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Evox Oxygen Concentrator on rent in Noida - 5LPM

Evox oxygen concentrator 5LPM on rent in Noida

Rent Price

Rs 3500/-

Sale Price

Rs 45000/-

Key Features

High Flow Stationary 5LPM
3 Year


The evox oxygen concentrator is a medical device that extracts oxygen from ambient air and delivers it to individuals with breathing difficulties. It is designed to provide a reliable and continuous source of oxygen therapy in various healthcare settings.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 How much does a Evox oxygen concentrator 5LPM cost on rent?

Ans. The rent price of Evox oxygen concentrator 5LPM in Delhi is Rs 3500/- per month.

Q.2 What is the warranty of Evox oxygen machine 5LPM?

Ans. The Evox oxygen machine comes with 3 year of warranty.

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