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Your guide to luxury senior living

Senior living communities are just like any other housing community there– a set of services offered depending on the level of affordability. The more expensive the community, the more luxurious a resident’s lifestyle. However, this does not mean that certain individuals who chose a community that isn’t extravagant do not mean they do not get equal care.


Generally, all senior living communities receive the same essential services, such as ADLs, transportation, housekeeping, linen, and meal services. The difference lies in the level of care the kind of service gives. All senior living homes vary in every city and every state, but it’s still up to families to choose a kind home that fits their needs– regardless of affordability and luxury. This article will focus on the latter about senior living communities– what they are, who they are, and how much they are.


Read on for your guide to luxury senior living.


What is a luxury senior living community?

Luxury senior living is like living in a world-class, five-star resort hotel. These are the kind of communities that are lavish and are designed with beautiful interior decorations that are quiet and exclusive. The environment in a luxury senior living home is more than just hinting at someone’s health but the grandeur that lies within the excellence of quality living.


What contributes to the richness of the atmosphere is mainly the amenities included in the community– beautifully furnished spacious apartments, several activity rooms, and fully-equipped fitness centers. Many luxurious senior living communities are considered to offer personalized care for every resident of independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

How do you know if a senior living community is luxurious?

The known ambiance discovered in any premier senior living home is the level of resort-like hospitality. But it’s more than the services and amenities offered because luxury often differs for many people. If you or your loved one can live in a luxury senior living home, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind to know if it’s a quality luxurious community.


An exemplary luxurious senior living community can:

● Have an in-house chef at their very own restaurant-style dining, restaurant or cafe where residents can have the convenience of finding their favorite meals in the comfort of their own home

● Cater to all adults and seniors with specific diet plans, offering a range of nutritious meals

● Build a community in a prime location that is proximity to town centers, medical centers, and other city attractions

● Have a flexible payment structure and schedule.

● Design elegant interior and exterior features designed by an esteemed architect

● Many of the current residents attest to the flexibility and convenience of the environment.

Other specific community features that are exclusive to their community include:


Many senior living communities offer state-of-the-art facilities not found in other communities. These would include fully-equipped fitness centers or swimming pool areas that have only first-class equipment; precious furnished in private apartments with person-centered features (i.e., handicap accessible showers, grab bars, walk-in closets); and medical service centers with medical personnel available– visiting physicians and an in-house 24/7 nurse staff.


Luxurious senior living communities hire more than just people to be part of their team and family. Many wealthy senior living communities only provide the best by having the best team of professional care staff who are also compassionate and kind. The best senior living communities in every city essentially have a staff of nurses or caregivers stationed in specific areas to provide efficient care.


It’s also important to note that it’s quite smart to ask current residents how they feel in the community; usually, communities that truly offer genuine and attentive care service have satisfied their residents who do not plan to transfer to any other community.  It’s an excellent tip to follow.

Examples of premier luxury senior living

Luxury senior living is in no way affordable and cheap; it’s for seniors who can provide financial proof that they can pay rent due. However, some allow Medicare, depending on the adult or seniors; typically, luxury homes are only available for those above the middle-class line.


To give some examples of senior living homes that scream luxury and quality are these homes:

New York, NY - Brookdale Battery Park

Finding a home in Manhattan is already difficult as is, much more for the luxurious ones. New York is the cultural hub of the East Coast, where many choose to live. But if you or your loved one decide to transfer or find a quality and luxurious New York home, for example, Brookdale Battery Park. It’s a proud member of the Brookdale senior living group, so rest assured that only quality and luxury are expected from such a community– from dining areas to swimming pools; Brookdale Battery Park has got it all as one of the premier senior living homes in the city. You can also check out other Brookdale senior living homes in different states, they are assured to be strategically located in prime locations.

Miami, FL - The Palace Group

Miami is one of the prime retirement cities where many adults and seniors flock because of its weather and atmosphere– seniors who chose to retire in Florida agree that, because of aging, the year-round sun and a lot of free time are some of the selling points that they take into consideration. And if you or your loved one is looking for the best place in Miami, be sure to check any of The Palace group homes: Kendall, Coral Gables, Weston, and Suites– all of these homes offer different living options in premier locations near nature settings and cultural hubs. It’s a quality home guaranteed to provide only Miami's best senior living experience.

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