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Top 5 Ways a Mediclaim Policy Can Help You Afford Medical Equipment Rentals

The cost of healthcare is rising continuously. This is where a Mediclaim Policy can come to your rescue. A good Mediclaim policy does not only pay for the hospital expenses but also can reduce the cost of renting medical equipment. The policy tends to cover a broad spectrum of healthcare costs, making essential medical equipment rentals accessible and affordable. Whether it's a minor injury or a major mishap, your Mediclaim can provide financial support for unexpected medical expenses.

What is a Mediclaim Policy?

A Mediclaim policy is a financial protection product that is often used synonymously with health insurance to provide for medical expenses in case of sickness or accidents. In India, where the cost of healthcare is increasing day by day, a Mediclaim policy helps to safeguard against any sudden expenses on medical bills. These policies can be obtained from different insurance companies, and each of them has different plans to suit the various needs.

Mediclaim Policy

Below are the five most effective ways through which the mediclaim policy can assist you in paying for medical equipment rentals.

1. Medical Equipment Insurance

A Mediclaim policy covers almost all the expenses, including the cost of renting medical equipment. Such policies offer broad coverage to help you avoid worrying about the costs of getting essential medical equipment during the recovery period. In this way, Mediclaim policy helps cover these costs, thus easing the financial burden on you, so you can concentrate on your health and treatment.

2. Cashless Claim Settlement

The benefit of cashless claim settlement is available in Mediclaim policies in the network hospitals and medical equipment selling outlets. This feature is very useful since it does not require the client to pay any money at the start. In case you require equipment that you need to hire, you can go directly to a network provider and the insurance company will clear the bills. This not only makes it easier but also guarantees that you get the equipment at the right time without having to pay for it. 

3. Zero Waiting Period Options

Some Mediclaim policies have options that allow for no waiting period for certain conditions or equipment requirements. This means that you can begin to enjoy the policy without having to wait for a specified time in order to make claims on expenses. This is especially so when you need to access medical equipment due to an illness or an injury that was least expected. 

4. Accumulated Bonus for Equipment Rentals

Some Mediclaim policies provide cumulative bonuses for every claimless year. This bonus raises the amount of insurance, which can be especially valuable when you will have to rent medical equipment in the future. As your sum insured increases, you are protected by a larger amount and can, therefore, afford more elaborate or sophisticated equipment rentals in case they are required. This encourages the adoption of healthy lifestyles and saves costs in the long run. 

5. Family Floater Plans

Family Floater Mediclaim policies offer the benefit of covering the entire family under one policy plan. This is particularly beneficial if several members of a family require medical equipment. The total amount of insurance can be used by any member of the family, so everyone will have an opportunity to obtain the necessary medical equipment if needed. This flexibility can help in managing and affording medical equipment rentals for different members of the family without necessarily having to acquire several individual policies.

How to Select the Right Mediclaim Policy for Medical Equipment Rentals

When selecting a Mediclaim policy, it’s essential to consider a few critical factors to ensure it meets your needs for medical equipment rentals:

  • Check the Coverage: Make sure the policy clearly addresses the rental of medical equipment. Search for information about what kind of equipment is provided and the maximum amount of compensation that can be claimed.

  • Network Providers: Choose policies that have a large number of cashless hospitals and medical equipment suppliers. This makes it easy for the users to access the equipment without having to make initial deposits.

  • Waiting Periods: Assess the waiting periods that are attached to the policy. Policies with short or no waiting periods on equipment rentals are desirable.

  • Customisation Options: Select policies that come with options to include additional covers for medical equipment if you need them.

  • Renewability and Bonuses: These include policies with lifetime renewability and policies with cumulative bonus features. These provide long-term advantages and expanded coverage over time.

Mediclaim Policy

Benefits Beyond Equipment Rentals

Apart from helping with medical equipment rentals, a Mediclaim policy offers several other benefits:

  • Hospitalisation Expenses: These include hospitalisation, operations and other procedures that require a patient to be admitted to a hospital.

  • Pre- and Post-hospitalisation: It encompasses expenses on tests, consultations and medications before and after hospitalisation.

  • Tax Benefits: The premiums paid towards Mediclaim policies are tax exempted under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  • Preventive Healthcare: A few policies include outpatient costs and preventive health check-ups, which are aimed at maintaining people’s health.


Mediclaim policy is not just a health insurance policy that covers the expenses incurred during hospitalisation but it is a complete solution that can help in reducing the financial pressure of renting medical equipment. When selecting the right Mediclaim policy, you can be sure that you and your family will have access to the necessary medical devices without putting your financial status at risk. The benefits of ACKO Mediclaim policy include cashless settlements, no waiting period and cumulative bonuses, which make it an effective way of dealing with the costs of healthcare services. Protect yourself and your family’s health, and plan for the future by choosing the right Mediclaim policy.

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