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Dermal Fillers: Pros, Cons, and Uses Explained

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Dermal filler pros and cons

Dermal fillers are a type of non-invasive cosmetic procedure. They are used to treat many symptoms of aging. They are mostly made of naturally occurring substances.

As we age, our skin also starts to lose its brightness, natural shine, and firmness. Subsequently, our skin starts to lose volume and start sagging.

Dermal Fillers

This is a natural phenomenon that every one of us wants to look younger and more beautiful. There are many procedures and treatments available now through which you can achieve a youthful look in a very short time. Dermal fillers are also one of those treatments. However, the positive aspect of this treatment is that they are not only non-invasive and less risky but less expensive as well compared to other cosmetic procedures. Moreover, the healing time is also very minimal. That is why they are very popular among many people in their 30s or 40s. Another good thing about dermal filler is that its results can be seen right away or within a very short time and the results are long-lasting as well.

Uses of Dermal Fillers

Our skin is comprised of many components that exist naturally under our skin. These components are responsible for maintaining the natural shine and health of our skin. However, with the passing of time, the production of these components reduces resulting in sagging and older-looking skin.

Collagen is one of the most important components produced by our skin. It is also responsible for maintaining the firmness and shine of our skin. When the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen decreases, then we have to provide it with other procedures. Dermal fillers are the solution to this problem.

Some of the very obvious uses of dermal fillers are listed below.

Uses of Dermal fillers

  • Plump up thin lips and cheeks

  • Increase the volume of skin

  • Treatment of sagging skin

  • Treatment of wrinkles

  • Symmetry of facial features

Pros and Cons of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are no doubt a very useful type of treatment to get beautiful skin and look young again. However, there are some risks and drawbacks of this treatment as well which are described in the below sections.

Pros of Dermal Fillers

1. More Natural Results

As this is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, it produces more natural results, unlike cosmetic or plastic surgeries. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in a more natural way with the help of naturally occurring or synthetically produced components. That is why the results are more natural as compared to other procedures.

2. Suitable for All Body Parts

Another positive aspect of having dermal fillers in Norwich is that they can be easily injected into all parts of the human body. They are easily injected into parts that are more damaged due to aging or sun exposure, etc. They are also very effective for parts with less fat like under the eyes area, jawline, etc. Moreover, the result of these injections is visible in a very less time as compared to other treatments or procedures.

3. Improves Collagen Production

Dermal fillers are available in different types according to varying skin types and other factors. There are also types of fillers available that help to improve the skin’s natural production of collagen. We know that collagen is a naturally occurring element in our skin. However, production reduces with aging and passing time. Therefore fillers are easily available in the market that helps to boost the skin’s ability to produce collagen. This helps to make the skin more

younger looking and healthy.

4. Minimum Recovery Time

Another beneficial feature of dermal fillers is that the recovery time is very short. This means that you can join back to your normal routine right after the procedure. Moreover, there are no special cares you have to take after the procedure. Therefore, people find this procedure more comfortable as compared to other treatments that have a slow recovery rate and

specialized aftercare.

5. Increase in Confidence

The treatment helps people to gain their lost confidence. When they look young, they also tend to feel young and more confident. Everyone wants to look their best. However, no one can hold onto the same age forever. With increasing age, you cannot hide the signs of aging and thus lose confidence and avoid public appearances and gatherings. However, dermal

fillers help you to gain confidence and you're younger look-back.

Cons of Dermal Fillers

1. Swelling/ Bruising

Swelling, bleeding, and bruising are the most common aftereffects of dermal fillers. Though these effects fade away with the passing of time, still they can be painful for some people. That is why it is considered a drawback of dermal fillers.

2. The procedure may take more sessions

Sometimes you cannot see the results of dermal fillers right away. You have to take a few sessions to get the desired results. That is why it is also considered to be a drawback as you cannot see immediate results in some cases.

3. Semi Permanent

Another major disadvantage of dermal fillers is that they are semi-permanent in nature. The results may last longer but they are not permanent and you have to repeat the procedure after specific intervals to keep the skin in desired condition. The average time of dermal fillers is between 12-24 months.

4. Severe Reactions

Though this happens very rare but still this point cannot be ignored. Everyone who wants to have the treatment must be aware of the severe reactions that can happen due to the fillers. Severe reactions may include severe skin infection, lump development under the skin, and filler injection done incorrectly resulting in the rupture of blood vessels.

Go for the Fillers!!!

The main reason dermal fillers for being so popular is that they have significantly fewer side effects or aftereffects. The advantages are much more compared to the drawbacks or disadvantages. Moreover, the risks are also not very severe. Therefore, we recommend you give this treatment a try if you want to look and feel young and beautiful again.

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