Blue and white Motorised medical beds for patients

Electric Hospital Bed -Three Function

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1. Simple hospital bed - Semi Fowler Hospital Bed - backrest elevation

2. Full Fowler Hospital bed - backrest and knee rest elevevation - manual

3. Electric two function hospital bed 

4. ICU Grade Medical beds


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Features & details


  • Three Function Hospital Bed operated by Electrical Remote

  • Function- Backrest (Head-end) Elevation, Knee rest (Foot-End) Elevation, Height Adjustment

  • Accessories- ABS Head Foot, Wheels (with brakes), Hand-Remote, IV rod slots

  • Dimensions: 2185 mm x 980 Mm

  • Advance Linear Actuator Systems.
  • Detachable head and foot panels with corner buffers, ABS materials.
  • Four  section bedplate with ventilated holes for adequate air flow.
  • Collapsable safety side railings (option for Panel also available)
  • Provision of urine bag holder and IV rod.
  • Return Policy

    The product once sold, comes with a warranty. In first 48-hours, if a product malfunction is brought to our notice and indeed verified by our Engineer, we shall have the product returned and new replacement provided.

    The warranty of each product varies from 6 month