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Arcatron Foldable Wheelchair on rent in Delhi

Arcatron Foldable wheelchair on sale in Delhi

Rent Price


Sale Price

Rs 6300

Key Features

Weight Capacity
Seat Belt
100 Kg
Frame Material
Net Weight
Mild Steel
15 Kg
Manual Brakes


The Arcatron Foldable Wheelchair is a cutting-edge mobility solution designed for convenience and ease of use. This wheelchair incorporates innovative features that make it highly portable and adaptable to various situations.

The foldable design of the Arcatron wheelchair allows for effortless transportation and storage. It can be quickly folded into a compact size, making it ideal for travel and fitting into tight spaces. The lightweight frame further enhances its portability, enabling users to easily carry or load it into a vehicle.

Despite its foldable design, the Arcatron wheelchair does not compromise on stability or comfort. It features a sturdy construction that ensures durability and reliability. The seat and backrest are ergonomically designed to provide optimal support and comfort during extended periods of use.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. 1 What is the price of Arcatron Foldable Wheelchair in Delhi?

Ans. The price of Arcatron Foldable wheelchair is Rs 6300.

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