm

  • Frame Colour: Grey

  • Seat Width : 19 - 24 inch

  • Weight Capacity : 120 Kg

Power Wheelchair Zip Lite - Vissco

Features of Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair:

  • Overall Length - 106 cm

  • Overall height : 96.5 cm

  • Overall Width : 62cm

  • Back Height : 55 cm

  • Seat Height : 55 cam

  • Seat Depth: 44.5cam

  • Folded Width : 37cm

  • Battery : Single lead-acid battery

  • Drive Range :  12 km in a single charge.

  • Easy to operate controller which can be shifted to left/right side of the armrest. 

  • This wheelchair has flip-up armrest

  • Detachable footrest which makes it comfortable.

  • Calf strap also helps in providing optimum support 

  • Solid Tyres has the greater load-bearing capacity, sturdy and durable

Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair is a perfect solution for individuals suffering from walking disorders and for handicapped people seeking for economical model. This power wheelchair is light in weight and has a weight-bearing capacity of 120 kg. The wheelchair is embellished with fire retardant upholstery, double seat cushions, back cushion, foldable backrest, detachable leg-rest, flip-up armrest, pneumatic tyres and can run 12 km in a single charge. It has all the important function that a user needs in a motorized wheelchair. The wheelchair is suitable to be used in case of stability and balance problem, post-surgery, post paralysis, walking disorders, spinal injury, pelvic injury, and legs injury.

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Evox 103:


Evox Electric Wheelchair WC-103 is an ergonomic mobility aid for senior adults, people with injuries or limited mobility. This wheelchair allows them to be independent and makes moving easier. It can be folded in manual and electric mode and comes with a removable battery box that allows you to recharge it easily. It has flip-up armrests and adjustable, detachable footrests. It has a controller that can be fixed on both sides and has manual brakes. The Battery of Evox 103 Electric wheelchair is lithium battery which makes the wheelchair more lightweight. It comes with a comfortable backrest which ensures maximum user comfort and makes it easier to use the wheelchair for longer durations.


Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair Evox 103 Features

  1. It provides heavy-duty suspension and more roomy seats for better pick up and comfort.

  2. In spite of being heavy-duty, it is easily portable and perfect for any environment.

  3. The frame work is sturdy, which gives more strength.

  4. Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair is specially designed to withhold heavyweight, it can bear weight up to 120 kg.

  5. The chair comes with dual operation methods both Manual and Electric mode.

  6. These come with optimized seat width and seat height

  7. The chair comes with a detachable battery for easy charging

  8. Electric regeneration disk brakes allow seamless and effortless usage 

  9. The footrest is both adjustable and detachable, making it extremely useful for a variety of needs of the users

  10. You can just use the buttons to operate the wheelchairs without using your hands and arms. This could be moved to either left or right side for the comfort of the user.​

Technical Specifications

  • Driving Range: 15-20 km

  • Motor: DC 250W * 2pcs

  • Battery: 24V 20Ah(Double Battery)

  • Power Brake: Manual and Electromagnetic Brake

  • Frame Material: Steel with Liquid Painting

  • Frame Color: Silver

  • Cushion: Black & Red

  • Max Speed: 6 km/h

  • 1 Year Warranty


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 What is the battery type of Electric wheelchair Evox 103? 

Ans. Electric wheelchair evox 103 has lithium battery. Lithium battery. Lithium battery is lightweight and have a self-discharge rate of 5% to 10% only. 


Q.2 Does Heavy Duty Wheelchair supports more than 100kg of user weight?

Ans. Yes, the heavy duty electric wheelchair can hold weight upto 100kg. The weight holding capacity of heavy duty electric wheelchair is 120 kg.


Q.3 How much does a Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair cost?

Ans. The cost of heavy duty electric wheelchair Evox-103 is Rs.55000/-. 


Q.4 Who uses electric heavy duty wheelchair?

Ans. Heavy duty electric wheelchair is used by the individual who have weigh more than 100 kg and have some medical condition. Normally electric wheelchair can hold 100 kg of weight but for users who has weight more than 100 kg, heavy duty electric wheelchairs are used.

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