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Happiness Index!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Its really amazing Life.

What makes You happy?

Depends, for each individual is unique, it cant be same reasons which would make all HAPPY..

But then some would happy with Breathtaking Views! Like the one below :-)

Breathtaking View

Happiness is Not about doing what you Like, But Liking what you do!

Finally, its the ATTITUDE towards Life.

Never EVER imagine, if your Life could like that of a seemingly Successful person, You would be HAPPY.

Far from it....

All people have their Share of ups and downs. As they say in Hindi

कभी किसी को मुकम्मल जहाँ नहीं मिलता

कहीं ज़मीन तो कहीं आसमान नहीं मिलता

So your ability to deal with hardships and be still be able to ENJOY is the only sure shot way to Live a Happy Life.

How can one keep motivated for such happiness...?

1. Choose your company wisely. Having more positive outlook people Help

2. Keep a handbook of great, motivating words, and go through few pages, everyday.

3. Count your blessings and not just few bumps!!

4. For innermost satisfaction and peace, Try to #help others. It could be as simple as putting a smile on the face of person. May be giving #time to hear out someone's problem.

5. Once in a while, splurge on #FOOD, #Shopping, great #SPA session, #Vacations, they would all help.


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