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Oxymed BiPAP Machine On Sale In Noida

Oxymed BiPAP Machine On Rent In Noida

Rent Price

Sale Price

Rs 55,000/-

Key Features

Operation mode
Pressure Range
Ramp Duration
4 -30cmH₂O
0 -45min.


The Oxymed BiPAP Machine in Noida offers a comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Its innovative design, including the FlowSens Algorithm, adjusts pressure support dynamically for natural breathing patterns, ensuring unparalleled comfort. With two pressure levels and advanced FlowSens technology, it effectively manages Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) events. The machine's detachable design, including a removable humidifier, enhances convenience, while leakage compensation and heated humidification ensure a comfortable therapy experience. Opt for Oxymed BiPAP for superior comfort and effective sleep apnea management. It is highly recommended to consult your Doctor for the best guidance related to the flow.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 How does the Oxymed BiPAP Machine differ from traditional CPAP machines?

Ans. The Oxymed BiPAP Machine offers two levels of pressure, adjusting dynamically for comfortable inhalation and exhalation, unlike constant pressure from CPAP machines.

Q.2 How does the FlowSens Algorithm in Oxymed BiPAP Machine benefit users?

Ans. The FlowSens Algorithm mirrors natural breathing patterns, offering unparalleled comfort by dynamically adjusting pressure support throughout the night.

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