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Stair Climbing Wheelchair On Rent In Faridabad

Rent Price

Rs 15,000/-

Sale Price

Rs 115000/-

Stair Climbing Wheelchair On Rent In Faridabad

Key Features

Electromagnetic Brake
Weight-Bearing Capacity
Overall Dimensions
1 Year On Site
580 x 1650 x 850mm


- The Stair Climbing Wheelchair's smooth track system enables effortless navigation of stairs, ensuring stability and security during ascents and descents.

- An "Emergency Stop Button" provides added peace of mind, prioritising safety without sacrificing functionality.

- A waterproof circuit ensures durability, while the noiseless motor allows for discreet operation.

- Versatility is a highlight, as the chair seamlessly transitions to ground use with its durable rubber wheels.

- During transport, safety is maintained with vest-type metal buckle straps.

- Its foldable design makes it portable and space-efficient.

- Suitable for various settings, from homes to hospitals, schools to hotels, it serves as the ultimate solution for emergency evacuation and accessibility needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 Is the Stair Climbing Wheelchair suitable for all types of stairs?

Ans. Yes, the wheelchair is designed to smoothly navigate various types of stairs, including straight, curved, and even spiral staircases. Its track system ensures stability and reliability on different surfaces.

Q.2 Where can you buy a Stair Climbing Wheelchair on rent in Faridabad?

Ans. You can purchase the Stair Climbing Wheelchair on rent from Healthy Jeena Sikho's store, or you can contact the team for more details.

Q.3 Is there a security deposit required for renting a Stair Climbing wheelchair?

Ans. No, there is no monetary deposit necessary. However, in some cases, we may require a duly signed security cheque. This will be returned upon the equipment's satisfactory return.

Q.4 How heavy is the Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

Ans. Despite its robust construction, the wheelchair is lightweight just 40kg due to its aluminium alloy material. This makes it easy to transport and manoeuvre, ensuring both convenience and efficiency.

Q.5 Can the wheelchair be used outdoors in different weather conditions?

Ans. Yes, the wheelchair is equipped with a waterproof circuit housed inside the pipe, ensuring durability and reliability even in adverse weather conditions. This feature enhances its usability and longevity, making it suitable for outdoor use as well.

Q.6 How do individuals in wheelchairs use stairs with a stair climbing wheelchair?

Ans. To ascend the stairs, position the stair climbing wheelchair with the back wheels against the stairs. Grip the rims of the wheels and pull firmly backwards while holding the wheels to prevent rolling back down.

Q.7 What is the purpose of renting a stair climbing wheelchair?

Ans. Renting a stair climbing wheelchair facilitates mobility for individuals by transferring their weight onto the stairs, eliminating the need for constant balance maintenance by the operator.

Q.8 Where can I buy stair climbing wheelchair on rent?

Ans. You can buy stair climbing wheelchair on rent from Healthy Jeena Sikho at highly affordable price with 24/7 service available.

Q. 9 How do stair climbing wheelchair batteries recharge?

Ans. All stair climbing wheelchairs on rent come with a battery charger for convenient recharging.

Q.10 Can a stair climbing wheelchair navigate narrow stairs?

Ans. Stair climbing wheelchairs are suitable for many types of narrow stairs, contingent on their exact measurements. Our team can provide personalised guidance for your specific needs.

Q.11 Are stair climbing wheelchairs suitable for outdoor use?

Ans. Yes, stair climbing wheelchairs can operate on various indoor and outdoor staircase designs.

Q.12 Can I have a stair climbing wheelchair on rent in Faridabad from Healthy Jeena Sikho?

Ans. Yes, Healthy Jeena Sikho offers stair climbing wheelchairs on rent in Faridabad, providing an affordable solution for temporary mobility needs. Renting allows individuals to enjoy independence without a long-term commitment or significant expenses, making it ideal for temporary situations like injury recovery or limited accessibility during travel.

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