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Is Super Top-Up Health Insurance Right for You? Key Points to Consider

Health Insurance is a great way to provide you and your family with financial security in times of medical crisis. While the insurance itself is helpful, there can be unfortunate times when even your existing policy cannot fully cover the medical expenses. Here is where the concept of super top up Health Insurance pops in. Simply put, Super Top Up Insurance is the extra security that you can purchase in addition to your existing policy. 

This plan is a supplement to your ongoing Health Insurance policy and is a more pocket-friendly option compared to purchasing a new policy that provides a higher coverage sum. The article goes more in-depth about this concept and helps you understand all of the key factors that should be considered when choosing these kinds of plans.

Why You Should Opt For A Super Top Up Health Insurance?: Key Factors

  1. They provide a wide range of protection:

A Super Top Up plan covers a lot of parameters, ensuring that you won't have to pay extra. It also provides maximum coverage to the policyholder. Often with basic insurance policies, you have to incur extra costs to purchase critical illness coverage, extra ambulance trips, etc. whereas with Super Top Up Health Insurance plans these extra coverage costs are already included.

2. Gives you a peace of mind:

It gives you an extra added layer of financial protection in times of medical need. If you opt for a Super Top Up plan, you won't have to continuously worry about extra medical expenses that might be incurred in times of crisis.

3. The plan is tailored to your needs:

A lot of policy providers offer customisations that cater to your specific needs when you are purchasing such Health Insurance plans, making this a great addition to your existing policy. 

4. These Health Insurance plans are more cost-effective:

Super top up Health Insurance plans are more feasible for you even if your existing plan has a low sum coverage since it acts as an add-on coverage. You also won’t have to pay for any extra coverage as it usually covers almost everything.

Why Choose The ACKO Platinum Super Top up Health Insurance Policy?

Listed below you’ll find some of the key features of ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance plan:

Key Features

ACKO Advantage


To be set by the policyholder while buying the plan

Sum Insured

Rs. 10L, 25L, Rs. 50L, Rs. 1 crore, Unlimited



Room rent

Up to the sum insured


60 days


120 days

ICU fees

Up to the sum insured


Up to the sum insured

Option to add family members

Up to 10 members

Restore sum insured


Post birth complications

Up to the sum insured

Cashless hospitals


Waiting period

Not applicable

There are also certain reasons why the ACKO Platinum Super Top Up Health Insurance policy is a great option for you, all of which have been detailed below for your reference:

  1. There is a high sum amount insured:

There are a lot of sum-insured options that you can choose from. This ensures that you always have a particular amount of sum insured at hand in times of medical emergencies. It would be high enough that there would be minimal hassle in paying out of pocket for hospitalisation costs.

2. You’ll get a lot of useful add-ons with your policy:

Under ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance you automatically get different kinds of add-ons such as Non-medical Expense Waivers, Room Rent Waiver, and Waiting Period Waiver. 

3. Coverage provided for multiple ambulance trips:

Ambulance trips might be required by the patient in times of medical emergency to take them from their location to a nearby hospital. Health Insurance policies usually only cover two trips (to and fro). Whereas ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Insurance plan covers multiple ambulance trips. You may need multiple trips if the hospital is not well equipped to provide complete healthcare.

4. You get critical illness coverage:

Critical illnesses such as kidney failure, cancer, or a heart attack require extra coverage amounts. With ACKO’s high sum insured, you’ll be able to acquire this extra coverage without any kind of issues or extra cost.

5. You also get a domestic emergency evacuation coverage:

Often policies don't fully cover the cost of transportation, Whereas with ACKO’s plan, transportation facilities to better-equipped hospitals via multi-speciality aircraft, road ambulance, or rail are easily possible. 


A Super Top up Health Insurance can be a great plan to purchase as it can provide you and your loved ones with some extra security in times of need. It overall helps increase insurance coverage and also helps avoid the hassle of paying any extra high premiums. It's best to opt for this kind of plan if your basic healthcare plan offers a low sum, or if you come under a high-risk group (senior citizens, critical illnesses, hereditary diseases, etc.) as it can help cover medical costs that may go beyond the coverage of your existing plan. ACKO provides some of the top Health Insurance plans in the industry with some of the highest cover sums. This makes them the best choice to opt for when you’re looking to purchase any kind of Health Insurance plan.

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