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The Oxygen Cylinder 6.80 Ltr, is a complete oxygen medical kit designed to offer convenience and reliability in a lightweight and portable package. This advanced oxygen cylinder is made from high-quality aluminium alloy, making it 45% lighter than traditional steel cylinders, which significantly enhances its portability and ease of use.


Key Features of Oxygen Concentrator 6.80 Ltr:


1. Lightweight Design: At 45% lighter than traditional steel cylinders, this oxygen cylinder is perfect for those who need to carry it frequently, such as travellers and mountaineers.
2. Refillable and Reusable: The cylinder is designed for multiple uses, allowing you to refill it as needed, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice.
3. Rust-Free Construction: Constructed from durable aluminium alloy, the Oxygen cylinder is completely rust-free, ensuring a longer lifespan and better performance compared to steel cylinders.
4. User-Friendly Operation: Equipped with a simple finger-operated valve and regulator, this cylinder can be easily managed by the patient, offering a hassle-free experience.
5. High-Quality Oxygen: The internal aluminium finish and a special internal cleaning process maintain the quality of the oxygen within the cylinder, ensuring it remains pure and safe for medical use.

This oxygen cylinder is an ideal choice for anyone needing a reliable oxygen supply while on the move, whether for medical reasons or outdoor activities at high altitudes. Its combination of lightweight, durability, and ease of use makes it a standout product in the market.


We highly recommend you consult your doctor to know the suitable flow range.


Moreover, we also provide oxygen concentrators for numerous brands like PhilipsEvoxNiscomed, and Medoxy. You can check other options below:


a. Oxygen concentrator on Sale

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c. Oxygen cylinder on Rent


Consultation with your healthcare provider is crucial to determine the optimal flow settings tailored to your specific requirements. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring a seamless experience from purchase to installation. 


Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards enhancing your quality of life.

Oxygen Cylinder 6.80 Ltr For Sale

  • O2 Capacity 6.80 ltr
    Approx Duration 5.4 hrs
    Weight 5.5 kg
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Refillable Yes
    Reusable Yes


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