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How to Perform a Home Pregnancy Test

How to perform home pregnancy test

A home pregnancy test kit or the instant pregnancy test kit is a go-to for ones trying to get pregnant or suspecting a pregnancy owing to a missed period. A pregnancy test kit can be used to easily determine if one is pregnant or not from the comfort of their home, then run to the pathology lab instantly

While home pregnancy tests are pretty simple to use, it's important that one carefully reads the test directions to ensure accurate results and interpretation.

How do pregnancy tests at home with a kit work?

Pregnancy tests detect the hCG (the pregnancy hormone) in your urine. On conception, the body produced hCG which when detected by the home pregnancy test kit implies a positive result.

When to take the home pregnancy test?

It is ideal to wait for at least 21 days (three weeks) after an unprotected sex/birth control failure or 3-4 days after a missed period.

What should I do before taking the test?

What should do before taking pregnancy test

  • Buy fresh i-can Pregnancy Testing Kit | One Step hCG Pregnancy Testing Kit.

  • Check for the expiration date and validity of the test kit. Avoid using one that has been stored at home for long in a warm, moist area.

  • Go through all the instructions before taking the test. In case of any queries, look for a toll-free number in the package instructions to understand better.

  • Gather a clean urine collection cup along with the Piramal pregnancy test kit.

How to Use a Home Pregnancy Test

  • The I-can pregnancy kit comes with a single-use pregnancy detection strip, 1 test device, and 1 disposable dropper.

  • Wash hands with soap and warm water. Take the pregnancy test out of the plastic wrapper inside.

  • Collect the first urine of the morning in the urine collection cup. It is recommended to catch the midstream sample

  • With the help of the dropper, place three drops of urine in the small aperture in the kit that is denoted as ‘s’.

  • With the "result window" facing up, place the pregnancy testing stick on a dry, flat surface. Check on the package and how long one would need to wait to see the results.

How to interpret the results:

One can see the test and control window on the kit. The control window first gets darker as the urine passes through. The appearance of this line indicates that the test performed is valid. If this control indicator does not appear, chances are that the test is invalid or has not been done correctly.

Positive - A faint or dark pink or purple color band appears in the test region. A line does not show up if hCG is not detected, so even if a faint line is observed, it is to be interpreted as positive, denoting a need for medical assistance

Negative: If the pink color band or a light pink band is not present in the test region, it indicates that you are not pregnant

Explore to learn more about the Piramal pregnancy test kit- I Can to know how it works, how to use and the results interpretation. So the next time you have a doubt if you are pregnant, worry not! Confirm with the instant pregnancy test kit.

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Jun 06

I appreciate your thorough instructions on how to do a home pregnancy test. Readers will find the procedure easier to understand, thanks to your simple instructions and practical advice. Great work!

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