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Best Quality BiPAP Machine on rent in Chandigarh

Healthy Jeena Sikho has best Bipap & cpap machines with Sleep Experts , for last 8+ years and served over 50,000 Happy customers, who have rated us 5 STAR on Google.

We keep ready stock at all our stores in 15 Cities in North India, With same day delivery, we are the largest supplier of respiratory devices in the cities we operate in. 

We provide cpap, auto cpap, bipap with S, ST, Auto Mode, bipap with AVAP mode, including ventilator services.

We have top brands like Resmed, Topson, Resplus, Philips, BMC, Evox, Oxymed.

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Bipap Machine Rent in Chandigarh

  • Resmed Bipap machine Chandigarh on rent is Rs 6000 per month.

  • Evox Bipap machine price Chandigarh is Rs 3500 per month.

  • BMC Bipap machine on rent near me Chandigarh is for Rs 3500 per month.

  • Resplus Bipap for rent Chandigarh is Rs 3500pm.

  • Philips Bipap machine rental near me Chandigarh is for Rs 7000 per month.

CPAP Machine Price in Chandigarh

  • Resplus Cpap machine Chandigarh costs Rs. 28,000

  • Resmed Cpap machine price Chandigarh is Rs. 39,000

  • Philips Cpap machine sale price Chandigarh Rs. 50,000

Bipap Machine Price Chandigarh

  • BiPAP Mask price Chandigarh starts from Rs. 2500 (Synocare, BMC) and goes to Rs. 6000 (Philips)

  • Bipap machine cost in India is Rs 32000

  • Resmed Bipap machine price Chandigarh is Rs 67500.

  • Cost of Resmed bipap Chandigarh is Rs 67500 with ST mode

  • Resmed bipap price Chandigarh is Rs 67500

  • Evox Bipap machine cost Chandigarh is Rs 34000.

  • BMC Bipap for sale costs Chandigarh Rs 34000.

  • Resplus Bipap machine cost Chandigarh is Rs 32000.

  • Philips Bipap machine price Chandigarh is Rs 34000.

  • Oxymed Bipap machine price Chandigarh is Rs.55000/-.

  • Ventmed Bipap machine price Chandigarh is Rs.25600/-.​​

CPAP Machine Rent in Chandigarh

  • Resplus Cpap machine on rent Chandigarh is Rs 3000 per month.

  • Resmed Cpap machine for rent Chandigarh is Rs 2900 per month.

  • Rent Cpap machine Chandigarh for Rs 3500 per month of Philips.

How to Book a BiPAP / CPAP Machine?

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Auto Bipap machine on rent in Chandigarh

​​Getting a bipap machine on rent in Chandigarh has been made very easy by Healthy Jeena Sikho and infact entire  Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Kharar, Chandi Mandir, Rajpura, Ambala - with our own experience zones.

At Healthy Jeena Sikho, we have have best quality respiratory equipment available on rent like 

Bipap machine on rent in Chandigarh available for as low as Rs 3500 per month.

cpap machine on rent in Chandigarh available for as low as Rs 3000 per month.

Oxygen machine on rent in Chandigarh available for Rs 3500 per month.

Oxygen cylinder on rent in Chandigarh available for Rs 1200 per month.

Bipap machine cost in Chandigarh is Rs 80000 for high end models / Brands (Resmed) but for few brands, bipap cost is  Rs 32000 (Evox, Resplus, BMC) for few models..

Price of oxygen machine in Chandigarh is as low as Rs 40000.

We have stores in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pitampura, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Bathinda, Shimla, Panchkula. 

What is BiPAP

BiPAP (also referred to as BPAP) stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure. A BiPAP machine is a non-invasive form of therapy for patients suffering from sleep apnea. It delivers pressurized air through a mask to the patient's airways. The air pressure keeps the throat muscles from collapsing and reducing obstructions by acting as a splint. BiPAP machines allow patients to breathe easily and regularly throughout the night.

Looking for a "BiPAP machine on rent in Chandigarh", "BiPAP machine on sale Chandigarh", "BiPAP machine for sale delhi", "Using BiPAP", "BiPAP vs Oxygen Concentrator". You will find all your BiPAP related solution here with us, at Healthy Jeena Sikho. 

First in the market - we provide BiPAP on rent in Chandigarh, Kharar, Mohali, zirakpur, Derabassi, Panchkula, Kalka, Pinjore.

BiPAPs can also be set to include a breath timing feature that measures the amount of breaths per minute a person should be taking. If the time between breaths exceeds the set limit, the machine can force the person to breathe by temporarily increasing the air pressure.


BiPAP machines have two pressure settings: the prescribed pressure for inhalation (ipap), and a lower pressure for exhalation (epap). The dual settings allow the patient to get more air in and out of their lungs.

BiPAP machine is a small, easily operated machine that helps a person with COPD to breathe. When using the BiPAP machine, a person takes in pressurized air through a mask to regulate their breathing pattern while they are asleep or when their symptoms start to flare.

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. This condition makes it more difficult for a person to take air into their lungs. This can be caused due to the fact that their lungs are often less elastic, and so they may find it much harder to breathe deeply, and their lungs can fill up with mucus.

The symptoms of COPD often become worse at night, which can stop a person from sleeping and increase their daytime exhaustion. Deep sleep is important for repairing cellular tissues, so getting a good night’s sleep is essential.

BiPAP Humidifier

  1. Purpose of Humidification

    • Humidification adds moisture to the airflow, preventing dryness and irritation of the respiratory tract, which is common with prolonged BiPAP use.

  2. Types of Humidifiers

    • Passover Humidifiers: These use a water chamber over which air passes, picking up moisture before delivery to the patient.

    • Heated Humidifiers: These increase the water temperature to add more moisture to the air, providing greater comfort and preventing dryness.

  3. Bipap Setting and Adjusting the Humidifier

    • Setup: Typically involves filling the water chamber and connecting it to the BiPAP machine.

    • Adjustments: Humidity levels can usually be adjusted to suit the patient’s comfort, with Bipap settings typically ranging from low to high.

    • Common Issues and Troubleshooting: Issues like rainout (condensation in the tube) can occur, which can be managed by adjusting the temperature or using heated tubing.

What you need to know about BiPAP Settings:

  1. BiPAP Settings

    • IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure): This is the pressure delivered during inhalation, helping to open up the airways and making breathing easier.

    • EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure): This is the pressure during exhalation, preventing airway collapse and ensuring steady oxygen levels.

    • Typical Ranges and Adjustments: IPAP and EPAP Bipap settings are customized based on patient needs, usually ranging from 4 to 30 cmH₂O.

  2. Respiratory Rate (RR)

    • Importance: The respiratory rate Bipap setting ensures the patient breathes at a normal rate, preventing hypoventilation.

    • Determining the Appropriate Rate: This is typically set by a healthcare provider based on the patient's normal breathing rate and specific medical condition.

  3. Tidal Volume (VT)

    • Explanation: Tidal volume is the amount of air delivered to the lungs with each breath.

    • Adjustments: Adjusting VT helps tailor the ventilation to meet the patient’s lung capacity and medical requirements.

  4. Rise Time

    • Definition: Rise time is the duration it takes for the machine to reach the prescribed IPAP level from EPAP.

    • Impact and Customization: A shorter rise time might be more comfortable for patients needing rapid inhalation support, while a longer rise time could be beneficial for others.

  5. Backup Rate

    • Purpose: The backup rate is a safety feature that ensures a minimum number of breaths per minute if the patient’s breathing rate drops too low.

    • Bipap Setting Recommendations: Typically used in patients with central sleep apnea or other conditions where spontaneous breathing might be irregular.

  6. Sensitivity Bipap Settings

    • Importance: Sensitivity Bipap settings determine how easily the machine detects and responds to patient-initiated breaths.

    • Adjustment Guidelines: Proper sensitivity Bipap settings are crucial for comfort and effective synchronization between the machine and the patient's breathing.

Who Would Benefit from BiPAP Therapy?

BiPAP improves gas exchange for those with breathing restrictions, aiding oxygen intake and CO2 expulsion.

  • BiPAP machines are often prescribed to sleep apnea patients with high-pressure settings or low oxygen levels.

  • BiPAPs are often used after CPAP has failed to adequately treat certain patients.

  • BiPAPs can be helpful for patients with cardiopulmonary disorders such as congestive heart failure.

  • Often prescribed to people with lung disorders or certain neuromuscular disorders.

Patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea may experience the following benefits from BiPAP treatment:

● Lower blood pressure
● Improved focus
● Reduced snoring
● Better sleep quality
● Decreased daytime sleepiness or fatigue
● Better moods

Why use a BiPAP?

BiPap machine can help you if you have a medical problem that impairs your breathing process. For instance, you might need a BiPap Machine if you have any of the following:

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)

  • Obstructive sleep apnea

  • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome

  • Pneumonia

  • Asthma flare-up

  • Poor breathing after an operation

  • Neurological disease that disturbs breathing

How does BiPAP work?

Usually, the BiPAP system has two settings and the effort is controlled when inhaling and
exhaling. The BiPAP may be set to deliver a breath when the person sleeping does not breathe for a programmed period of time. Typically, this is set as a minimum breath or 'back-up rate' which sets a minimum breathe per minute (BPM). This environment is structured such that a fixed breathing frequency per minute is breathed by the patient.

How do I prepare for BiPap use?

Firstly let's get you familiarised with the parts of a BiPap machine. They include:

  • A face mask, nasal mask, or nasal plugs

  • The machine’s motor, which blows air into a tube

  • The tubing that connects the machine’s motor to the mask or plugs

Your BiPap machine might also have other features, such as a heated humidifier.

If you are buying a BiPap machine for home use, you can contact our experts to know more about it. They will be able to help you pick the type of BiPap machine best suited to your needs. Our experts can also give you instructions about how and when to clean the masks, tubing, and other parts of the machine. Before you start BiPap therapy, your machine may need to be calibrated - our experts will be able to help you setup the same. 

Using BiPAP Machine for Covid Patients:

  1. Ensure back and neck support before Bi-PAP use.

  2. Have the attendant securely fit the mask, avoiding rush.

  3. Check for air leaks; ask for adjustments if needed.

  4. Breathe only through the nose for better handling.

  5. Minimize movement to keep the mask secure.

  6. Consider closing eyes or positioning a distraction at eye level for comfort during use.

Difference between BiPAP and CPAP

The question that arises here is why we can’t simply use a CPAP instead of a BiPAP for
treating; following are some of the major differences between the two:
● While CPAP enables a person to inhale by using one type of pressure, BiPAP lets a
person both inhale and exhale by using two separate pressures. For BiPAP devices,
exhaling is much smoother than for CPAP machines.
● In terms of size, CPAP machines are smaller as compared to the BiPAP ones. People
generally prefer BiPAP for their COPD concerns.

What to expect if you use a BiPAP machine

If you’re advised to use a BiPAP machine, a specialist will typically help you set up the machine for you - we at Healthy Jeena Sikho always provide you with an expert at the times of calling - to fix a dedicated expert for you.


The BiPAP machine needs to be calibrated and the settings adjusted according to your prescribed treatment by the doctor.

Our healthcare expert will help you understand what to expect when using your BiPAP machine at home, and how to use it the right way.

Depending on the condition it’s being used for, you might be asked to use it all the time, some of the time, or only when you sleep. It’s important to follow these instructions and to use it as your doctor or healthcare provider instructs you to.

Chronic Diseases that Require Oxygen Therapy

Some chronic conditions requiring long-term oxygen concentrator uses are:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD):

COPD affects around 16 million people, but an oxygen concentrator can be an effective treatment. When you have COPD, you have chronic lung damage which makes it difficult for your lungs to absorb enough oxygen. As a result, you can have difficulty breathing, and oxygen therapy through a concentrator can help.

Cystic fibrosis:

You inherit this life-threatening condition. It causes digestive system and lung damage. It’s a rare condition that affects the body’s cells responsible for producing mucus, sweat and digestive juices. The fluids are changed which result in a stickier, thicker solution that plugs the ducts, tubes, and passageways of the individual infected.

Sleep Apnea:

Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that can be serious and cause the individual’s breathing to sporadically stop and start during their sleep. Usually, treatment for this condition is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), weight loss and physical exercise, though some people with sleep apnoea may require oxygen therapy

BiPAP Machine Brands We Offer

We provide a wide range of brands for BiPAP machines on rent or sale. Such as:


Phillips BiPAP Machine on sale or rent is a user-friendly and compact machine making life easy for patients with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea cases. We provide these Philips BiPAP machines on rent in perfect quality which will aid you and provide support for daily life. Philips BiPAP machine is accompanied by a humidifier and specialised silicon-based adjustable mask to make your experience more comfortable.


Features of Phillips BiPAP Machine on sale or rent:

  • Real-time for enhanced compliance and efficacy.

  • Clinically proven algorithms for advanced event detection.

  • Bi-flex technology enhances patient comfort.

  • Humidity control technology for enhanced, comfortable therapy


We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with Philips BiPAP machine-like, Philips Respironics Amara Gel Mask and Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask On Sale

Resmed BiPAP Machine on rent offers the best solution for patients who need an extremely reliable, non-invasive type of ventilation either at home or in-hospital care. The Resmed BiPAP machine on rent is equipped with all the latest innovative technology features.


Resmed AirSense 10 BiPAP machine is one of the world’s most widely used series of CPAP and APAP machines, each designed to deliver high-quality therapy for a better night’s sleep. Resmed BiPAP Machine on rent gives you access to myAir – a free online support program and app 1 that syncs with your mobile or web-based device to provide a nightly sleep score, coaching and more to help you stay on track.


We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with ResMed BiPAP machine-like, Resmed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask On Sale at a highly affordable rate.

With a pressure range of up to 30 and a unique humidifier, Resplus BiPAP Machine has proven to be effective in the treatment of sleep apnea, COPD & Covid Care.

  • Usage of Resplus BiPAP Machine on rent: sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation, COPD, Overlap Syndrome, Clinical, medical

  • Moreover, the Resplus BiPAP Machine is used for Respiratory Insufficiency with a maximum pressure of 30hPa and target tidal volume.

  • Resplus BiPAP Machine has excellent synchronisation which makes treatment easy and comfortable.

  • Resplus BiPAP Machine's multi-level event detection ensures customised therapy and treatment

  • Resplus BiPAP Machine has a Unique Designed Humidification System with Multi-level Protection, Better Humidification and Easy to Fill and Clean.


Features of BMC BiPAP Machine on rent With Humidifier

• BMC BiPAP Machine is simple, reliable, sensitive, and quickly synchronised with the patient.

• BMC BiPAP Machine comes with CPAP, S, S / T, and T operating modes

• IBMC BiPAP Machine has PAP 4-30, EPAP 4-30

• 8-step inhalation-exhalation triggers

• Adjusting the inhalation-exhalation pressure, inhalation time (0.5-3 seconds) and respiration rate

• 3.5 "colour LCD display; high-quality body and humidifier materials

• Monitoring Vt, Res Rate, Min Vent, Leak. Alarms in all respects 

• 5-step adjustment of the humidifier

• Display the key parameters of therapy in the online mode


We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with BMC BiPAP machine-like, BMC Full Face F4 Mask For Sale and BMC P2 Nasal Pillow Mask at a highly affordable rate.

Evox BiPAP Machine is a user-friendly and compact machine that makes life easy for patients with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea cases. We provide Evox BiPAP machine in perfect quality which will aid you and provide support for daily life. Evox BiPAP machine is accompanied by a humidifier and specialised silicon-based adjustable mask to make your experience more comfortable.


Evox BiPAP Machine​ on rent helps you sleep better without the fear of not being able to breathe. This computerised system is well-checked and graded with a minimal scope of defects, making it one of the best of its kind in the market. Evox BiPAP Machine​ has a superior display in comparison with what is trending and functional of its kind. All the modes make it the best choice to use. Evox BiPAP Machine is small to carry easy to use and lightweight and is recommended for everyday COPD and sleep apnea cases. Customers are generally very concerned about the quality functioning of these devices, hence we can assure you about the durability and working of this product. 


We also provide BiPAP Mask For Sale along with Evox BiPAP machine-like, Evox Full Face Mask at a highly affordable rate.


The Oxymed BiPAP Machine on Sale offers a comprehensive solution for respiratory therapy. With its portable design and auto-adjusting pressure feature, the Oxymed BiPAP Machine ensures effective treatment for sleep apnea and respiratory conditions. Equipped with an integrated heated humidifier, smart ramp technology, and data tracking capabilities, Oxymed BiPAP Machine provides personalised comfort and convenience. With modes including S/T, CPAP, Pc, T, VAT, and S, along with a wide pressure range of 4-30cmH₂O, Oxymed BiPAP Machine caters to diverse patient needs. Oxymed BiPAP Machine's lightweight construction (1.9kg) and low sound level (30dB) enhance user experience. Additionally, features like leak management and SD card support further enhance its functionality, making Oxymed BiPAP Machine a reliable choice for continuous respiratory support, available for 24/7 service.

Why use CPAP?

Although there is a noted adjustment period to using CPAP therapy, following this method of treatment can pay off significantly in the end.

  • Keep your airway open while you sleep.

  • Reduce or eliminate your snoring altogether.

  • Improve your quality of sleep.

  • Reduce or eliminate daytime sleepiness, a symptom of sleep apnea.

  • Circumvent or significantly reduce high blood pressure.

Best practices for a good CPAP therapy experience

  • Consider using these tips to make sure that your CPAP therapy experience is one that is easily adjustable and comfortable.

How soon will you feel the effects of CPAP therapy?

You will most likely feel the effects of CPAP therapy as soon as you start it. Many studies have shown that the maximum effect of therapy is usually achieved in about 2 weeks or so. If you still feel sleepiness after 2-4 weeks, then you should consult your sleep physician on what might be the underlying cause of persistent daytime drowsiness.

Best practices for a good CPAP therapy experience

Consider using these tips to make sure that your CPAP therapy experience is one that is easily adjustable and comfortable.

  • Test CPAP during daytime activities to adjust gradually.

  • Consistently use CPAP during all sleep sessions.

  • Make minor mask adjustments for comfort.

  • Utilize ramp mode to ease into air pressure.

  • Use saline spray for nasal congestion.

  • Place foam under CPAP for noise reduction.

  • Clean equipment weekly to maintain hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the price of Bipap machine?

Ans. The price of bipap machine on rent starts from Rs.3000/-per month and the sale price of bipap machine starts from Rs.30,000/- depending on the model of the bipap machine.


Q. How long does it take to get used to a Bipap or CPAP machine?

Ans. The amount of time it takes to adjust to a Bipap or CPAP machine can vary from person to person, but it typically takes several weeks to a few months. It is important to be patient and persistent in using the machine as it can take time to get used to the sensation of air pressure.


Q. How often should I replace my Bipap or CPAP machine?

Ans.It is recommended to replace your Bipap or CPAP machine every 2 to 3 years or when it is no longer functioning properly. It is also important to replace the mask and other components as needed.


Q. Is it possible to rent a BiPAP machine without a prescription from a doctor?

Ans: No, a prescription is required to rent a BiPAP machine. This is because BiPAP machines are medical devices that require a doctor's order to ensure that the patient receives the correct treatment for their condition.


Q. What kind of support is provided during the rental period, such as technical assistance or equipment maintenance?

Ans: We provide technical assistance and support during the rental period, including troubleshooting any issues with the machine and providing instructions for use. We also provide regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine.


Q. Are there any additional fees or costs associated with renting a BiPAP machine, such as delivery, setup?

Ans: We charge fees for delivery and setup for the BiPAP Machine along with a security amount that is refunded back once our machine is returned back. 


Q. Can I rent a BiPAP machine for travel purposes, and what is the process for doing so?

Ans: Yes, we do provide BiPAP Machine for travel purposes as well. 


Q. What happens if the BiPAP machine stops working during the rental period, and how quickly can it be replaced or repaired?

Ans: If the machine needs to be replaced or repaired, we will provide a replacement machine as soon as possible to minimize any disruptions to the patient's treatment.

Q. How do I return the BiPAP machine at the end of the rental period, and what is the process for doing so?

Ans: Our Customer Experience team calls you before the end of the rental period - to confirm if you will return the machine. Based on your confirmation - the pickup is arranged by the company.

Address Chandigarh Store:  

Healthy Jeena Sikho, House No 3089, Sector 21D, Chandigarh, 160022

GST No - 04AAECV9995Q1Z6

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Head Office :

D 91, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Sector 73, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055

Phone No: +91 98769 78488


Our store is...

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