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Seedee Stair Climbing Wheelchair on rent in Delhi

Seedee Stair Climbing wheelchair on rent & sale in Delhi

Rent Price

Rs 13000

Sale Price

Rs 115000

Key Features

Weight Capacity
Seat Belt
125 Kg
Frame Material
Net Weight
Aluminium Alloy Steel
40 Kg
Manual Brakes


The Seedee Stair Climbing Wheelchair is an innovative mobility device specifically designed to navigate stairs and inclines with ease. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, it is equipped with advanced technology and features that enable it to climb stairs and overcome obstacles.
The Seedee Stair Climbing Wheelchair utilizes a motorized system that assists in ascending and descending stairs. It has specially designed tracks or wheels that securely grip the steps, allowing the wheelchair to move smoothly and safely.
This wheelchair also incorporates a robust and durable frame to ensure stability and support during stair climbing. It typically features adjustable components such as armrests, footrests, and backrest to provide personalized comfort and support for the user.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. 1 What is the price of Stair Climbing Wheelchair on rent in Delhi?

Ans. The price of Seedee Stair Climbing wheelchair is Rs 13000.

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