• Supreet Nagi

Home Remedies to Treat Ingrown Toenail

The Ingrown Toenail, in medical terms, is well known as Onychocryptosis. This is a problem that can begin when one of the nails gets embedded into the toe skin. In case a person does not take good care of it, the same can become a very big problem. The one big symptom of it is pain and redness in that affected are, pus, and inflammation.

The Cause for Having Ingrown Toenail

Primary cause of Ingrown nail is the overtime use of shoes made of inappropriate material. The rigid materials do not allow the foot to breathe and causes the problem. The same may further develop Fungus Infection and led to more problem. Many people think that unhygienic habits lead to Nail Fungus. But a normal cut or a broken nail is something from where the fungus enters the nail.

It becomes crucial to treat the ingrown nail at initial stages to be safe from the infection. Home Remedies and some minimal treatment can help heal the problem. In some cases that go severe, the treatment may include surgical intervention.

The Home Remedies for Treating Ingrown Toenail

1. The Water Therapy

Soaking the infected foot in warm, soapy water cleanses the foot and can give great relief. One can also add Epsom Salt to make the skin around the nail soft. This will the nail come out of the skin in a less painful way.

2. Use Castile Soap for Washing the Infected Area

In this life where time is quite an issue, one may not get benefit from Soaking. In this situation, try to wash the infected foot with Castile Soap. Rich in nutrients, and usage in its pure form, the soap keeps the foot fresh and clean. Use it twice daily for better results. Do not forget to dry your foot completely.

the amazing beenfits of castile soap for healthy toe nails
Home Remedies for Ingrown Toe Nails

3. Apple Cider Vinegar- The Old School Home Remedy

This is a very Old School home remedy to deal with several health issues, one being Ingrown Toenail. The Apple Cider is effective because of its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties.

To get its benefits, put some warm water in a basin with 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar. Now, soak the affected foot for at least 20 minutes, and then dry the foot completely. Do this once a day and you will see the benefits soon.

4. Use Cotton to Secure the Infected Area

It is not necessary that all the medical groups will agree to this point. But, tucking in small bits of cotton under the ingrown nail helps with proper nail growth. Remember to soak the cotton in alcohol/antiseptic liquid before using the same. This is because, putting the cotton under the nail will for sure boost the pain and may allow bacteria to enter. Hence, for minimizing the risk of infection growing, this step becomes essential.

5. Avoid Wearing Tight Shoes and High Heels

High Heels become an essential part of every female's life at one point or the other. But, the ladies with a problem of ingrown nails should stay away from them. Also, tight shoes increase the pressure on affected area, so, wearing Sandals are the best idea. Sandals will allow a good air flow to the feet, thus, boosting the healing process.

6. Essential Oils can be a Good Help

Being all natural, the essential oils carry many nutrients. The oils help in minimizing the pain and swelling related to the infection. Also, applying something natural in nature helps in