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BiPAP Mode and Bipap Pressure Modes: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Jun 5

Bipap machine pressure Modes


BiPAP, which stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, is a critical component of respiratory therapy. It provides effective treatment for various respiratory conditions, including sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Understanding the different modes of BiPAP and the significance of BiPAP pressure is essential for both healthcare professionals and patients seeking optimal respiratory support. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the modes of BiPAP and the importance of BiPAP pressure in treatment.

Understanding BiPAP Modes

BiPAP machines come with various modes to tailor the treatment to the patient's specific needs. Here are the main BiPAP modes:

1. Spontaneous (S) Mode

  • Description: In this mode, the BiPAP machine delivers pressure support in response to the patient's own breathing efforts.

  • How it works: The machine detects when the patient starts to inhale and switches to IPAP. When the patient exhales, it switches to EPAP.

  • Use Case: Suitable for patients who can breathe spontaneously but need assistance to maintain adequate ventilation.

2. Timed (T) Mode

  • Description: In this mode, the machine delivers breaths at a set rate regardless of the patient's own breathing.

  • How it works: The machine alternates between IPAP and EPAP at a fixed rate set by the healthcare provider.

  • Use Case: Beneficial for patients with central sleep apnea or those who have difficulty initiating breaths on their own.

3. Spontaneous/Timed (S/T) Mode

  • Description: This mode is a combination of spontaneous and timed modes.

  • How it works: The machine primarily responds to the patient’s breathing efforts but switches to a timed backup rate if the patient fails to initiate a breath within a certain time frame.

  • Use Case: Ideal for patients who can breathe spontaneously most of the time but may occasionally need a backup rate to ensure consistent breathing.

4. AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support)

  • Description: AVAPS is an advanced mode that adjusts pressure support to ensure a consistent tidal volume (the amount of air delivered to the lungs with each breath).

  • How it works: The machine monitors the patient’s breathing and adjusts IPAP to maintain a pre-set tidal volume.

  • Use Case: Useful for patients with conditions like neuromuscular diseases where maintaining a specific volume of air is crucial.

5. Bi-Flex

  • Description: Bi-Flex provides pressure relief at the transition from inhalation to exhalation, making the therapy more comfortable.

  • How it works: It slightly reduces the pressure at the end of inhalation and beginning of exhalation to mimic natural breathing patterns.

  • Use Case: Enhances comfort, making it easier for patients to adhere to therapy.

Bipap machine modes

Exploring BiPAP Pressure

Type of Pressure in BiPAP machines

1. IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure)

IPAP, or Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure, is the pressure delivered by the BiPAP machine during inhalation. It plays a crucial role in supporting the patient's respiratory effort and facilitating effective oxygenation. The appropriate IPAP setting is determined based on the patient's respiratory needs, lung function, and comfort. Higher IPAP levels may be necessary for patients with severe respiratory impairment, while lower levels may be suitable for those with milder conditions. It is essential to work closely with healthcare professionals to determine the optimal IPAP setting for each patient.

2. EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure)

EPAP, or Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure, is the pressure delivered by the BiPAP machine during exhalation. It helps maintain airway patency, prevent collapse, and improve oxygenation. The EPAP level is adjusted to ensure adequate ventilation and minimize airway resistance. By optimizing the EPAP setting, healthcare providers can enhance the patient's comfort and support proper gas exchange. Individualized adjustment of EPAP is crucial for patients with conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, where maintaining airway openness is vital.

BiPAP Machine Brands We Offer

We provide a wide range of brands for BiPAP machines on rent or sale. Such as:

Philips BiPAP Machine:

Phillips BiPAP Machine on sale or rent is a user-friendly and compact machine making life easy for patients with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea cases. We provide these Philips BiPAP machines on rent in perfect quality which will aid you and provide support for daily life. Philips BiPAP machine is accompanied by a humidifier and specialised silicon-based adjustable mask to make your experience more comfortable.

Features of Phillips BiPAP Machine on sale or rent:

  • Real-time for enhanced compliance and efficacy.

  • Clinically proven algorithms for advanced event detection.

  • Bi-flex technology enhances patient comfort.

  • Humidity control technology for enhanced, comfortable therapy

We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with Philips BiPAP machine-like, Philips Respironics Amara Gel Mask and Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask On Sale

Resmed BiPAP Machine:

Resmed BiPAP Machine on rent offers the best solution for patients who need an extremely reliable, non-invasive type of ventilation either at home or in-hospital care. The Resmed BiPAP machine on rent is equipped with all the latest innovative technology features.

Resmed AirSense 10 BiPAP machine is one of the world’s most widely used series of CPAP and APAP machines, each designed to deliver high-quality therapy for a better night’s sleep. Resmed BiPAP Machine on rent gives you access to myAir – a free online support program and app 1 that syncs with your mobile or web-based device to provide a nightly sleep score, coaching and more to help you stay on track.

We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with ResMed BiPAP machine-like, Resmed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask On Sale at a highly affordable rate.

Resplus BiPAP Machine:

With a pressure range of up to 30 and a unique humidifier, Resplus BiPAP Machine has proven to be effective in the treatment of sleep apnea, COPD & Covid Care.

Usage of Resplus BiPAP Machine on rent: sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation, COPD, Overlap Syndrome, Clinical, medical. Moreover, the Resplus BiPAP Machine is used for Respiratory Insufficiency with a maximum pressure of 30hPa and target tidal volume.

Resplus BiPAP Machine has excellent synchronisation which makes treatment easy and comfortable. Resplus BiPAP Machine's multi-level event detection ensures customised therapy and treatment. Resplus BiPAP Machine has a Unique Designed Humidification System with Multi-level Protection, Better Humidification and Easy to Fill and Clean.

BMC BiPAP Machine:

Features of BMC BiPAP Machine on rent With Humidifier

• BMC BiPAP Machine is simple, reliable, sensitive, and quickly synchronised with the patient.

• BMC BiPAP Machine comes with CPAP, S, S / T, and T operating modes

• IBMC BiPAP Machine has PAP 4-30, EPAP 4-30

• 8-step inhalation-exhalation triggers

• Adjusting the inhalation-exhalation pressure, inhalation time (0.5-3 seconds) and respiration rate

• 3.5 "colour LCD display; high-quality body and humidifier materials

• Monitoring Vt, Res Rate, Min Vent, Leak. Alarms in all respects 

• 5-step adjustment of the humidifier

• Display the key parameters of therapy in the online mode

We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with BMC BiPAP machine-like, BMC Full Face F4 Mask For Sale and BMC P2 Nasal Pillow Mask at a highly affordable rate.

Evox BiPAP Machine:

Evox BiPAP Machine is a user-friendly and compact machine that makes life easy for patients with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea cases. We provide Evox BiPAP machine in perfect quality which will aid you and provide support for daily life. Evox BiPAP machine is accompanied by a humidifier and specialised silicon-based adjustable mask to make your experience more comfortable.

Evox BiPAP Machine​ on rent helps you sleep better without the fear of not being able to breathe. This computerised system is well-checked and graded with a minimal scope of defects, making it one of the best of its kind in the market. Evox BiPAP Machine​ has a superior display in comparison with what is trending and functional of its kind. All the modes make it the best choice to use. Evox BiPAP Machine is small to carry easy to use and lightweight and is recommended for everyday COPD and sleep apnea cases. Customers are generally very concerned about the quality functioning of these devices, hence we can assure you about the durability and working of this product. 

We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with Evox BiPAP machine-like, Evox Full Face Mask at a highly affordable rate.

Oxymed BiPAP Machine:

The Oxymed BiPAP Machine on Sale offers a comprehensive solution for respiratory therapy. With its portable design and auto-adjusting pressure feature, the Oxymed BiPAP Machine ensures effective treatment for sleep apnea and respiratory conditions. Equipped with an integrated heated humidifier, smart ramp technology, and data tracking capabilities, Oxymed BiPAP Machine provides personalised comfort and convenience. With modes including S/T, CPAP, Pc, T, VAT, and S, along with a wide pressure range of 4-30cmH₂O, Oxymed BiPAP Machine caters to diverse patient needs. Oxymed BiPAP Machine's lightweight construction (1.9kg) and low sound level (30dB) enhance user experience. Additionally, features like leak management and SD card support further enhance its functionality, making Oxymed BiPAP Machine a reliable choice for continuous respiratory support, available for 24/7 service.

Looking For A BiPAP Machine On Rent Or Sale? 

Healthy Jeena Sikho offers a comprehensive range of BiPAP machines on rent or sale to cater to your respiratory needs. Here's why Healthy Jeena Sikho is your go-to destination for the best BiPAP machine price:

  • Wide Selection: Healthy Jeena Sikho boasts an extensive selection of BiPAP machines, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your requirements. 

  • Quality Assurance: At Healthy Jeena Sikho, each BiPAP machine undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure optimal performance and reliability. You can rest assured knowing that you're investing in a high-quality product that delivers results.

  • Expert Guidance: If you are looking for a BiPAP machine on rent or sale and aren't sure which BiPAP machine is right for you? We are here to help, with their expertise and experience, they can guide you through the selection process, offering personalised recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.

  • Flexible Options: Whether you're looking to purchase a BiPAP machine or have a BiPAP machine on rent, we offer flexible options to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

  • BiPAP Machine Price: We provide affordable BiPAP machine prices, ensuring you get the best treatment on your path towards recovery. 

BiPAP Mask For Sale

If you are looking for a BiPAP mask along with the BiPAP machine we have a range of BiPAP masks to meet all your requirements. We have the following BiPAP masks; Philips Respironics Amara Gel Mask, Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask, BMC Full Face F4 Mask, BMC P2 Nasal Pillow Mask, Evox Full Face Mask, SynoCare Full Face Mask, Resmed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask


Understanding the modes of BiPAP and the significance of BiPAP pressure is essential for effective respiratory therapy. Spontaneous mode offers enhanced comfort and synchronization, while timed mode provides consistent ventilation for patients with specific respiratory needs. IPAP and EPAP play critical roles in supporting respiratory efforts, optimizing oxygenation, and maintaining airway patency.

For in-depth insights on BiPAP Machine and their usage, check out our related articles. : 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the full form of the BIPAP Machine? 

Ans. The full form of Bipap is "Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure." As the name suggests, Bipap delivers two levels of air pressure to the airways, helping to keep them open and allowing the person to breathe properly.

Q2.  What are the benefits of using a BiPAP machine on rent or sale?

Ans. BiPAP machines can help to improve breathing during sleep and alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea, including snoring and sleep interruptions. They can also improve overall sleep quality and reduce the risk of other health problems related to sleep apnea.

Q3. What is the BiPAP machine price?

Ans. The BiPAP machine price on rent starts from Rs.3000/-per month and the sale price of a BiPAP machine starts from Rs.30,000/- depending on the model of the BiPAP machine.

Q4. How long does it take to get used to a BiPAP machine?

Ans. The amount of time it takes to adjust to a BiPAP machine can vary from person to person, but it typically takes several weeks to a few months. It is important to be patient and persistent in using the machine as it can take time to get used to the sensation of air pressure.

Q5. How often should I replace my BiPAP machine?

Ans. It is recommended to replace your BiPAP machine every 2 to 3 years or when it is no longer functioning properly. It is also important to replace the mask and other components as needed.

Q6. What is the cost of renting a BiPAP machine, and how long can I rent it for?

Ans: The cost of renting a BiPAP machine varies depending on the rental period, the type of machine, and other factors. Rental periods typically range from a few days to several weeks or months. Call us at 9876978488 to know more. 

Q7. Is it possible to rent a BiPAP machine without a prescription from a doctor?

Ans: No, a prescription is required to have a BiPAP machine on rent. This is because BiPAP machines are medical devices that require a doctor's order to ensure that the patient receives the correct treatment for their condition. 

Q8. What types of BiPAP machines are available for rent, and which one is right for my needs?

Ans: We offer a variety of BiPAP machines on rent or sale, including machines with different pressure settings, humidification options, and other features. It's best to consult with a doctor or respiratory therapist to determine which type of machine is best for your specific needs.

Q9. What kind of support is provided during the rental period, such as technical assistance or equipment maintenance?

Ans: We provide technical assistance and support during the rental period, including troubleshooting any issues with the machine and providing instructions for use. We also provide regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

Q10. Are there any additional fees or costs associated with renting a BiPAP machine, such as delivery, and setup?

Ans: We charge fees for delivery and setup for the BiPAP Machine on sale or rent along with a security amount that is refunded once our machine is returned back. 

Q11. Can I rent a BiPAP machine for travel purposes, and what is the process for doing so?

Ans: Yes, we do provide BiPAP Machines for travel purposes as well. 

Q12. What happens if the BiPAP machine stops working during the rental period, and how quickly can it be replaced or repaired?

Ans: If the machine needs to be replaced or repaired, we will provide a replacement machine as soon as possible to minimise any disruptions to the patient's treatment.

Q13. How do I return the BiPAP machine at the end of the rental period, and what is the process for doing so?

Ans: Our Customer Experience team will call you before the end of the rental period - to confirm if you will return the machine. Based on your confirmation - the pickup is arranged by the company. 

Q14. ​Is a Prescription Needed for a BiPAP Machine?

Ans. BiPAP machines can only be purchased with a prescription from a doctor.

Q15. Where can I purchase a BiPAP Machine on rent?

Ans. Looking for a "BiPAP machine on rent", "BiPAP Rental near me", "BiPAP machine on sale", "BiPAP machine for sale". You will find a wide range of BiPAP machines from varied brands from us at Healthy Jeena Sikho. 

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“In this well-crafted introduction, this insightful blog navigates the complexities of BiPAP therapy, offering a comprehensive overview of its modes and pressure considerations. The inclusion of conditions like COPD and obstructive sleep apnea provides context for me. Making it a valuable resource for both medical professionals and me as a patient”

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Choosing Healthy Jeena Sikho for Modes of BiPAP and Bipap Pressure

guidance was a smart move as this blog introduction serves as a gateway to the intricate world of BiPAP therapy. The breakdown of Spontaneous and Timed modes, as well as the exploration of IPAP and EPAP pressures, is commendable.

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