• Konica Kumar

4 Easy and Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Trying to shed off that extra weight? Quit your sugary foods and grab a bowl full of nutrients today! It is a difficult task for food enthusiasts to completely quit eating those lip-smacking dishes and switch to lifeless fluids, but hey what if I share with you some amazing soup recipes.

Do soups work?

Yes!! It does work wonders to your body, research has shown that eating soup may help you eat less overall and, consequently, help in losing weight. This makes sense as any time you severely limit the types of food you consume, you are less likely to overindulge in consuming any type of unhealthy food.

Regular consumption of healthy soups can lower your body mass index (BMI) and is an ideal option for a short term weight loss process, further it helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Start with home-cooked and clear soup recipes. Clear soups tend to be pure and contain an abundance of proteins which will not only help in building and repairing your tissues but will also provide a lot of energy to your body.

Here is a list of a few low-calorie soup recipes that will definitely help you in reducing weight :

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup for weight loss

The most popular soup not only because of the nutritional value it offers but also the rich and tangy taste. Adding some fresh cream and delicious croutons make it more relishing.

  • Preparation time - 20 min

  • Nutrient value - per serving

Energy: 70 cal

Protein - 3gm

Carbs- 7 gm

Fiber - 2 gm

  • Ingredients

Tomato puree - 2 cups

Chopped onions - ½ cups

Pepper - ¼ tbsp

Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp

Butter - 1 tbsp

Bread croutons - ½ cup

Chopped coriander - 1 tbsp

  • Method -

Take a pan and pour 1 tbsp butter.

Add chopped onions and stir fry for some time.

Now, add ginger garlic paste to the pan.

When all the ingredients are cooked add tomato puree to it.

Put the pan on low flame and keep stirring for a while.

Now, add water and give it a boil.

Keep stirring occasionally.

Garnish it with coriander leaves and bread croutons and serve hot.

Mix Veg Soup

It is a perfect combination of a variety of season