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Buy a Lightweight Electric WheelChair

Lightweight electric wheelchair

Get a Lightweight Electric Wheelchair on Rent/Sale

Heavy Lightweight Electric Wheelchair in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bathinda. A lightweight electric wheelchair is a more portable version of standard electric wheelchair. These electric wheelchairs are best for people with limited mobility who want to travel, as well as people who don’t have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, because the lightweight electric wheelchair be easily folded or disassembled for storage in a car trunk. 

Lightweight electric wheelchair has lithium battery which is more lighter than the battery used in other electric wheelchairs. Also the small wheels make lightweight wheelchair more compact in size. 

Lightweight electric wheelchairs are often made of aluminium, as opposed to heavier materials like steel that are used to construct traditional electric wheelchairs.

At Healty Jeena Sikho, we are engaged in providing medical equipment on sale and rent. The range of products keep enhancing and within each category, we keep adding variants based on the market demands. This section is dealing with the variants on Electric wheelchairs, where we now have FIVE distinct products variants to allow you to choose exactly the one you are looking forward to.

Why would you need Lightweight Electric Wheelchair?

  1. Bedrooms could be cramped and thus an important consideration on the overall size of the Electric wheelchair – Else you will despair constantly to be feeling cramped for space

  2. Need of wheelchair to the workplace – the weight of the electric wheelchair is an important consideration

  3. Social / Community work - Going frequently to the neighborhood park or community center

So, you see, not all wheelchairs are alike and you should go for a lightweight electric wheelchair in case you have requirements as described above. Effortless movement is not impossible now with the help of our lightweight electric wheelchair. When you buy wheelchairs from us, we offer home assembly and demonstration service done by skilled technicians.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Evox 107


Evox 107 electric wheelchair is the lightest wheelchair among all the models of Evox power wheelchair. The lithium-ion battery and the aluminium alloy frame of Evox 107 makes it more light in weight. Evox 107 is easily foldable, no need of removing any accessories (like battery ) which makes it easy for transit and easy to load in the car.

​Features of Electric Wheelchair Evox 107:


  • ​Electric wheelchair Evox-107 is easy to fold without removing the battery

  • Dual Operation: Manual & Electric Mode

  • Controller can be fixed on both sides of Electric Wheelchair

  • Attendant Controller (Optional)

  • Anti-Tippers in Evox 107 provide extra safety on ramp

  • Parking Brake: Manual & Electromagnetic

  • Removable Battery box for easy recharging

  • Frame material of Evox 107: Aluminium Alloy 

  • Frame Color: Silver 

  • Cushion: Black


​Parameters of  Electric Wheelchair Evox 107:

  • Seat width: 44.5 cm 

  • Seat depth: 46 cm

  • Backrest height: 46 cm

  • Seat height: 46 cm

  • Front wheel: 8 inches (20.32 cm)

  • Rear wheel: 12 inches (30.48 cm)

  • Max speed: 6km/hr

  • Motor: Dc 250W*2pcs

  • Wheelchair weight: 28/30 kg

  • Can carry upto 100 kgs

  • Charging time: 7-8 hours 



​Freedom E 500 Electric Wheelchair


Freedom E 500 electric wheelchair is a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair  having lithium battery and Joystick which operates the wheelchair. The sleek design of the wheelchair  is the  USP of Freedom E 500 Electric wheelchair and this can be stored in the smallest car boot. The widest part of E 500 foldable electric wheelchair is just 21 Inches which allows the wheelchair to pass easily through narrow spaces. Freedom E 500 is a best Automtic electric wheelchair, loaded with many features that give freedom to people who are disabled to be independent and since it has a dry lithium battery, this power wheelchair is allowed in all the airlines.


Features of Freedom E 500 Electric Wheelchair -


  • Flip-up footrest

  • Flip-up armrests

  • Easy Folding

  • Inbuilt  battery box for a spare battery

  • Dual electric and manual mode.

  • spacious storage bag and a pocket.

  • Anti tippers for extra safety on slopes.

  • Tension adjustable and removable backrest

  • Speed controller to control the speed

  • Battery Indicator

  • Ottobock motors made in Germany.

Parameters of Freedom E 500 Electric Wheelchair

  • Seat Depth: 45cm

  • Seat Width: 43 cm

  • Seat Height: 50cm

  • Backrest Height: 17.2cm

  • Overall Width: 50.8cm

  • Overall Height: 86.36cm

  • Overall Length: 76.2 cm

  • wheelChair Weight: 18kg(approx)

  • Max. User Weight: 100Kg

  • Battery Options: One Battery of 12Ah

  • Motor Capacity: 2x150W

  • E 500 Electric Wheelchair Travel Range: 10 Km

  • Wheelchair Speed Range: 9Km/h Max

Ostrich Ultra Light Weight Electric Wheelchair- Elan Ex

  • Foldable : Yes

  • Material : Aluminium

  • Battery : Lithium Based

  • Weight Capacity : 120 Kg

  • Seat Width : 17 - 19 inch

  • Frame Colour : Silver

  • Max Speed : 10 Km/hr

  • Frame Material : Alumium 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. How long do batteries on electric wheelchairs last?

Ans. On average batteries of an electric wheelchair will last between two to three years approx, depending on quality of battery used.


Ques. What should i look for when buying a lightweight electric wheelchair?

Ans. When buying an electric lightweight wheelchair - you must be aware of the battery type and frame material of the wheelchair.  The lithium battery and the aluminium frame of an electric wheelchair makes it lightweight, so whenever you think of buying a lightweight electric wheelchair the two main things to keep in mind. 


Ques. Which is the lightest electric wheelchair?

Ans. Freedom E 500 is the lightest electric wheelchair. The electric wheelchair’s weight is approximately 18 Kgs.


Ques. How do lightweight electric wheelchairs fold?

Ans. Lightweight electric wheelchairs can fold with or without the battery. It depends on brand to brand - and the models they have. 


Ques. What is the maximum speed of lightweight electric wheelchair?

Ans. The maximum speed of lightweight electric wheelchair is 10km/hr. 


Ques. What is the weight capacity of lightweight electric wheelchair?

Ans. The weight capacity of  lightweight electric wheelchair is 100Kg - 120 kg.

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