• Saket Agarwal

10 Best Ways to Manage Patients at Home

Updated: May 27

Managing your loved ones at home could be a bit tricky.

You have to be both considerate about fastest recovery, minimize risk of injury to the patient, provide all basic comforts, avoid stress / fatigue for self!

Providing basic hygiene. Right nutritious diet. Medication done timely. Self checks, diagnostics. Constant check on the condition from patient. Create a calm/serene atmosphere. Avoid patient feeling isolated, while you enjoy gossip / TV.

Ok! Those all are most basic expectations. Easier said than done. We will present systematic preparedness to deal with such situation in a most structured way, so as to both allow easy, fast recovery of patient as also minimal fatigue to the attending family & their daily life.

  1. Comfortable bed

  2. Washroom needs

  3. Eating Food on bed

  4. Sitting for medicine

  5. Basic self freedom!

  6. Hygiene

  7. Bed Sores

  8. Movement within house

  9. Movement for Doctor visits

  10. Emergency SOS Call by patient

1. Comfortable Bed

The patient needs for a bed are not as simple as a home bed. No. It would require a bit of homework based on the ailment and needs. While a doctor would be best placed to suggest, you could call Healthy Jeena Sikho experts to get good advice. They have over 20-variations on Hospital beds for various needs for best comfort of the patient. Getting hospital bed on rent is a simple process and choosing the right one great for patient comfort and recovery.

Depending on the condition, commode bed, a reclining bed operated via remote, for low height needs, special beds exists. For physiotherapy needs, for helping in sitting, it does help a great deal.

2. Washroom needs

Natural requirement, but you could be stressed no end. In case of fracture, complete bedridden condition, assistance for taking to washroom, ensuring injury free access to toilet. And be aware, in doing so, avoid own fatigue and injury too. So how to manage? Well all aids are available at extremely low cost on rental, in your city, delivered to your place, in matter of few hours. You have Healthy Jeena Sikho providing it in most cities of North India, but there indeed would be other providers. From commode in the bed, commode wheelchair, commode raiser, walker, its all these small things that could go a long way in easy management.

3. Eating Food on bed

Obviously, patient needs to be fed and in all likely hood, not possible to get to the dining table. Without straining the back for the attendant or the patient, how do you do that? Getting a Over the Bed table, yes the same that's used at hospitals, could be the easiest solution. And you don't need to bother about the cost too much. Over the bed table on rent is available for as low as Rs 700 per month. For long term need, you could actually buy it.