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Medical Equipments on Rent and Sale

suction machine single jar
  • Brand: Niscomed

  • Suction gauge for pressure 

  • Comes with plastic jar suction pipe and filter

  • Oil-free piston, adjustable pressure knob

  • Light weight for easy transportation

  • Voltage :- ac220V + 10% , 50 HZ + 1%

  • Power : 90va.

  • Max negative pressure value : > 0.08Mpa.

  • Pumping rate : > 17L/min.

  • Reservoir Volume : 1000ml.

  • Noise :< 65db (A)

Rent: Rs. 1200/month
Sale price: Rs. 6000
suction machine double jar
  • Cabinet epoxy powder coated with SS tray 

  •  Fitted with 1/4 H.P.electric motor with oil immersed vacuum pump

  •  2x1500ml glass graduated suction jars with rubber lids

  •  Power indicator & patient suction tuing

  •  Vacuum gauge, vacuum control valve, overflow cut off device

  •  Power indicator & patient suction tubing

Rent: Rs. 2000/month
Sale price: Rs. 16000
dvt pump machine
  • Olex DVT Pump is compression pump designed to prevent people from getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be a life-threatening event. DVT Pumps work in such a way as to deliver the proper compression, so that blood within the arteries does no clot.

  • Used in: Severe arteriosclerosis or other ischaemic vascular diseases, acute DVT, Pulmonary Embolism

  • Comes with 1-year Warranty.

  • Comes with Breathable High Quality Sleeves that prevents buildup of sweat and moisture.

  •  4 displays with manually adjustable Pressure, Timer and Interval, Bed Hanger, LED indicators, Quiet and Minimum disruption

  • Calm, vibration-free pump permits the patient to rest without the diversion of a noisy pump.

  • Easy to adjust Interval, Pressure and Timer with LED Indicators.

  • Audible and visual Alarms guarantee prompt recognition of a system fault

  • Options of calf or thigh garments

  • High-Quality Sleeves which are breathable, preventing sweating

  • Hook and loop fastener which is simply to fit snugly and adjust to various leg sizes

  • Snap-lock connectors make it easy to associate the garments to the pump and prevent accidental disconnection

Rent: Rs. 4000/month
Sale price: Rs. 25000
patient para monitor
  • 8 inch high resolution color screen.

  • Exquisite design suitable to moving operation

  • Operation interface: Standard , Trend, Screen, oxyCRG Screen, NIBP List, Big font Screen

  • Storage for up to 400 groups of NIBP list, 60 alarm events record recall.

Rent: Rs. 4000/month
Sale price: Rs. 32000
ecg monitor
  • 35" TFT Color LCD shows the working status and ECG waveform. Check the wave-form before printing to save record paper

  • 12 leads EGG simultaneous acquisition, digital signal processor, to get higher quality ECG waveforms through the AC filter, baseline filter and BAG fitter to the ECG signals

  • Simultaneous display of a/6/12 leads ECG waveform and the state of printing mode, sensitivity, Speed, finer etc., to be easy for interpretation

  • Include multiform printing modes and format, such as 4, 3+1 (rhythm), 3, 2+1 (rhythm), 2, 3 (limb lead) + 2 (chest lead) + 1 (rhythm), 3 (limb lead) + 2 (Chest lead), rhythma, Myth., rhythm2, manual etc., the length of wave printing can be adjusted and the function of ceded. printing a included to satisfy different applications.

  • The instrument has the function of regular auto-analysis and auto-interpretation of ECG waveform parameter, provides measurement parameters such as HR, P-R interval,P Duration, ORS duration, T Duration, Q-T interval, Q-Tc, P Axis, QRS Axis, T Axis, R (V5), S (V1), R (V5) + S (V1) etc and auto-interpretation conclusion to help reducing doctor''s abundance and improve working efficiency

  • The power supply includes both AC/DC. This devise includes built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery

  • It can standby for 4 hours, print 150 pieces of ECG waveform and print 90 minutes continuously under the best DC state to satisfy the need of visiting patents and physical examination

air mattress
  • Brand: Control-D

  • DESIGNED WITH AIR CELLS: Each of the air cells alternately inflate and deflate to create a mattress surface that evenly distributes a patient or loved one’s weight and eliminates pressure spots. Each air cell is heat sealed to ensure it will not leak for exceptional durability.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION SUPPORTS UP TO 120 KG: Premium vinyl mattress supports up to 120 kg.The waterproof mattress pad easily fits on an existing mattress or frame. The included air hoses are flexible and non-binding for easy installation.

  • QUIET VARIABLE PRESSURE PUMP: Variable pressure pump is ultra quiet for restful sleep. Producing constant air flow, the variable pump offers multiple levels of pressure for a customizable experience.

  • ALLEVIATES BED SORES AND ULCERS: Providing relief from bed sores and ulcers caused by extended bedrest, the alternating pressure mattress promotes increased circulation and helps manage skin maceration. The variable pressure mattress evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure spots for exceptional support and comfort. Perfect for immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift their weight frequently.

Sale price: Rs. 2500
BMC Full Face F4 BiPAP /CPAPMask
  • AutoFit cushion: The shaped groove on the cushion provides an inclusive range adapting to most of the face contours.

  • Slim forehead brace: A balance between the reinforced stability and the widened vision is achieved by the slim brace inspired by the minimalist concept.

  • Multifunctional port: Two embedded ports on the bilateral sides of the main frame make the oxygen input or pressure test as convenient as possible.

  • Ball & socket elbow: The universal elbow allows the user to turn over freely as needed.

  • Modular design: Three cushion sizes are compatible with the same frame. All size kit is available for your choice.

Sale price: Rs. 2500
Synocare Full Face Mask with Strap For BiPAP and CPAP
  • Full face mask is designed to provide a comfort and stability. Comfortable head rest is round stitched headgear for long use, Easy clip-on head gear clips.

  • 360 degree swivel rotation of elbow. More venting holes to reduce noise and effectively disperse airflow.

  • The soft cushion and different height forehead pad with pressure distribution technology for comfort .

  • Size - 154.93mm x 78.38mm x 60.51mm (L x W x H). Indigenous product completely made in India

  • How to use - Fix the upper ends of the strap to the mask, attached the mask to the face, fix the lower strap to the mask and then tighten the lower end of the strap. Install the main air hose for circulation.

Sale price: Rs. 2000
Evox Full Face BiPAP/CPAP Mask
  • EVOX Bipap Mask is specially designed to provide extra comfort.

  • The bipap mask is adjustable in length and depth from forehead.

  • The silicon is removable and can be washed. The belt is made from special material having better elasticity and non water retension property.

Sale price: Rs. 2800
BMC P2 Nasal Pillow BiPAP/CPAP Mask
  • Adjustable headgear to fit all sizes.

  • Minimalist design maximizing therapy efficiency with minimum user discomfort

  • Flexible swivel design minimizing mask movement and leaks.

  • Multi-vent holes allow quiet and peaceful therapy

  • Recommended for patients with a nasal bridge irritation or for claustrophobic patients.

  • Single strap adjustment

  • Multi-vent holes for quiet and peaceful operation

Sale price: Rs. 4000
Resmed AirFit N20 Nasal Bipap/Cpap Mask
  • Infinity Seal / Quick-release elbow/Plush headgear/Soft and flexible frame/Magnetic clips

  •  Fabric Frame : Nylon/Spandex

  •  Weight : 0.3Kg

Sale price: Rs. 5500
syringe infusion pump
  • Syringe Identificaiton, Bolus, Anti Bolus System, Real time Shift Totals

  • Occlusion Pressure Release, Mute, Automatic Power Switching, Residue Reminder

  • System Memory 

  • Portable

Rent price: Rs. 4000
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