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BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine On Rent In Jalandhar

Rent Price

Rs 3500/-

Sale Price

Rs 34000/-

Key Features

Operation Mode
Pressure Range
Ramp Time
CPAP, S, S / T, T
Sound Level
30 dB
2 Years


The BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine on rent in Jalandhar ensures flawless synchronisation for enhanced breathing aids by quickly adjusting to the needs of its customers. Its 3.5-inch colour LCD panel allows critical parameters to be displayed instantly, simplifying monitoring. With its array of innovative features—which include delay time, leakage correction, Reslex, and auto on/off capability—the Y30T guarantees tailored assistance for particular demands. Its leakage correction feature ensures necessary volume support, and its ramp duration, Ti Control, and I/E Sense features all contribute to improved ventilation performance. Additionally, by enabling instant access to compliance data via QR code, the iCode data management system integration simplifies monitoring processes. The addition of a heated humidifier with eco-smart heating technology enhances its appeal and solidifies the BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine's status as a dependable and cutting-edge respiratory support system by ensuring effective district heating, lower energy consumption, and optimised humidification effects. It is highly recommended to consult your Doctor for the best guidance related to the flow.

BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine On Rent In Jalandhar

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 What are the key features of the BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine on rent?

Ans. The BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine on rent offers a range of advanced features including a 3.5-inch colour LCD screen for real-time parameter display, intelligent functions like leakage compensation, Ti Control, I/E Sense, and ramp time adjustment, along with an integrated iCode data management system for easy compliance monitoring.

Q.2 Where can you buy a BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine on rent in Jalandhar?

Ans. You can purchase the BMC Y30T BiPAP Machine on rent from Healthy Jeena Sikho's Jalandhar store, or you can contact the team for more details.

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