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Mental Health Check: Have you Talked with Someone Today?

Talk to someone for a better thinking

Mental health is something that people often ignore. Thinking that it is a circumstantial thing and will get better with time is just not right. But sometimes these problems prevail for a longer-term and it ends up obstructing them from living their life to the fullest.

Hence, one always needs to keep a check on oneself. Sometimes the symptoms of mental health issues are so vague that you might not be able to identify them. Hence, below is a brief list of things one must keep a check on for understanding the current status of their mental health in a better way.

When to talk:

In no way these are the only symptoms of mental health problems but there are many. The below is only a very brief list of symptoms that are the most common.

Two or more weeks:

If there is anything that is bothering you for more than 2 weeks then it is the right time to talk about it with someone. Often these are topics that in some way or another affect us when we are trying to relax or trying to have a peaceful day. This often leads to unnecessary stress.

Extreme mood swings:

Mood swings are normal if you are having them on a very according to the situations or days. Moods that have nothing to do with the current situation, might be from something in the past. This affects you indirectly right now, leading to extreme unexplained mood swings. For example, getting irritated at the slightest things, feeling ecstatic for a minute, and for the next minute feeling very low.

Anxiety and overthinking:

Anxiety and overthinking go hand-in-hand. When you overthink about a particular situation, it will end up making you anxious. This is not only for the time being but will induce a certain kind of fear in facing the same situation again. This might lead to isolation and a lot of self-doubts.

In no way these are the only symptoms of mental health problems but there are many. The below is only a very brief list of symptoms that are the most common.

Why should you talk?

Many imply that one should talk to someone about their mental health issues. This is because it will make them understand better the status of their current situation, which is correct. But at the same time, by sharing your problems with others, the situation that might be bothering you gets a fresh perspective. This makes you clarify your situation from various perspectives. this further helps you come up with better and more numerous solutions.

Other Ways to express yourself

Sometimes, talking to others might be hard. This is because one might be uncomfortable or not be in that type of social circle that has a good understanding of mental health issues. For those people, there are numerous methods in which they can overcome the situation:

Reflective writing:

Pick up a topic that is bothering you and write all your feelings about it on a sheet of paper. Now, after 3-4 weeks, go back to that paper again, read whatever you have written, and analyze. Understand whether your thinking has changed or not about it, or do you have something else to add to it. This activity helps you create and organize your thoughts better. The same also lessens over-thinking and restlessness.

Mental health apps:

With the help of technology one can easily keep a close check on their mood-swings and how to make it better. There are many apps in the play store that help you track your daily moods, activities and also provide ideas for various fun activities that one can do for self-care.

So above were some reasons and activities that one can do to keep a check on themselves and remember that mental health is as important as physical health.


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