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Shower commode wheelchair on rent in Chandigarh

Rent Price

Rs 1500

Sale Price

Rs 4500

Key Features

Weight Capacity
Seat Belt
100 Kg
Frame Material
Net Weight
Mild Steel
Wheels Lock
15 Kg


A shower commode wheelchair, also known as a shower chair or rolling shower chair, is a specialized mobility device designed to provide individuals with limited mobility with safe and convenient access to shower and toileting facilities. Here are some key features and specifications of a typical shower commode wheelchair:
Waterproof and corroion-resistant materials: Shower commode wheelchairs are typically constructed using waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. This ensures durability and prevents damage from exposure to water and moisture.
Open seat design: The wheelchair usually has an open seat design to facilitate easy cleaning and provide access for personal hygiene tasks. The seat may include a cutout or opening at the rear to allow for proper waste management.
Integrated commode features: Shower commode wheelchairs often have an integrated commode system, which includes a removable commode bucket or pan beneath the seat. This allows for convenient toileting while seated in the wheelchair.
Water drainage capabilities: The wheelchair is designed with water drainage features to allow water to flow easily out of the seat and prevent pooling.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. 1 What is the price of Shower Commode Wheelchair in Chandigarh?

Ans. The price of Shower Commode Wheelchair is Rs 4500.

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