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Resplus CPAP Machine On Rent In Noida

Resplus CPAP Machine on Rent In Noida

Rent Price

Rs 4500/-

Sale Price

Rs 50000/-

Key Features

Operation mode
Pressure Range
Ramp Duration
4 - 20cmH₂O


The Resplus CPAP Machine in Noida is a personalised sleep therapy with CPAP and APAP modes, offering a wide pressure range for optimal support. Compact and lightweight for travel or bedside use, it operates quietly for uninterrupted sleep. The built-in heated humidifier reduces dryness, while features like ramp duration and EPR enhance comfort. Track therapy data easily with the included SD card, and stay alerted to mask leaks for efficient therapy delivery. Reclaim restful nights with Resplus, revolutionising your sleep experience. It is highly recommended to consult your Doctor for the best guidance related to the flow.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 What modes does the Resplus CPAP Machine offer?

Ans. The Resplus CPAP Machine offers two modes: CPAP and APAP, providing personalised therapy options.

Q.2 How does the built-in heated humidifier in Resplus CPAP Machine improve comfort?

Ans. By hydrating the air you breathe and reducing dryness and irritation, the heated humidifier enhances comfort during therapy.

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