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Best Quality BiPAP Machine On Rent & Sale

Why choose Healthy Jeena Sikho?

13+ Owned Stores Across Multiple Locations in North India

Over 7+ Years of Experience

ISO Certified & MSME Recognised

Accept all payment modes - UPI, Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Cards

We have made sure you get the best respiratory devices like bipap, cpap from the Brand you prefer. We keep ready stock from top respiratory brands like Resmed, Philips, Evox, Resplus, BMC, Topson, Nidek, Oxymed, Niscomed and provide them for sale and rent, too.

5 Star Customer Rating on Google across multiple locations

50,000+ Customers Served

24*7 Support over Chat, Whatsapp, Call & Videocall

Inventory of over 2000 Hospital Beds, 3000 Wheelchairs & 3000 Respiratory Devices

Bipap Machine Rent in Gurgaon

  • Resmed Bipap machine Gurgaon on rent is Rs 6000 per month.

  • Evox Bipap machine price Gurgaon is Rs 3500 per month.

  • BMC Bipap machine on rent near me Gurgaon is for Rs 3500 per month.

  • Resplus Bipap for rent Gurgaon is Rs 3500pm.

  • Philips Bipap machine rental near me Gurgaon is for Rs 7000 per month.

CPAP Machine Price in Gurgaon

  • Resplus Cpap machine Gurgaon costs Rs. 28,000

  • Resmed Cpap machine price Gurgaon is Rs. 39,000

  • Philips Cpap machine sale price Gurgaon Rs. 50,000

Bipap Machine Price Gurgaon

  • BiPAP Mask price Gurgaon starts from Rs. 2500 (Synocare, BMC) and goes to Rs. 6000 (Philips)

  • Bipap machine cost in India is Rs 32000

  • Resmed Bipap machine price Gurgaon is Rs 67500.

  • Cost of Resmed bipap Gurgaon is Rs 67500 with ST mode

  • Resmed bipap price Gurgaon is Rs 67500

  • Evox Bipap machine cost Gurgaon is Rs 34000.

  • BMC Bipap for sale costs Gurgaon Rs 34000.

  • Resplus Bipap machine cost Gurgaon is Rs 32000.

  • Philips Bipap machine price Gurgaon is Rs 34000.

  • Oxymed Bipap machine price Gurgaon is Rs.55000/-.

  • Ventmed Bipap machine price Gurgaon is Rs.25600/-.​​

CPAP Machine Rent in Gurgaon

  • Resplus Cpap machine on rent Gurgaon is Rs 3000 per month.

  • Resmed Cpap machine for rent Gurgaon is Rs 2900 per month.

  • Rent Cpap machine Gurgaon for Rs 3500 per month of Philips.

How to Book a BiPAP / CPAP Machine?

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Read our Customer Reviews...

Amit Agnihotri, Noida

Excellent service and range of product. They came out as saviour when I needed the wheelchair for a short travel and didn’t want to buy it.

Rita Vohra, Jaipur

I took a Motorised Recliner bed with Mattress on rent for my Mother in law after her Surgery, They are a One stop shop for all equipments needed after a Surgery.

Sudesh Kumar, Gurgaon

Excellent service, nice product wheel chair used for one month needs only - on reasonable rental charge.Well behaved representative on line as well delivery & pickup field staff.