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Contec OC5B Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre

Contec OC5B Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre

The Contec OC5B oxygen concentrator is composed of an air compressor, a molecular sieve adsorption tower, an oxygen sensor, and a quadric meter. Utilizing a molecular sieve as the absorbent and employing pressure swing absorbers (PSA), this device directly concentrates medical oxygen from the air, resulting in a high concentration. Notably, it is a compact and portable oxygen concentrator.

Designed with a focus on small size, lightweight construction, and convenient mobility (thanks to its turning truckle), the OC5B oxygen concentrator boasts stable performance, high safety standards, ease of operation, low noise levels, and safe functionality—fully aligning with medical device requirements.

This machine serves the oxygen needs of hypoxic patient communities, and households, delivering oxygen, SpO2, and pulse rate support.

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