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The Medoxy Oxygen Concentrator on Rent- 10 Lpm is a medical-grade device that provides a continuous flow of concentrated oxygen for patients with respiratory issues.


This oxygen concentrator supports oxygen flow from 1 Lpm to 10 Lpm giving oxygen purity of 93%.


It is equipped with a high-quality compressor and sieve beds that ensure high-purity

oxygen delivery at a rate of up to 10 liters per minute.


We have multiple Brands like Philips, Evox, Niscomed and you can check other options here


a. Oxygen concentrator on Sale


b. Oxygen concentrator on Rent


c. Oxygen cylinder on Rent


Available for 24/7 hours service.

Medoxy Oxygen Concentrator 10L on Rent

₹9,000.00 Regular Price
₹6,000.00Sale Price






     Continuous Flow

    1-10 LPM


    27 Kg

     Power Consumption

    480 Watts

     Sound Level



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