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The Hybrid Electric 1 Function Hospital Bed caters to your home care needs. Our commitment to quality, comfort, and convenience ensures that patients and caregivers alike can rely on this exceptional bed to enhance the healing journey.


Crafted with precision, our Electric 1 Function Hospital Bed boasts a sturdy frame constructed from 25mm diameter M.S tubes, providing unparalleled stability and support. The frame is meticulously finished with pre-treated and epoxy powder coating, ensuring durability that stands the test of time.


This versatile hospital bed offers essential functions tailored to patient comfort. With adjustable backrest and knee rest elevation features ranging from 0 to 70 degrees and 0 to 45 degrees, respectively, patients can effortlessly find their optimal positions for rest and recovery. Control is at your fingertips with either the handheld remote or the conveniently located control panel at the bedside. 


Additionally, the inclusion of a crank system facilitates easy adjustment of the knee rest elevation, ensuring versatility and ease of use.


Safety remains paramount with our Hybrid Electric 1 Function Hospital Bed. Equipped with safety side railings, patients can rest assured knowing they are secure throughout the night. The head and foot panels, crafted from durable ABS material, not only ensure longevity but also contribute to a hygienic environment with ease of cleaning.


A premium 40 High-Density Foam 3-cut mattress provides optimal support and comfort, promoting a restful and rejuvenating experience for patients. For added mobility and convenience, the hospital bed for patients is fitted with wheels featuring a lock function, allowing for easy transportation when needed while ensuring stability when stationary.


Moreover, we also provide various other ranges of Hospital beds to meet your unique medical requirements.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With over 8 years of experience serving 50,000+ satisfied customers and boasting a 5-star Google rating, you can trust in our expertise. We offer competitive pricing, expert installation services, and same-day delivery in 15 North Indian cities.


Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team, available 24/7, to learn more about our Hybrid Electric 1 Function Hospital Bed and to make arrangements for your purchase. 

Hybrid Electric 1 Function Hospital Bed - Sale

  • Item Weight

    35 kg approx.


    2010mm x 914mm x 610mm


    25mm dia M.S tubes. 


    Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated




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